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Win the War Against Your Weight

Ladies and gentleman, you may feel like you've entered the final stretch of this grueling showdown, but although you may have won the battle against your bulge, keep in mind that the war has yet to come.

Anybody who has succeeded if foiling large amounts of fat knows that the struggle doesn't end there. The real challenge that lies ahead is assuring that the bodyfat will remain down for the count. Statistics show that far more people who have successfully dropped to their target weight have put the weight right back on within a short period of time. Do not become one of the people.

It will take brains, energy, and willpower to maintain the look that you've labored so strenuously to attain.

However, here are a couple of tips to staying on top of your weight-loss triumphs.

1. Maintain a journal. There is no better way to monitor the errors of your ways than to actually write them down. Once you see what you've actually sunk your teeth into, it's easier to correct your woeful habits. Also, you're less apt to indulge in cheating binges when you know that everything you eat, you have to write down. In this sense, you are your own best friend - and disciplinarian.

2. Continue to wear tight clothing. If you've gone out and purchased new clothing for the new you, continue to slide into these firm pants and shirts as often as you can. If you begin to bust out at the seems (no pun intended), you will know it. If you return to loose, baggy clothing, you may tend to grow comfortable in this getup and be apt to put the weight right back on.

3. Engage in physical-type social activities. Parties can often be a killer. Aside from the alcohol that you're likely to pour down your throat, these social gatherings are also synonymous with heavy eating (pizza, pastries, hors' d'oeuvres). Try incorporating physical activities into your social calendar, things like softball games, ice skating, and yes, even bowling.

4. Find a fun form of cardio. There are so many reports of newcomers becoming addicted to cardio kickboxing like Tae Bo, among others, and that this addiction has led to many success stories. Experiment with different types of physical activities, be it classes, outdoor activities, whatever, and find out what which ones you'll actually look forward to doing.

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