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Steroids, Steroids, and Nothing But Steroids...

Here's an email I received recently (I have reproduced it below totally unedited). Maybe many of you have wondered the same thing... well here's your answer.

"Hi Steroid Encyclopaedia,
I just want to let you know that I was thinking of joining your site, but decided not to in the end for the folowing reasons. It looks too plain. I visited a few other bodybuilding sites before I found yours and they had pics of bodybuilders and fitness girls on them. They simply look nicer to the eye. For example look at elite's site it is full of pics of muscles and fintess girls, very pleasing to look at. Had your site been like that I would have joined yours instead.

It's an interesting comment and one that we have had before, so let me explain our stance "publicly". 

The main focus of our site is, and always has been factual and unbiased anabolic steroid content. We do not put  "muscle or fitness pics" as a priority over quality steroid information. The consequences of doing so would be that we would have to increase the cost of membership to cover the cost of featuring pro bodybuilder pics. - legally adding a pro's pic (i.e. not just stealing it from somewhere online) can be an expensive game.

Take into consideration that several big sites who do feature such images have a "real goal" of selling your their highly priced supplements and not providing you with independent, unbiased anabolic steroid information - which is our ONLY goal. 

Believe me there is much more money in selling supplements, just take a look at any big bodybuilding magazine at the huge advertisements those supplement companies have. Any idea how much they cost? Any idea who really pays the bill? - YOU.

Anyway, apart from that too many pics would slow down the server speed and result in a slower site, something that nobody is over enthusiastic about.

At present we do actually get many compliments about the site's clean and professional look, and from others (who know more about web design) about it's technical excellence.

Will we one day change the site to include more images? Yes I'm sure we will. But rest assured that it will never be to the detriment of the anabolic steroid content, which is and always will be our main goal. 

Besides all of the above this site is called "" not "", and you get exactly what you see in the "Membership Test Drive" area. Real, useable steroid information, regarding suppliers, cycles and stacks, profiles, drug pics, great articles, outstanding member's boards etc etc. Take a "test drive for yourself and see. Not only that we are so confident that you'll like it that we are the ONLY site that offers a 100% no questions asked guarantee - not like the other sites with the glossy pics :-)

I rest my case.

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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