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Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 DVD Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 DVD Review

Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 (DVD) Join 2007 Bodybuilding Hall of Fame inductee, Shawn Ray, as he embarks on a new chapter in his life, "Fitness After 40." Shawn retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2001, got married in 2003 and became a proud father in 2005. He is the spokesperson for VYO Tech Nutritionals, IFBB Contest Promoter and has now completed his 6th Video production. BUY IT NOW Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 (DVD)




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Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 DVD

The DVD started off with Shawn getting out of his car wearing a Vyotech shirt and drinking a coffee. Shawn said that he spent two and a half years doing not a lot of much at all. I really have no idea why he would not want to continue to go to the gym, even after retiring from bodybuilding competition. In truth, I expected Shawn to have a love of the gym which would extend beyond competition and be present in his personal life. Shawn said he was motivated by pro bodybuilder Bob Cicherillo win the 2006 Masters World Championships at 40 years of age (Shawn is only a few months older than Bob). So Shawn's journey began, at 6:30 in the morning and in the scorching heat. Shawn was wearing a Vyotech t-shirt in the gym. Some brief footage of Shawn at the gym training was shown and in the commentary Shawn explained that this challenge was a lot more difficult than he expected it to be.

Next up, Shawn was at his daughter's birthday party. Bob Cicherillo was at the party and looking large. It was during this scene that the extreme reality TV feel of this DVD was apparent. This was the first time I had seen anything like this. The more common style for a bodybuilder's training DVD is showing his training with the camera as a fly on the wall - originally introduced by Bertil Fox in his first video in 1985 and a style popularized once again since Ronnie Coleman and his Unbelievable DVD. Another style which was more popular during the eighties was the instructional style - this style was used in Victor Martinez' "Mass Attack" DVD.

Shawn met up with Peter McGough in the FLEX offices next and Peter said that Shawn would never be at a loss for words. He said he could ask Shawn a question, go get a haircut, drink a few beers, come back, and Shawn would still be talking.

Shawn Ray showed off the latest issue of FLEX. He said that Peter McGough would have probably given him a copy if he asked, but that he wouldn't be Shawn Ray if he hadn't swiped it.

A Trip Through Time

Shawn went to visit his old high school where a football game was being played. He spoke with some old friends and his high school football coach.

Next Shawn visited an anti-aging clinic. Shawn spoke with Dr. David Martin. He went to get his height and weight and other relevant pieces of information taken. Shawn was found to have 58.2 pounds of fat. While Shawn seemed to have a high percentage of body fat based on these figures, when he took off his shirt he looked pretty lean to me. He was also holding a lot more muscle mass than 99% of retired pro bodybuilders, most of whom shrink down drastically after retirement and say they are trying to "lean out" or actually TRYING to lose muscle for one reason or another. As far as "leaning out" goes, it's odd that not only do most of these pro bodybuilders lose significant amounts of muscle mass, but they also appear watery and bloated - hardly "lean" by any standard. Also, as far as intentionally losing muscle, that is equally ridiculous. No pro bodybuilder would need to try in order for that to happen - it would happen simply due to lower calories and no training. Muscle mass is not something that the human body wants to carry in excess and it can be lost easily.

Don't Rain on my Parade

October 14th, 2006 - Shawn appeared at a parade. His first grade teacher Mrs. Frost also explained that Shawn was a huge soundbyte and got in trouble for talking all the time in class - LOL. This would have been around 1972.

Shawn was shown in the gym next, working out in one of his Muscle Camp t-shirts and training shoulders. After his workout, Shawn took off his shirt again and said he didn't even look like a bodybuilder. While his body fat percentage was higher than I had ever seen it on him, he still carried a significant amount of muscle mass. Probably only 15 pounds less than he did at his competitive best. His waist was wider and he was soft, but Shawn was nonetheless very muscular for a bodybuilder who was not only retired, but not even training for recreational purposes.

Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 DVD

Next, Shawn was shown at an outside event and he said he was told King Kamali was there. He said he wanted to shake hands and put all their past disputes behind them. Next, he walked up to a clown and asked if the clown was King Kamali. LOL!

Kamali = owned.

The Lap of Luxury

Shawn was shown at a car dealership in this scene and was checking out some very expensive cars.

Shawn gave us an update on his body weight and said he was 216 pounds and was about half done his transformation. Shawn started his chest workout and once again, was displaying good size. 216 for 5'7 for someone who wasn't exactly fat is pretty good size. He did bench presses both on the flat and incline bench and followed it up with some cable crossovers and some cardio. Next came a protein shake. Shawn drank the ORYX goat whey protein shake and he explained the benefits of it: better absorption rate, lactose and sugar free, and low carb. Shawn said that he drank two or three a day. First thing in the morning, after a workout, and before bed. Shawn made his shake with ice and strawberries and went on a tour of the house next. His office was awesome - he had all his covers on the wall. Shawn showed us his cars next and said that everything he has ever earned is the result of bodybuilding and training and making his body into a business.

