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The Victor Martinez Complete Full Body Workout DVD - The Mass Attack Series Volume 1, Double DVD Set Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews The Victor Martinez Complete Full Body Workout DVD - The Mass Attack Series Volume 1, Double DVD Set

The Mass Attack Series Volume 1 - Victor Martinez (DVD) Learn Victor's hardcore training techniques that will help you blast through any muscle size or strength plateaus in record time "Victore Martinez is the next Mr. Olympia!" Ronnie Coleman BUY IT NOW The Mass Attack Series Volume 1 - Victor Martinez (DVD)




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The Mass Attack Series Volume 1 - The Victor Martinez Complete Full Body Workout

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

This DVD is a good instruction tool for those beginning to work out and for those who consider themselves knowledged already. Martinez himself is also a personal trainer who's clients range from beginners to elite athletes, and this knowledge shows throughout this DVD. So if you're looking for a workout DVD that you could learn a great amount from, and you want to see some heavy weights being moved, this is the DVD. Without much focus on trying to impress, this DVD delivers with information, if you thouhgt you knew how to workout before, watch this and you'll see how much you missed, taking breaks from his grueling routine, Martinez is able to narrate vital information in his 60 seconds of rest. The value is great too, it's a 2 DVD set with extra footage of Martinez' nutritional information.If you missed anything from watching the DVD one of the features I like is that it does a review after each bodypart so you don't have to worry about keeping track and enjoy the workout. He also incorporates tips almost after each set, these tips could be a powerful weapon in your arsenal, some of the tips are general, but then again there are some that you would've never even heard of if you hadn't watched this DVD. Don't expect Ronnie weight on this DVD, what you can expect is lots of information, a great workout, and even some bonus material about nutrition.

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Back and Triceps

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Victor Martinez starts his back workout with chins, he explains how he usually does 12 sets but can go higher depending how he feels. So here we go, Martinez started his chins really wide with no added weight or anything, just normal chins, he does about 15 reps with ease, what you would expect from a bodybuilder. His second set is also with no added weights, and Martinez seems to stretch after each of his sets. "Now that's what I'm talkin' about" Martinez grabs a belt and starts doing some explosive chins with a 45lb plate. He does the same for his last set, but adds a drop set to get more than 8 reps on the set. Martinez then moved over to the single arm dumbell rows. He started with the 100lb dumbells for his 15 reps, he seems to follow the 15, 12, 8 rep pyramid. I was kind of annoyed that for his other sets it didn't show the weight he used, however you kind of get the idea that it's about 180-200lbs just from the size of the dumbell, it's strange cause it zoomed in on the 100lb dumbell, but not the heavy ones. Martinez then started front lat pulldowns and again it doesn't really show you how much weight he is doing, unless you've used the machine he has and know the settings, I will say this though, he does do the entire stack for a couple of sets and then goes into a bit of posing, he does a rear lat spread and wow it looked like it was gonna keep getting wider, I didn't know when it was going to stop. Martinez describes this next excercise as the hardcore back excercise, what is it? Bent over rows, he starts off with a plate on each side and pumps out some easy reps. His next set looked just as easy, except with 2 plates per side. His last set he does 3 plates per side, now this isn't the heaviest I've seen, if you see some of Johnny Jackson's videos he goes heavier, but Martinez did impress with the level of ease he did it with. Deadlifts were next and Martinez didn't seem to go very heavy at all, doing only 225 his first set and 315 for hsi second set, i've seen much, much, smaller guys in my gym do that. His last set was 405lbs and this is what I noticed the difference was between guys at the gym and Martinez, his form is much better, maybe that's why he doesn't go as heavy.

After the deadlifts Martinez started his tricep workout with some single arm tricep extensions on the cables. His triceps are huge, I think this was always one of the most impressive bodyparts on Martinez, although he is all around impressive as well. After this first excerice he flexes his triceps to give us a chance to see them pumped and now you'll know why I stated the earlier comment. Dips were Martinez' second excercise, he warmed up with a set, no weight, but then for his second set he strapped on a plate and gave it for 12 reps. Lucky for us Martinez felt like going heavy during this DVD and busts out 8 solid reps with 135lbs strapped to him, "It feels kind of weird inbetween your legs", is he talking about the 3 plates or something else? (lol). Continuing his tricep workout, Martinez does some rope tricep pushdowns, again seeing him do this with the camera angle showing his tricep from the side, I was very impressed by how deep the cuts in his triceps were. Nothing to special about this excercise as far as groundbreaking weight goes, but it does show how this excercise help build the shape of his tricep. Again Martinez does some posing, and even with the bad lighting still manages to impress, his arms and back are huge! His last excercise is a dumbell overhead extensions, and he does this with a warning to anyone who will try this that you don't want to hit your chin with the weight, or "you'll leave with an extra muscle". He says he increases the weight 20lbs per set, helpful, if you knew what he did for his first set. It does look like he is going heavy though, the amount of strain in his face is proof. He describes this excercise as his secret weapon to building his triceps, I think I might try it then.

