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Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable DVD - Review by Marc Skaf Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable DVD - Review by Marc Skaf

Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable (VHS) One of the roughest, toughest workout imaginable. Just see the weights - unbelievable, man, simply unbelievable. BUY IT NOW Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable (VHS)




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Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

It's easy to see why they call this video "The Unbelievable" from the beginning as the intro rolls it shows Ronnie doing some lifts with incredibly heavyweight, especially for a bodybuilder, they aren't meant to be able to lift this much damn weight and look as good as Ronnie does! This guy is just packed full of dense muscle which I think gives him that strength that some of the younger bodybuilders don't have. You'd expect to see some of these lifts at a powerlifting show, but no, here they are in Ronnie Coleman's training DVD! There is a caution at the beginning of this video and after watching it for a bit, you'll understand why someone else trying to mimic this routine would get seriously hurt.


Ronnie starts the DVD off with some shoulder work, the first excercise we see him doing is the seated military press with spotter and Metroflex gym owned Brian Dobson, he's got the bar loaded with more than 200lbs, there's no such thing as a light day for Ronnie. It then goes into some shots of ROnnie doing side lateral raises as he speaks about his training, bringing up the point that he's 5 and a half weeks out from the Mr. Olympia contest. For his side lateral raises it looks like he goes 30, 40, 50, 60 then back to 40,50,60, and last 70, this is what Ronnie calls his GIANT set, if you're worried about reps, don't, Ronnie clearly tells you how many reps he does while doing this excercise, and he listens to some good music too while working out. After the side laterals Ronnie goes to do front raises with a small bar, they look preloaded. After that, he does to his rear delts on the pec deck in the reverse position, he explains how he usually starts with 200lbs, then 215, 220, and then his heavy set 250lbs which is the whole stack. After the reverse pec deck he goes to do bent over lateral raises with the 65lb dumbells followed by shoulder shrugs with 200lb dumbells, the heaviest ones in the gym, and for that he just tries to get as many reps as he can, which is usually around 10-14 reps. A basic work out, but there is nothing basic about this guys physique, he is completely shredded in this DVD despite having to hold down a job.

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Ronnie At Work

Ronnie goes to work at the Arlington Police station, and what's Ronnie's favourite part of the job? No, it's not having a gun, it's being able to wear shorts. He puts on his uniform that looks incredibly tight on him, I'm sure it's not by choice, then puts on his bulletproof vest, as if he needs it the density and amount of muscle this guy has could protect him from most gun shots. So this is Ronnie at work, sitting in his patrol car eating a massive amount of chicken and a baked potato. He then goes to someone's house where there seems to be a case of domestic disturbance, would you even try to run if a cop the size of Ronnie showed up at your house? He then goes home for another meal, what is it? More chicken of course, and to top it some K.C. Masterpiece BBQ sauce, the bottle is empty, but Ronnie just reaches over and has another bottle waiting, he must go through a lot! To accompany his meal he makes himself a drink of sugar-free kool-aid, his calories have to be controlled since he's so close to the olympia. Why is Mr.Olympia Ronnie Coleman working a steady job when it's nickels and dimes compared to his Olympia salary? The same reason he bodybuilds, he loves it. His shift isn't over yet, he makes a few more housecalls and makes an arrest, he asks the girl he arrested "Why you cryin'?" Might it be because a 285lb mountain of muscle just slapped a pair of handcuffs on her? That might do it. I honsetly wouldn't know what to think if Ronnie Coleman showed up at my door to arrest me, would I be scared, probably, but i'd probably also be excited that I got to meet Ronnie. He ends his 8 hour shift, and disproves that bodybuilders can't hold down a steady job. He then goes home and puts in another hour for his other job, Mr. Olympia, he does soem cardio on the treadmill while watching some tv. He jokes and says "it's a wonderful life" but I am sure he loves doing it.

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Back and Biceps

The next morning Ronnie wakes up at 7am and has a meal of grits and some protein whey, the grits are about just all carbs, and the shake obviously for the amount of protein he needs. He describes his diet during his time leading to the olympia, basically he tries to cut carbs and increase protein. He has 1 high carb day a week and 6 low carb days, I guess the 1 high carb day counts as his "cheat" meal. He then does some more cardio for another hour before going to the gym. He starts his back training with deadlifts where he warms up with 245lbs, again, he warms up with 245lbs. This guys back is huge so it is no wonder he can push the amounts of weight he does. This is also the part of the video where some of the most memorable quotes come from, you'll hear Ronnie yell "Yeaaaa buddeh!", " Light weight!" and "nothing but a peanut!" alot, I am sure you've heard someone say something along those lines before, this is where they got it from. For his second set Ronnie does 445 for 6 reps, then 645 for 5 reps, 755 for 4 reps and 805 for 2 reps! Most bodybuilders never go that heavy, infact, I can't name one that does, especially this close to contest! That is why the name of the DVD is The Unbelievable, also don't forget, Ronnie is in contest prep...he's not even at his strongest! After Ronnie does the deadlifts he goes on to Bent over barbell rows and his sets are as follows, a warmup set, 315 for 11 reps, 405 for 9 reps and 495 for 8 reps. One of my favourite quotes arises at this part of the DVD, talking to himself and getting pumped for the next lift Ronnie says "How you do dat der? Cause it's light!" , no, 495lbs is not light, especially not "light easy weight". Ronnie then does T-bar rows, notice all of his excercises are very basic, on his first set Ronnie does 360lbs for 11 reps, 405 for 12 reps ,585 for 9 reps. After he's done T-bar rows Ronnie says to the camera "everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weights", isn't that inspiring?

