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10 Last-minute Super Bowl Celebration Ideas Articles Database Articles by Writer Health Articles from 10 Last-minute Super Bowl Celebration Ideas

10 Last-minute Super Bowl Celebration Ideas

1. The competition on the sidelines is gonna be fierce. Check out the official Super Bowl site and get caught up on your statistics.

Go here: .

2. Want to decorate but don't have the time? Lots of pre-packaged party packs at this site.

Go here:

3. Make a football cake for the team you're rooting for (see below) and this one for the "other" team.

Here it is folks, the infamous Kitty Litter Cake. Go here

--if you dare --

4. Order some Keepsake Super Bowl magazine covers from "Sporting News".

Go here:

5. More info you'll need to know! Super Bowl ad stats. Nearly 25% of 18-24 year olds consider the Super Bowl commercial the main reason to tune in. The average price for an ad slot last year on ABC was just over $2,000,000. This year, Fox has upped the price per 30-second ad to $2.4 million, and will be there contending. Check outad history here: . To see the ad GoDaddy rejected, go here:

To view THE Bud ad, check out their

6. Have a computer set up in the TV room to allow complete access to features, stats, player chats, Super Bowl trivia, etc.

Try .

7. Want to get really creative? Glue your invitation to a football visor, use chalk or white tape to mark off the yards from your drive way to your door,dress in referee shirt and cheer leader outfit, use Astroturf for your tablecloth -- you won't believe the creative and fun ideas available at:

8. Pigskin calzone? Football cakes? 7 Layer Football Dip?

GO here:

9. Still not satisfied? More festive food tips and party ideas as well as some ingenious ideas for making household appliances do double duty?

Go here: for The Ultimate Killer Cookies of All Time, Football Field Cake, Real Kentucky Burgoo, ribs recipes!

10. Why not send your invitations online? has all you need!

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