Back to the Lab

Next Shawn headed back to the lab to see the results of his urine sample. He was told that some of his amino acids were low. The doctor said that Shawn should still focus on consistent nurition which has benefits such as keeping blood sugar levels constant (many small meals over the course of the day).

Next at the gym, Shawn said that he was eating four times a day and was including two protein shakes in his diet. Shawn trained legs that day, performing leg extensions. He did some lying leg curls for his hamstrings and in the segment mentioned that throughout his career he had never had an injury, which is impressive in an industry riddled with injuries due to training.

The Finale

Shawn was in a training room in a tank top posing for a photoshoot. Shawn was in shape, but a shadow of his former self as would be expected. Once again, I should point out that he was still carrying more muscle mass than the vast majority of people - whether they be over the age of 40, or any age. Shawn was lean, just not ripped like he was in contest - again, as would be expected.

Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 DVD

Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 DVD


The bonus footage on the DVD extras started off with Bob Cicherillo and Shawn Ray speaking to each other about IFBB politics. Next, some of Shawn Ray's golf tournament for charity was shown in which Shawn called Chris Cook "The Blonde Myth" which I always knew as being Lee Priest's nickname. Next, the Fit Show insider show was shown where Shawn did some commentary on various contests of 2006. Shawn looked to be holding good size during this commentary for a bodybuilder who has not been active in the bodybuilding world for many years (since 2001).

Overall Review:

The premise of this DVD is a good one and appeals to the ever growing market of adults who are wishing to get in shape. The format of the DVD was similar to a reality series which will appeal to some, but not one which I feel is the best format to use. I think a straight training video, showing for instance, a 12 week journey of standard gym training and progress would have been the best. I think an addition to that should have been a segment on nutrition and all aspects of health and fitness as they relate to age. That would have detailed Shawn's transformation in a more traditional method for bodybuilding DVDs and in a way that people are used to. The new format is ok, but not one that I had ever seen done before, so not one I was used to. Some other comments on the DVD are below.

From Isaac Hinds:

My review and notes on Shawn's newest DVD.

Grade: C

Quick notes: Good concept and idea, poor execution. Too many special effects and appeared more of a fitshow promotional piece first and a Shawn Ray story second. The credits and intro should have been cut from the DVD play. It was more like a DVD of your favorite television series than a DVD with play through. Good idea on including clips from the past and talks with old teachers as well as the visit to homecoming. I would have liked to see a build up of Shawn's past - clips from shows, photos, etc of what he looked like competing and then what he looked like currently. We do see some of it throughout but not at the very beginning to give people an idea of where he was in terms of his physique. A more detailed account of daily diet and workouts in the video would be beneficial to the people who are over 40.


  • Two a days training back in the day and Shawn comments, "Train at different gyms, even if I have to pay". - What Shawn Ray have to pay? Didn't they know who you were?!
  • Heritage Day parade - Shawn the grand marshall of the parade. First grade teacher, Mrs. Frost comments, "he talked all the time, got in trouble for talking all the time."
  • "It's a King Kamali look alike" - when approaching a clown at the parade.
  • His old High School coach comments, "I met Shawn getting his ass kicked in a fight."


Where were the pics from the IRONMAN photoshoot? Didn't see them in the over 40 issue as noted on the DVD.

What is the tat on the left shoulder?

Other Notes:

Funny extras with Bob and Shawn at the party. Handicapping of the party.

Visit at Weider office and interview with Peter McGough was good. Peter is pretty funny with commenting on Shawn and that you never had to worry about Shawn not talking. "Era was at the wrong time." on not winning the Olympia. Shawn inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame announcement. Shawn swipes an issue of FLEX while at the offices.

Shawn goes back to El Dorado High School for their homecoming 22 years later. Pretty cool to see some of the people from the old days and going back to where he went to school. Nice integration of Shawn's glory day newspaper clips.

Shawn shows off his rides and his house. He trades in his Excursion for a Mercedes CL600. Definitely a sweet ride.

Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 DVD

You can see Shawn loose his double chin at the 8.5 week point. Talks a little bit on his workouts but not much. Nice Denver Nuggets outfit. You actually see a couple veins in his arms after doing a chest exercise.

There was no real suspense or build up. It's more of a highlight reel of a guy who's been successful in bodybuilding and is back in the gym.

Shawn Ray's comments:

Thanks Isaac, all the constructive criticism is well noted and frustrating at the same time.

This is the ONLY DVD Production I did not have creative control over due to the terms of production.

That said, you are correct in saying it was more of a Fit Show TV Production, as they were the ones producting the DVD not me.

I hate the fact that due to time constraints, they did not omit the credits after each Chapter, it does become a bit tedious but I cant complain about the Content, which every 40 year old can relate to in terms of having to get back on the horse and do something about getting in shape!

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Shawn Ray - Fitness After 40 (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $29.95

Take care,

Matt Canning

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