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Ronnie starts his bicep workout and I think he's got the most impressive arms I have ever seen, especially by the look of them when he is doing his dumbell preacher curls. His first set is 40lbs for 16 reps, and then 2 sets of 50 for 12 reps. He says he doesn't train heavy for biceps and he might train them once or twice a week. He then goes to the cables to do some cable curls for 15 reps, a short bicep workout, but it works for him. His workout is complete when Ronnie sits down to do one last excercise on the seated calf raise machine loaded with 5 plates on it, he bangs out a set and then goes home to eat a meal. He eats a large plate of chicken with his favourite K.C. Masterpiece sauce and french fires with ketchup and a large cup of sugar free kool-aid, that's not too bad for a bodybuilder diet now is it?

Chest and Triceps

He wakes up again the next morning at the same time, 7am and starts cardio at 7:30 for an hour. After his cardio he sits down for the same exact meal he had for his post workout for the day before, chicken and french fries, then it's off to the gym. He warms up with flat dumbell presses with the 80lbs, makes them look way too easy, then again he could probably bicep curl them. He then goes to the 170s for 15 reps and the camera man almost loses a toe when Ronnie drops the weight. He then goes for the 190s for 12 reps, this is just amazing, the dumbells are bigger than most peoples upper body and here Ronnie is pressing them for reps, they are heavier then most adults! In that's one in each hand for Ronnie, but it's not over, Ronnie then does the 200's for 7 reps, this is no joke! His chest strength is amazing, and there is no lack in form either. He then does some incline dumbell presses with 140s for 12 easy reps, 170s for 12 reps with the assistance of Brian Dobson, then if doing the 200s on flat bench wasn't enough, Ronnie does them on the incline for 7 reps, 2 of the last ones he needed a lil help with. He has impressed himself even with that lift. THen Ronnie does some of the heaviest flyes I have ever seen anyone do, first set 100s for 11 reps, set 2 110's for 12, set 3 120s for 10! That looks like what experienced guys at my gym do for their flat dumbell presses, not alot even go to 120, then again I go to a small gym.

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD

For triceps Ronnie supersets skullcrushers with close grip benchpress, his sets look something like this, 15 and 12 reps with 110lbs, 12 and 12 with 130lbs, 10 and 10 for 150lbs. He then does behind the back dumbell tricep extensions, 3 straight sets of 140lbs, 12 reps, then 11 reps, and then another 11 reps. This is no light weight! That would rip my arms right off! He finishes off with tricep dumbell kickbacks for three sets, 40lbs for set 1, and then 50lbs for 2 sets. He then starts posing in the mirror, it starts off with a few side tricep poses and then he takes off his shirt and starts really showing off. A most muscular, then a front double bicep, followed by a side chest and some tricep shots. He then goes into a relaxed pose, that's when its time to show off the wheels, he takes off his pants and starts posing in his underwear, good things he's friends with the gym owner. He starts off with a couple of thigh and abdominals poses then a front lat spread and a most muscular. He does a 180 and gives a back double bicep pose and then puts his clothes back on, he looked huge and totally shredded, what you would expect from Mr. Olympia 5.5 weeks out.

After his workout Ronnie goes to a Health center where he gets massages done by a lady named Barbara Edison. Edison describes what she does when Ronnie visits, I am sure this type of massage isn't the good feeling kind, I'd imagine it actually hurts. Then he goes to Thomas Edison, a chiropractor and gives Ronnie an adjustment, he says he does it once a week and that keeps Ronnie training as heavy as he does.


Ronnie drives to the gym in his red viper, it looks like a go-kart in comparison to Ronnie and he looks cramped in the small car, it definetly wasn't made for a man of his size! Brian starts talking about Ronnie's physique and strength saying that he could be a power-lifter if he wanted and talked about the first time he saw Ronnie walking into the gym with the veins in his legs popping thru his sweatpants. Sticking to his basics training, Ronnie starts his leg workout with front squats , 135lbs 12 reps for a warm up set , then 225 for 12, 405 for 10, 585 for 4 and then 495 for 10, amazing! I could not imagine having that much weight resting on my back for regular squats and here he is with that much weight resting on his front delts. After this he goes to the hack squat machine where it's heavy as usual, 450lbs for 11reps, 540 for 10, 630 for 9 and 720 for 8. He then takes the weights to parking lot and does some intense training in the blazing Texas sun, that alone would exhaust anyone, he does 135lbs for 20 reps, then 185 for 20, basically the length of the parking lot at his gym. That is intense training right there, simple, but intense and taking it outside in that heat must be hard work too. To finish legs he does some hamstrings, lying leg curls, I can't see the weight but it's about the stack, he does 1 set of that and then moves on to seated leg curls where he does a heavy set of what looks like the stack. He stretches for a bit after, and then talks about his relationship with Brian Dobson and how important he was with his training.

Ronnie Coleman Unbelievable DVD


The video ends with a recap of some of the heavy lifts we saw in the movie and credits and Ronnie just goofing around in the gym, singing and dancing to some rap music inbetween his sets of hack squats.I am glad they put this in, it shows his not so serious side. This was and probably will remain the most Hardcore training DVDs out there, I highly suggest this one for any fan of the sport, not only is it impressive but the video is entertaining. It might not be the longest DVD out there in terms of time, but the quality is there and this should not be missed!

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Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

Take care,

Marc Skaf

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