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What the Members Think of Steroid Encyclopaedia

As you may well know, depending on when you joined the steroids encyclopaedia mailing list, we have recently been seeking the opinions of the members with a view to making the site even better than it currently is. 

We constantly receive a lot of very positive feedback, but it is not easy to know how to improve until you get the toughest criticism out of people. We asked the members for the most brutal and hard hitting "constructive criticism". 

As a result we have been literally working around the clock to make as many improvements to the steroids information as possible - you can take a look at what has been put in place by clicking here

As well as some great positive constructive criticism, we also received literally hundreds of  comments from very satisfied members and ex-members.

We have added the following page to the site, on which we have put a selection of these "testimonials". 

If your not a member yet, why not take a look at what those who joined thought.....


Here's a few of the testimonials featured on the new page:-

"Before I joined Steroid Encyclopaedia, I searched several other sites. While the other sites were good, they just didn't compare to what I get from being a member of Steroid Encylopaedia."

"I am a female contemplating using steroids and found very conflicting information among the general gym population about cycles, what to take, why take them, etc. I thought that accessing your site would allow me to learn about specific steroids, such as Winstrol and Primobolan. Its side effects, gains from them, dosages, delivery forms. I not only needed to learn about these steroids but also find where to get them from reliable sources that would supply authentic substances. The advice of the members, experts, and moderators has been priceless and life saving. I joined this site with so much conflicting information and the members have helped me to design a program that will give me the results that I am looking for. Is like a big family and the members write to you expressing real interest in your issues and concern.. Would not do without my membership. Where else can I go and access years worth of such intricate knowledge....I don't have enough money or time...PRICELESS

"I have been a member in other steriod sites but none compare to steroid encylopaedia. The members and moderators  are always nice and quick to respond to all questions.  The information found on steroid encyclopaedia is second  to none."

"My name is Harley and I am a gym owner in Texas. As an owner of a fitness facility I feel it is my duty to be able to answer questions about steroids to my customers if they feel inclined to ask. I use the Steroid Encyclopedia to update my information on a regular basis so I keep well informed. I share this information free of charge to my customers to keep them from making huge mistakes with cycling and mixing the wrong drugs. If I ever have any questions I send them in and they are answered promptly and in my opinion very professionally. I feel my business and clients would suffer if your site was not available to me, so thanks Steroid Encyclopedia."

"This is by far the most comprehensive steroid site on the web today. Not only do you get drug profiles, articles and reliable supplier information, but you get one-on-one coaching which helps avoid all kinds of mistakes, some serious, and helps safeguard your health."

"This site has everything the steroid veteran or the steriod virgin could need in terms of information. It has everything: steroid profiles, sample cycles, sample workout routines, links to other fantastic sites, even a message board. Steroid -encyclopeadia is the ONLY site to join, it is a wealth of information yet the moderators/owners are concerned enough to respond to emails. Knowledge is power & steroid-encyclopaedia gives you the knowledge. Need I say more?"

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