Back and triceps excercise ends with some more posing, he looks great, the size of his back is incredible and his triceps are huge and have great shape to them.

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Calves and Hams

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Interesting enough, Martinez begins this workout with some heavy stretching, I'm not sure if this is a good thing because some trainers say you should stretch only after your workout and do warm ups before you start any lifting. His first real excercise is standing calf raises with his secret method, he doesn't use much weight but if you look at his calves they aren't lacking any mass to them. For set number two he goes heavier but switches the method of which he does his calf raises, this is all part of his "secret" method, I don't want to give too much away because I do want people to watch this DVD. Last set, he goes heaviest using the last variation of his "secret" method, I've seen alot of good stuff on this DVD so far and I am most intrested in trying this out in my routine. For his seated calf raises, no difference, he still uses this "secret" method. He points out that seated calf raises are more beneficial with those people who have high calves because it builds thickness. Hist first set is 45lbs and 21 reps, there's not much to say about these other than he does them the same way as his standing calf raises using the "secret" method, it must work because his calves are big. He then goes to the leg press machine but uses them for calves and abandons his "secret" method. This is his calf mass building excercise because you can load up the machine with a lot of weight. His first set he has a total of 4 plates per side for a total of 360lbs plus the weight of the sled, he does about 15 reps. On his second set he has 5 plates per side for 450lbs, and that was for 8 reps. He suggests training calves every 2 days and alternating the excercises each time. On his last set he does 15 reps again with 540lbs and then a drop set after with 360lbs, pretty intense if you ask me.

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Martinez now started his hamstring workout with leg curls, he explains they are just like biceps curls for your hamstrings and that you should treat them the same way, keeping tension and not letting go at the top of the movement. He does three sets for this excercise, pyramiding 15, 12, 10, explosive on the positive and slowing down on the negative part of the movement. After the leg curls, he moves on to single leg curls, keeping true to the bicep analogy he calls these the concentration curls for your hams. Again he does three sets. I just want to mention this, because I just finished a review on Bertil Fox where he says " Control the weight, don't let the weight control you", and in this DVD Martinez says the exact same quote, is this a famous quote amongst bodybuilders? Who said it first? Anyway, back to hamstrings, Martinez finishes the single leg curls with a double set to get as much bloodflow to them as possible and give him that great pump. A great excercise for hams are stiff legged deadlifts, and this is Martinez' next excercise. He takes alot of precaution when doing this excericise to avoid any injuries, keeping a strict form on this movement. He starts with 135lbs for his first set and you can notice how he keeps a tight watch on his form. For his second set he goes to 175 and reps out for 15. On his final set he jumps to 375lbs! And does about 10 reps to conclude his hamstring workout.

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Shoulders and Traps

"Gotta work on those bowling balls", Martinez starts his shoulder workout with side laterals to work his medial deltoids. What's there to say about this? His arms are huge, so obiously this guys shoulders are gonna be huge. Again it's hard to see what kind of weight he's doing but I assure you, those weights are heavy. Next he did seated dumbell shoulder presses, a great mass building excercise. At glimpse of the first set he is doing 80lb dumbells for 15 reps, a warm-up for him. On the second set he increases the weight for 120lbs, and for the first time in this video I see him using a spotter, he does about 12 reps on this set. On the third set he goes for 140lbs for 8 reps and it looked like it worked him hard, that's heavy weight, but it's worth it for BIG DELTS. For rear delts Martinez did a super-set with rear delt flies and single arm rear delt rows. He does about three sets for this excercise and mentions lots of great training tips inbetween. Now for some front raises, Martinez grabs a couple of 30lb dumbells and does a light warm up set to get some blood flowing to the muscle. Shoulders, in my opinion, are the hardest to workout because the burn is so evident. For set number two he did 10 reps with a couple of 45lb dumbells, and you can see in his face that he is feeling the burn. Again inbetween sets, Martinez explains why this excercise is so good at building the shoulders, and it looks like depending how he feels he'll throw in a drop set. Third set, Martinez, with 50lbs does 8 reps and prepares for his dropset, doing another 8-10 reps with 30lb weights. His shoulders definetly felt that one, so much that "somebody better put out the fire" he was evidently feeling.

