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Following on from the last ezine, here's part 3 of a superb section taken from the SE member's board, written by SE member "Acupunk" -- thanks for such an awesome post.The article covers some of the most asked and relevant questions about steroid use.As there are a total of 21 questions/points covered. Today we will cover the following points:


12. I have finally made up my mind that I am going to try them and I was just wondering what kind of results I should expect?

This is really a difficult question to answer. Results vary greatly from one individual to the next.

In general, steroid users find that their first cycle is the most dramatic in terms of the gains that they make.

Some users claim to gain a solid thirty pounds on their first cycle while others notice little if any gains at all.

Obviously, the athlete that has weight trained for a number of years, and continues to train intensely during the cycle and who eats a high calorie nutrient dense diet, stands to put on a lot more muscle than the athletes who are not disciplined enough to follow through with the whole program.

It has been substantiated that a steroid user taking moderate dosages of Nandrolone Decanoate and Dianabol can gain twice as much muscle mass in a two month cycle than they could in an entire year of effective training.

It is felt that an individual can gain a maximum of 4 pounds of muscle per year for every 100 pounds of body weight that they possess.

This would translate to a 200 pound man having a maximum potential to gain 8 pounds of muscle per year, which itself would be an enormous gain.

The first time steroid user can gain as much as 8 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight in a single ten week cycle. This means that the first time steroid user could gain 16 pounds of muscle injust 2 months.

Their maximum potential without drugs would be 8 pounds in an entire year. It is easy to see that the steroid gains are substantially higher.

This does not mean that if a person can gain 16 pounds of muscle in two months on a steroid cycle that they could gain 96 pounds of muscle if the athlete were to stay on steroids for twelve months straight.

Certain inhibiting factors prohibit that. Evidence suggests that the maximum gains of a steroid cycle are reached before the eighth week.

It is rare for the first time steroid user who eats right and trains hard not to gain at least four or five pounds of solid muscle.


13. My doctor informed me that using veterinarian steroids is very dangerous. What do you think?

Veterinarian steroids do not have to meet the exact same sanitary specifications that human pharmaceuticals do; however, they are generally made under sanitary conditions.

Legitimate veterinarian steroids are certainly a much better choice than using any form of a counterfeit. I have never heard from an athlete that felt they were harmed by the use of a veterinarian steroid. Interestingly enough, some of the most modern anabolic steroids are for animals.

However, there are numerous new veterinarian anabolic steroid preparations being developed every year. A number of these preparations look to be remarkably anabolic with minimal androgenic qualities.

These agents should optimize muscle mass increases while minimizing androgenic side effects. Australia seems to be producing most of these new vet drugs.


14. Is it possible to use Anadrol in a pre-contest cycle without retaining water?

The pre-contest use of Anadrol is untraditional yet several bodybuilders claim to have done it with outstanding results. Few, if any steroids, deliver the type of size and strength gains seen with Anadrol.

Anadrol gives the muscles bulk and fullness that would be extremely desirable in a bodybuilding show. The problem is that Anadrol almost always causes water retention and it aromatizes quite easily resulting in high estrogen levels.

Some bodybuilders have successfully managed this estrogen and water retention problem by using Nolvadex at 10 to 20 mg per day in a stack with 50 mg of Anadrol right up to the day before the bodybuilding contest.

Very often, a prescription diuretic such as Dyazide, Lasix, or Aldactazide is used for three or four days before the bodybuilding contest to eliminate what subcutaneous water retention did exist.

Usually, it is a good idea to supplement potassium salts such as Slow-K when using prescription diuretics. Some athletes have been able to control the water retention with over the counter diuretics.

Other effective methods have involved taking the Anadrol right up until the week before the contest and then switching to Halotestin for the last seven days.

This has worked well for some who find that the Anadrol takes a good two or three days to get out of the system and then they find they still have the muscle fullness yet don't have the water retention problem. Halotestin maintains muscle hardness without the water retention.


15. I have gotten in the habit of taking small amounts of Primobolan Depot or Deca off and on between cycles.Is this a bad practice?

It is common for athletes to use a small amount of a mild anabolic steroid between cycles, but it is not a good idea. Non-stop use can inhibit the body's natural testosterone production and other endocrine system functions from returning to normal.

Although such low dosages would likely not exhibit any toxicity nor promote any significant side effects, they would also not yield much in the way of positive effects.

Many bodybuilders continue to use small dosages of steroids between cycles because of their insecurities with letting go of steroids completely.

Many steroid users develop an attitude that if they are not taking any steroids they are simply not making any gains, and to justify even training they will use small amounts of steroids between their cycles.

If I were to make a recommendation on the use of low dosages of mild steroids between cycles I would not encourage it.

The off cycle period is a time to train natural and let the body fully recover from the steroid use and I believe you can only fully recover if all steroids are eliminated from the system.


16. What is the correct way to open glass ampules?

Glass ampules are a real pain. The proper way to open them is to score them around the narrowest part of their neck. To score these glass ampules it is best to use a metal knife with small teeth.

Occasionally, these are provided with the ampule and these knives work best. If these knives are not provided it occasionally works to use a fingernail file, grapefruit knife, or a type of kitchen knife with very small teeth.

This knife should be rotated around the narrow part of the neck in a sawing motion. After a white line or "score' is clearly evident on the neck, the ampule is ready to be cracked open.

Before cracking the ampule open, it should be placed inside a clean paper towel or a thin clean cotton towel one hand should firmly grasp the lower portion of the ampule, the other hand should grasp the very top.

A quick snapping motion should cleanly remove the top of the ampule. A needle can then be inserted and the liquid drawn out.

Do not try to crack open an ampule without scoring it or by using your fingers directly against the glass ampule. Occasionally the glass ampule can shatter and this glass can cause a serious cut.


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