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Training Partner - Bodybuilding

Training Partner: A training partner should be someone who is willing to take the time he or she is devoting to bodybuilding, and share it with you. He or she should be willing to make time in his or her schedule to workout with you, as well as offer you constructive advice and a good spot for those hard to perform, heavy lifts. It is very important that both you and your training partner care about the success and development of the pair, and make efforts to motivate and encourage each other into achieving new muscular growth. A training partner who does not have much concern over making it to the gym with you, and helping you out isn’t much of a benefit to either of you. A training partner who does not offer you constructive advice isn’t really helping you either, if advice is what you are looking for. Also, it is very effective if both you and your training partner are trying to achieve the same bodybuilding goals. This makes it a lot more natural for both of you to help each other with steps along the way to achieving those goals.


Among the most important reasons to have a training partner for your bodybuilding training is for safety. Many exercises require a spotter. Such exercises include the barbell bench press, the barbell military press, the barbell squat, or the barbell curl. In other exercises, a spotter may not be as essential in terms of promoting safety, but is still a good idea to have. For example, bodybuilding exercises using dumbbells such as the dumbbell curls and dumbbell press (both on the flat bench and incline) will be a lot better to perform if a spotter is handy. Even bodybuilding exercises which require only your body weight such as parallel bar dips and chin ups can be greatly helped with a spotter.

Beyond Failure Exercises

Cheat reps and partial reps are both two great examples of a training intensity you simply could not get on your own. Sometimes, machines will allow you to do this, but if you would like to perform these intensity exercises with free weights, a spotter is a necessity.

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