He starts his trap workout with some barbell shrugs, with an inspirational little speech to start things off he says don't let up, even though the workout has been so intense so far. Following tradition he explains the purpose of each excercise, focusing on what kind of shape it will build the muscle to, and how to perform it the most effective. Impressively Martinez shrugs alot of weight, for his last set he has a total of 10 plates on the bar, this weight was unexpected, it was actually his 4th set when he had only planned to do three, it goes to show you should lift for feel.


Martinez starts with the single leg press using the leg press machine. On his first set he does 15 reps for each leg with 1 and a 1/2 plates on each side (plus the sled), he emphasises on the importance of controlling the weight and gives some helpful tips for form, I never knew this excercise could be so dangerous. He uses this excerise to shape the muscle. For his second set, he does a double set (which counts as 1) with 2 plates per side, again for 15 reps. On his last set he goes slightly higher adding on another 25lb plate to each side, he doesn't want to go to heavy for this excercise because he uses it primarly for shape. He then moves on to the single leg extensions, before he does though, he shows how pointing out your toes in different directions will flex different areas of the quad. The first set he does it with two legs, however, that's just to warm them up. Before he starts doing them one leg at a time though, he does it with both, then drops the weight, and starts one leg at a time which is pretty intense. All together he does four sets of this excercise, giving instructional tips inbetween sets. Ok, you knew this one was coming, barbell squat time. His first set is 15 reps with 225lbs, this guy is serious when it comes to form. After the first set, he explains the proper form, tips, and how to keep from injuring yourself from doing squats, he knows that lots of people try to stay away from this excercise because it's so hard to get good form on, but with this information it shouldn't be hard to convince someone to start. His second set is slightly heavier, 12 reps with 315, you can see his arms starting to get pumped from this excericise too. For his third set, another palte is added, and he says you can't be intimidated by the weight or else you're just going to psyche yourself out. For his last set he uses a belt, "life is one big giant squat, you need to lift it" he likes to get pumped up mentally before doing heavy weight on squats, screaming at the weight, whatever it takes, no one is going to laugh at a guy squatting 5 plates on each side, when even the bar is beding across his back. If that wasn't enough for you, now he's going to do leg press. A great tip during this excercise is to hold your stomach in to get that better range of motion and to avoid getting hurt feet should be shoulder width apart and DO NOT LOCK OUT. His first set he used 12 plates on the machine for 12 reps, and it was easy for him. Incredibly for his second set the weight being put on is 18 plates, a leap from the first and he does the same amount of reps. Alright, here we go, the last and final set he does a total of 25 plates, thats 1260lbs not including the weight of the sled, and he does it for 8 reps! Wow, that's impressive, oh wait, did I mention he then goes ahead and does a drop set for another 10 reps with 810lbs on the machine? He slowed down the movement too, just for that extra tension on the muscles. Ok, it's not over yet, now it's time for some walking lunges, he does use a belt for this excercise. In Ronnie style, Martinex walks his lunges out to the parking lot, there's a car honking, I wonder if he got hit what would have more damage, the car or him? He takes a rest in one of the parking spaces to explain the difference between stationary lunges and walking lunges. He makes his way back inside the gym from the parking lot, which is about 12 reps each leg to conclude his quad workout.


Doing abs following quads is a bit tricky, because the legs will feel heavy, and maybe to most people that might not matter, but for Martinez it amkes his legs feel heavy, and thats a problem when you start with hanging leg raises. These hanging leg raises work the abs from the bottom up, Martinez does his first set for 25 reps. Try not to swing when you're doing your hanging leg raises. Martinez doesn't seem to feel the need to go to slwo on this movement and his reps are pretty quick. He shows some variations of this excercise that will work different parts of the abs. Next he does Roman Chair sit ups. Keep in mind he splits up his excercises for abs in something called a tri set, 2 sets of hanging leg raises, 2 sets of roman chair sit ups, then a set of hanging leg raises again, a set of roman chair twists and a set of roman chair sit ups later in his workout. He describes the excercise as a great beginner movement because it puts alot of stress on your abs. For his next excercise he does some twists with a bar over his back, he explains that most people he sees in the gym (this might be you) do them wrong, twisting their whole bodies when they should be just twisting their upper bodies starting at the waist. He then goes his tri set of ab excercises starting with the hanging leg raises, then the roman chair sit ups, and then finishing with roman chair twists. Then to get the desired 4 sets, he does this tri set again. Now we go on to cable crunches, you may have seen Arnold do these in his documentary, "Pumping Iron", these are great because they add more resistance to the abs then normal crunches. Martinez does 3 sets increasing the weight each set, the weight he does isn't important because remember, this is mainly a TRAINING video.

