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Post Exhaust Routine

Introduction to Post-Exhaust Training

Rather than using an isolation movement followed by a combination movement, (See: Pre-Exhaust Principle), the post-exhaust routine follows a heavy combination (multi-joint) movement with a lighter isolation exercise. Initially, the basic muscle fibers are hit, then a pump is achieved with an exercise that is lighter for a higher number of reps. Many bodybuilders have applied this principle and achieved great results. An example of the post-exhaust training principle is found below:

Example of a Post-Exhaust Routine

Post-Exhaust Training
Muscle Group Exercise Sets Reps
Shoulders Seated Barbell Press 4 6-8
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 12
Chest Flat Bench Press 4 6-10
Flat Bench Flye 4 10
Quads Front Squat 4 6-8
Leg Extension 4 10-12
Back T-Bar Row 4 6-8
Machine Pullover 3 10-12
Abs Hanging Leg Raises 4 15
Crunch 4 15
Calves Standing Calf Raise 4 15-20
Calf Raises Using Leg Press Machine 4 15-20
Biceps Seated Concentration Curl 4 8
Standing Barbell Curl 4 10
Triceps Narrow Grip Bench Press 4 6-8
V-Bar Triceps Pressdown 4 10-12
Forearms Reverse Wrist Curl 4 6-8
Reverse Curl 4 10-12

Targets of the Above Routine

Using the above routine as an example, below is a table illustrating the goals of involving the individual exercises listed. As you can see, the post-exhaust training intensity principle is capable of providing a very balanced workout while shocking your muscles into new growth.

Exercise Target
Seated Barbell Press Anterior (Front) Deltoid Head
Dumbbell Lateral Raises Medial (Side) Deltoid Head
Flat Bench Press Lower Chest / Overall Strength
Flat Bench Flye Middle / Inner Chest
Leg Extension Lower Thigh Development
Front Squat Outer Thigh Development
T-Bar Row Lat Development / Middle Back Thickness
Machine Pullover Upper Back and Lat Thickness
Hanging Leg Raises Lower Abs
Crunch Upper Abs
Standing Calf Raise Gastrocnemius Muscles
Gastrocnemius Muscles Calf Raises Using Leg Press Machine
Seated Concentration Curl Biceps Peak
Standing Barbell Curl Overall Biceps Mass / Strength
Narrow Grip Bench Press All Heads / Overall Pressing Power
V-Bar Triceps Pressdown Triceps Outer Head
Reverse Wrist Curl Upper Forearms / Wrist Extensor Muscles
Reverse Curl Inner Forearms / Wrist Flexor Muscles

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