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Ribose: More Energy Equals More Muscle

By Jason Cohen, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder

In basic terms Ribose is the starting point for the production of ATP in your body. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is responsible for all of the energy your body is supplied with. In normal conditions, your body produces enough ATP to survive. However, in stressful conditions, such as high-intensity exercise, your body can't replace ATP fast enough. Therefore, it would make sense to supplement with Ribose in order to keep ATP levels high in order to increase your energy levels.

Now, the more important part of your question is whether it is worthwhile to supplement with Ribose. My opinion on whether or not to take any supplement rests on two things. First, is there an adequate amount of science behind a certain "new" product on bodybuilders (not mice). Second, is the product cost-effective to warrant you spending your hard-earned money to find out if the product will work for you.

The scientific evidence on Ribose's ability to rebuild and restore energy in heart and skeletal muscle cells is pretty impressive. At this point, however, there are no studies that I know of on Ribose in the bodybuilding community. I have received quite a bit of anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders and the preliminary reports look very promising. In addition, I can give you an account of my own personal experience while supplementing with Ribose. I took a product called Liquid Ribose from Performance Biomedical Laboratories. I took one serving prior to working out and one serving immediately after training. I did notice that I was able to train hard for a longer period of time without depleting my glycogen stores. I also noticed that I was able to recuperate from intense workouts in a shorter period of time then before I took the Liquid Ribose. Finally, and most evident, I noticed that I had more energy when I performed cardio after an intense weight training session.

Now, is Ribose cost-effective? I guess this one depends on what your supplement budget is each month. I really didn't think that Ribose was terribly expensive considering how new it is. The companies offering Ribose all seem to be right around $44.95 for a thirty day supply.

One last note about Ribose. I think it is best to use it in conjunction with creatine. I used the Ribose with and without creatine and noticed considerably better results with the creatine. I used the Effervescent Creatine Plus by Performance Biomedical Labs. I also think that the liquid form is better because it is kept stable in a glycerol base. Therefore, if you decide to give Ribose a shot stick to the liquid form and use it with creatine.

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