Chest, Biceps and Forearms

He starts his chest workout with incline barbell presses supersetted with cable machine flyes. He explains that if your weakness is your upper chest, then you should start with upper chest excercises for two weeks and then for the next week start with lower chest excercises and cycle your workouts like that. His first set is 135lbs for 15 reps, slow and controlled reps that is, and then 15 reps of the cable machine flyes. This is interesting, Martinez changes his grip during differet workouts from wide, normal, to narrow to workout every part of his chest. For his second set it doesn't show how much weight he uses, however since this is mainly a training video, you shouldn't worry. He gives a lot of great tips during these excercises so pay close attention to what he has to say. I do know on his last set that he does 10 reps with 315lbs on the incline press, impressive stuff. He then moves on to flat dumbell presses, he does his first set with 80lbs for 15 reps and then goes on to describe why he does this workout rather then barbell presses, it's all becuase of that freedom of motion and being able to squeeze your chest together to work the inner pec. He also supersets this excercise with cable crossovers, now this isn't how he trains every week, but this was the particular style of training he included in his dvd. Martinez goes into quite some detail on these excercises giving great information for those who are beginning and need a good chest workout. On his third set, Martinez goes to the 120lb dumbells and does abou 10 reps, then goes straight to the cable crossovers to get the most out of his excercise. On his last set of flat dumbell presses, Martinez goes up to 150lb dumbells for 6 reps, again this is no Ronnie weight, but Ronnie doesn't give out this much knowledge. Martinez' next excercise was decline presses, 3 straight sets, starting with 80lb dumbells for 15 reps. HIs next set is 120lbs for 12 reps, and his last set "it's gonna be really intense" , 10 reps with the 150lb dumbells to finish off this excercise. Moving on to dumbell pullovers which he describes as a dying excercise kept alive by a few bodybuilders. It is supposed to expand the whole chest area, that's why he still does them. He does 3 sets of this movement and he warns that their should be no slacking! After his set he makes sure we notice his pump in his tricep, he says not to worry about that, it is going to happen because it is a secondary muscle group worked but it doesn't take away from your chest work but he does recommend not working out triceps the day before chest. That was all he did for chest, nothing special, just a hard work ethic.

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Now moving on to bicpes, his first excercise was the e-z bar curls because it is alot easier on the wrists. By changing the grip from wide to narrow you can control which part of the bicep you workout, the wide for inner, and the narrow for outer bicep, a great tip for those who want to make their arms grow. He emphasises on keeping your elbows anchored to your sides, not to let your form slip unless you're supersetting your biceps with your delts. After he's done his third set he gives us a lil front double bicep shot, and, it is impressive. He gives some very good insight on unbalanced muscle groups and how they can make you prone to injury because of pulling tendants, this is a very vital bit of information that should not be missed on this DVD. His last set he does about 8 reps, then does a drop set to get more reps out of it, notice how he does drop sets to get more reps when he could easily cheat to get more reps out of his excercise, that is because Martinez is very strict on good form. His next excercise is single arm preacher curls, having a good balance of barbell and dumbell excercises will keep your arms growing at a more even level. While doing his second set Martinez almost knocks over the preacher stand, he gives this set everything he's got, this guys training ethic is just as impressive as his physique. His next excercise is alternate dumbell curls. Now, the way he does them is he doesn't release one arm, until the other has come to peak contraction, this is probably for balance, his first set is 10 reps with 35lb dumbells, before he started he said weight isn't a factor for this excercise, it is more of a concentrating movement. He increases the weight by 5lbs every set, but keeps his reps at 10, he does this for 3 sets. Throught the workout you can see how great this movement is for pumps as every vein in his arm comes out clearly.

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

His workout not complete without doing forearms, Martinez uses the hammercurl as his next excercise. Now this excercise can be used for biceps, but he says that he also gets a great pump in his forearms from it as well. He then moved on to cable wristcurls to work out the peak of the underside of the forearm, this is his last set for forearms and it's an alternative to doing it with dumbells or behind the back with a barbell. Three sets of 15 reps for this excercise, since it's his last he wants to give it everything he has left, this reminds me of the movie Over The Top, he looks like he's a truck driver doing this excercise, you think Stallone could take him? He does some posing, showing off his forearms and how insanely pumped they are, and goes into some descriptive information about overall balance, meaning you should work everything equally and eat well.


