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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM Interview: Sami Al Haddad Interviews Sami Al Haddad

PDI professional bodybuilder Sami Al Haddad (Sami The Blacksmith) is getting some recognition and appreciation on for his epic proportions and symmetry. In this interview, Sami talks about his career in bodybuilding as well as his future, the industry, the PDI, and some of the behind the scenes talk and drama taking place in the world of bodybuilding.

Sami Al Haddad Standing Relaxed

  • What are your goals in bodybuilding?

      I have a lot of goals in Bodybuilding, but let's talk about the major ones: I want to be one of the 10 best bodybuilders in the world and that's a long term goal lol, I want to win major shows like the Night of Champions, the Arnold Classic, and make the top six in the Mr. Olympia and last but not least, I want to win a great sponsorship with a great contract!

  • Soon you will compete in your upcoming PDI shows...will you be ready? How do you think you will do?

      Well, everyone is going to come to each show ready to win and do major damage, and I respect them all. This year I am working with Milos Sarcev and I believe in him more than if you ask me HOW I will do, my answer is I will do my best to kick LEE PRIEST'S ass and win the show lol. LEE is still the best and everyone in the PDI is after him and I am one of the hungriest who wants to beat him and I will be close...

      Sami Al Haddad Front Double Biceps

      Sami Al Haddad Hands Clasped Most Muscular Pose

  • When you first begun bodybuilding, did you feel that you would be where you are today, both physique-wise and professionally?

      Not at all...I did it because I loved the sport and I never counted how much money I spent for supplements or meals (I just do it), but the sport of bodybuilding is interesting because it arranges your day and you time everything accordingly, plus it will make you look healthy and whatever you WEAR will look great on you. Smile Smiley

  • Do you currently have any sponsors?

      NO, but I contacted iFORCE Nutrition and they contacted me back and were interested and I was waiting for the next move but SO FAR nothing...AND I have been contacted recently by Maximum Vital Nutrition to guest pose for them at the FIBO on the 21st and 22nd of April in Germany and they spoke to me about a long sponsorship which might happen!! So let's wait and see.

  • On the boards, you spoke about working with Milos Sarcev. Tell us some details about your relationship with Milos and what kind of improvements you think you will make working with him.

      Ohh Milos, I can call him THE MAN who stood up against the tyrants (no need to go into details, but everybody knows about it). He is very smart and very sharp. I knew him since 1996 but we were not in touch for long as he is a VERY busy person and I can consider myself lucky to work with him. I Saw most of the guys he worked with and the man knows what he is doing...I believe he CAN take me to the next level where I can be PERFECT.

      Milos Sarcev Classical Pose


Sami Al Haddad Hands Clasped Most Muscular Pose

Sami Al Haddad Hands Side Triceps Pose

  • If you could make any changes to bodybuilding so that it is more accepted by the general public, what would those changes be?

      I can't change anything in bodybuilding!! IT IS accepted by the general public but as everyone knows, people have different TASTES, and some of them like the HUGE bodybuilders and DON'T accept the average ones. And some of them like the symmetrical and aesthetic bodybuilders, BUT we have to change how the bodybuilding industry is run by the federations and deal with some of the corruption that has affected most of the athletes and make some of them quit the sport. And the reasons are: poor judging decisions, low financial compensation, no sponsorship for those out of top six at any pro shows, and they can't take part in any other federation if they are in the IFBB.

  • What can you tell us about the PDI? How do you feel about talk of the PDI being silenced on some popular message boards?

      To me, the PDI is doing great and treating US the do I feel about the talk in the forums and message boards? Well it's a new federation and made an impact which is why everyone is talking about it and looking forward to the next moves and it's just been ONE YEAR! The PDI doesn't have to answer anything because they would rather ACT than TALK. On boards they said last year the NOC show in New York was cancelled and it was NOT, they said LEE is not doing the show and he DID, and they said there will be no other show than the NOC in New York and we did the NOC in the UK. They said there will be no cash, and we GOT all the cash for both shows and in a very short time after the drug test results came!! So people talk...but we don't have to talk back sometimes!

    Sami Al Haddad Back Relaxed Pose in the Gym

  • What are your opinions of Wayne Demilia?

      Wayne is a straightforward person and businessman. He jokes a lot, and he helps everyone. The thing I like most about him is that he doesn't take things personally. And one more thing - you can recognize his VOICE in the crowd, lol.

  • What are your opinions of Lee Priest?

      Great guy, VERY smart, and he knows what he is doing. He has a big mouth for sure, lol. Lee is a great bodybuilder, and a down to earth when you get to know him. I heard lots of shit about him but once you know him personally you will know that bodybuilders do have a sense of humor with no limit...All that being said, he is also a gentleman.

      Lee Priest Older Picture


  • What are your opinions of can I start...first of all I was pushed into getbig from the wrong door and in the wrong way by somebody who call him Elf somebody, lol, so they flamed me while I didn't know anything because he was posting lots of things about me without my knowledge, so I created my user account and I joined, and they were still flaming me when I joined, but after that I WON their RESPECT and they started to flame that Elf guy until today where I am doing fine there.

      Most of the time GETBIG is my source for most new information, you name it, for my travels I use getbig for the information before the show, if I am doing anything new I share it with getbig and if you keep connected you will see GETBIG is like a family - a HUGE family and there is the BAD and the GOOD but in the end everyone loves each other. If you are a jerk, you will be treated as one and if you are a respectful person, you will be respected and get all the help in there...I LOVE being there and I do pay a daily visit to Getbig to keep updated and answer some questions sometimes.


  • What if I told you that I do not feel you need to make any further improvements in bodybuilding and just come in to each show hard and in good condition. What would you say?

      I would say that I do respect your point of view but I am a greedy person plus I DO need to add some size and be sharper (I can only do that with the help of MILOS).

  • What are your plans after bodybuilding?

      Bodybuilding. Smile Smiley

  • What would you recommend for those who would like to pursue a career in bodybuilding?

      Always make the right moves and YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE THE BIGGEST TO BE THE BEST!

  • What do you think about drugs in bodybuilding?

  • Who were some of your influences in life (family, friends, etc)?

      My DAD = he taught me how to be tough.
      My GRANDMA = she taught me how to be wise.
      My WIFE = She taught me how to be smart and patient.
      My KIDS = they are something to belong and live for.

  • What do women think about your physique?

      Some of them they say "Ohh my god, I wish I could have him" or "I wish my man looked like him" and some of them think that I am an abnormal creature from a different planet, lol, and they sometimes say "Yagh", lol.
  • Do you have anything else you would like to add?

      I would like to thank you very much for this interview, and say that the 2007 is going to be MY YEAR.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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