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Feature Your Articles on is interested in your articles about bodybuilding and fitness. Anything from advice or experience to any other type of knowledge you can share about bodybuilding, nutrition, supplementation, weight loss / muscle gain tips or anything else related to bodybuilding, health, or fitness. For now, is not large enough to pay for articles, but you will get your articles read by thousands of visitors world wide and be able to help many people.

I will do all the work required to set up a section on the site and put it in the writers database which is linked from the main page of the site (side left menu). I will also put a link to your articles in the interactive discussion forums where others may discuss or review your article and many will see your link to read it. As well, I will take care of the HTML formatting of each article - all you need to do is submit the text of the article, copy and pasted to me, and any photos and additional information you would like to include.

Writer Guidelines
  • Article Length: At least 1,000 (one or two full pages) is a good size to shoot for.

  • Plagiarism is not allowed. I would like original content only. Other people deserve credit for their work and don't want it to be used by others without credit. If you want to use information from other writers, be sure to put their content in quotes or otherwise properly reference them. So in short - references = cool, plagiarism = not cool, and will not be accepted.

  • Include a title and your name with each article.

  • Articles may be edited for spelling. Try to spell check your article before sending it in. Keep in mind, readers will lose trust in you quickly if they see spelling mistakes or other grammatical errors. After all - if you can't spell, why should they believe that you can give them advice on fitness or nutrition? Just use your common sense when it comes to professionalism and spelling / grammar

  • Submit pictures, either of yourself or that relate to the article if possible. As well, if you can submit a small graphic similar to THIS ONE, that would be great! If not, I will make one for you in MS PAINT. But try to bear in mind my MS PAINT skills are severely lacking, as seen in THIS example of my work. So for the sake of everyone visiting this site, try to submit your own graphic if possible. MSN Wink

  • The more information the better. Just try to write good articles that people will like to read. The more submitted articles the better! I would love to see grow and give writers exposure.

  • Ideally, once an article of yours is up on the site, I would like to keep it there. Although I leave that up to you, it would help me a lot to leave all articles up which you initially submit.

Get Started Today!

Write me an e-mail, including the following:

  • Your article.
  • Pictures as mentioned above (if possible).
  • Short biography of yourself if you wish.

Send your articles to

Thanks for your support! Talk to you soon!

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Matt Canning

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