Alright , so how do these guys get so shredded? Well, Martinez does his cardio post workout to maximize burning fat because after weights your blood is flowing and your glycogen is depleted. Martinez does the treadmill burns the most fat, this guy is even strict on his form while on the treadmill keeping a straight back and squeezing his glutes. Aother thing is do not hold on to the bars because that actually minimizes the calories you burn by half. He starts his cardio by just walking, to maximize burning fat you should have your heartrate at a certain level, for Martinez it's 130-150. Off season he does cardio 3 times a week, and everyday when it's leading up to a contest. To avoid getting bored Martinez suggests alternating what excercise you do, especially if you're doing 60 mins, try going to the bicycle, or the stairmaster, instead of just the treadmill. The bicycle isn't as effective for burning fat, but Martinez does suggest it if you're trying to build up your legs because it does a good job at isolating the quads. And don't always do your cardio at the gym, hit the roads sometimes to not bore yourself and get out and look at the scenary.

Bonus Material

Interview w/ Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez Bodybuilder

For those who don't know, Martinez is 31 years old and lives in New York city. The interviewer asks some good questions such as how did you get into bodybuilding and when he entered his first show. He goes on to describe how he's changed from when he first started, his diet and how he trained. There are alot of good questions being asked for those who are fans of Victor Martinez, for those who aren't, why are you watching this DVD? He talks about his training splits and how they change during the off season and contest prep, it's interesting the difference they do, but it makes perfect sense why they change the type of training. You don't want to go into contest looking bulky, you want to look as cut and lean as possible so training with more sets during contest preps is obviously an excellent choice. The interview is well done, the questions are clear, Victor answers with some humor and, unlike the questions, his answers don't sound scripted. He goes over some good points about over training and how even himself as a younger bodybuilder used to overtrain. The interview ends without getting to some questions that people would be more interested in, most of them were covered in the DVD itself while he was working out, if you paid attention the hundreds of tips he gave out then there isn't really a need to watch the interview unless you're a big fan of Victor Martinez and wan to get to know how he got into bodybuilding and some other stuff.


Victor answers the questions that everyone wants to know about supplementation and how important they are. This is what most people would be interested in hearing about. Martinez describes which supplements he takes, he stresses a multi-vitamine, as for the others you'll have to watch the DVD. He goes on to say that milk thistle and alot of other things that are good for your liver are important to compensate for all the extra protein you eat, hmm, are you sure it's just for that? He says one of the most important things that teens these days who start going to the gym don't understand, you need to eat that post-workout meal! If it's not there you can't grow! We then join Martinez for a post workout meal of some chicken, pasta and salad, we then get to watch him eat, he's even got an order in which he eats his food, carbs then proteins. He describes his diet, which is just your typical nutrition plan you'd expect from a bodybuilder, high protein low carbs. He doesn't eat simple carbohydrates, only post-workout does he eat those simple carbs, throughout the rest of the day it's just complex carbohydrates. He also answers the question about cheat meals, he's in very big favour of them, good news to those people who are slaves to a diet. We then join Martinez for his post-workout meal which is a shake, which is one of the most crucial parts of his workout, that's right, the shake afterwards is what gives your body that protein and carbs to grow. Don't let the work you just did go to waste! I really enjoyed this party of the DVD because the nutrition of a bodybuilder is just as interesting to me as their workouts, one of my favourite scenes in Pumping Iron was when they ordered a mountain of food at a restaurant and everyone there was amazed by the amounts of food they were eating, now this isn't exactly the same thing but it is just as entertaining and it's also informational. There is some overlap with the questions, but all in all, this was a great feature and I am glad it was added to this DVD.

The Mass Attack Series Volume 1 - The Victor Martinez Complete Full Body Workout was a great DVD, keep in mind this isn't your heavy lifting hardcore workout DVD, this is a training DVD, you're not going to get a huge shock when you see how much Martinez lifts in this video, but what you are going to get is knowledge and great tips! If you think you don't know enough about bodybuilding or if you think there some things you're missing, this DVD will help you. It's a good watch, there's alot you can take from it and incorporate in your own workouts, and hell it's 6 hours long, a great deal! The bonus material is also interesting including one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding that people miss, which is nutrition. The DVD ends with some special thanks to gym locations used in the video and other companies. Another great thing about this DVD is, if you leave it running it makes for some really cool background music!

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Victor Martinez - Mass Attack Series Vol. 1 (DVD) Victor Martinez - Mass Attack Series Vol. 1 (DVD)
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