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The Golden Age Of Muscle 1982/83 Mr Olympia (DVD) Mr Olympia 1982 The unforgettable Mr Olympia in the UK - including Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Tom Platz and Brutal Bertil Fox! Mr Olympia 1983 Watch the amazing Samir Bannout take 1st place, beating Lee Haney, Frank Zane and many more. Battle For Gold Includes a workout with Lee Haney, appearances, interviews and training with Lee Haney, Gary Strydom, Rich Gaspari, Samir Bannout, Vic Richards, Bob Paris, Tom Platz and more. BUY IT NOW The Golden Age Of Muscle 1982/83 Mr Olympia (DVD)



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Mr. Olympia Report 1983


I managed to get a hold of a copy of the 1983 Mr. Olympia Contest. This will be a review based on what I can make of the tape, which is very old and grainy. This review will not be as detailed as some of the other reviews available on the bodybuilding contest reports section, but I will try my best with what I have!

The "MISTER OLYMPIA" contest was held in Munich that year. The tape starts off with Thomas Scheu doing an exhibition (guest pose). He was in very good shape (basically contest shape from the looks of him). He was also a good poser - smooth while being relatively fast. His transitions were also very good. If you were to watch the 2004 Mr. Olympia Contest, you would see that there are many competitors today who are not nearly as good as he was. Job well done!

Next was a couples posing with Hildegard Shaffer and Gabriel Wild. This was another guest posing exhibition, and something that I had not previously seen before watching this tape. They were slow and syncrhonized in their posing and were also in very good shape. They had a very low body fat level, but one which appeared to be healthy to maintain (not completely sucked of all water in their systems). They posed together extremely well, and you could tell they were experienced in the couples posing and had also spent a lot of time on their routines.

Next was Ralph Moller doing an exhibition. He was an extremely tall bodybuilder (about 6'7), and a frame like that would of course be very difficult to fill out - yet it looked like he did it very well. his posing was also very good. His height could certainly be seen in the pose, as he looked completely different than short bodybuilders would in the same poses. His most muscular pose was out of sight.

Next was Tom Platz doing a guest pose. He was big and shredded, but still a little off from contest shape (which is why he was only guest posing). He was still very shredded, to the point where it looked like he was dieting for a bodybuilding contest. Tom's quads, hamstrings, and calves were incredible as usual. Tom had the usual proportion problems that come with having enormous legs. Mostly his height (5'6), coupled with below average upper body muscularity in relation to those thighs, hurt his proportion - yes, you can be too big. Granted, most bodybuilders wouldn't complain, but keep in mind bodybuilding is an aesthetic display (although some would debate that). Tom probably should have beaten Franco Columbu at the 1981 Mr. Olympia Contest though.

Now on to the individual posing routines:

James Gaubert (USA) - James was a slow and fluid poser. He hit some poses seldom seen these days (in part because the extremely muscularity sported by today's pros would hinder these poses). He was definitely conditioned and full knew how to display his physique. I particularly enjoyed the seldom seen side poses he did. I'm also a big fan of the conditioning he displayed - he was shredded, but not dry to the point where it looked like he was putting his body in a dangerous situation.

Johnny Fuller (England) - This man was a gorilla! I had heard that he used to eat ridiculous amounts of food to get to the point where he did, and it showed in his massive size - well, massive in a relative sense at least. Pros today are much bigger, but at the time, he was one of the larger bodybuilders. His conditioning was sharp and his posing was good. He didn't do much extra movements in the transitional poses, which helped things flow well. He also did some kneeling poses which few pros today do (besides Ahmad Haidar and a few others). His back shots were all freaky and his waist and stomach were decent for a big guy as well. Not the best, but not too bad either.

Ed Corney (USA) - Ed stepped on stage at the age of 50 and with drum tight conditioning! As usual, he was an extraordinary poser. I was mostly amazed with how much mass he still kept from his earlier competing days. Ed was never a monster, but he didn't seem to lose appreciaable size from his competitions in the sixties and seventies. His transitional poses were great as usual and hid his flaws quite well as he went from one pose to another, and he hit more of the classical kneeling poses that are rarely seen today. Overall, this was a good appearance for Ed.

Hubert Metz (Germany) - The first thing I noticed about Hubert was his ability to pull off a vacuum, something incredibly rare these days. On top of that, he hit some kneeling poses - also rarely seen as I mentioned above. :-) He had some huge arms and good size in his legs and chest as well. He was sure to use his vacuum midsection to his benefit in poses like the side chest and front double biceps.

Jacques Neuville (France) - More kneeling poses! Geez, when did these things go out of fashion? I think it's a perfect way to show detail for proportioned and balanced physiques - as I mentioned above, I think bodybuilders these days are too huge to hit these poses off right. Also it's possible that the drastic measures bodybuilders take these days to get into condition really tire them out prevent them from doing such graceful posing with any amount of energy - but I don't know. As for Jacques - he looked great. I think his conditioning was spot on, without being too crazy, and his size was good. His posing was fairly transitional (albeit fast at times), and his abs and serratus were very detailed.

Mohamed Makkawy (Egypt) - Mo was shredded!! His posing was also top notch (and like the other guys, hit a lot of kneeling poses). Mohamed demonstrated good fullness along with his good conditioning and his face looked healthy, and not too drawn out of gaunt. Not that it has anything to do with what was being judged at the show, but my point is, he looked full of energy and happy to be there, and not too dehydrated or tired like so many pros of today.

Frank Zane (USA) - Frank looked every bit the classical statue from the moment he came out on stage until when he left. Although and ectomorph, Frank came a long way, and was huge. Particularly his arms, but also his legs, which you would never think belonged to a man who was only 190 pounds. His rear lat spread was also very good! Few back shots of Frank are available on the net, but without question, he was not lacking in that area. His lats also popped out in the front lat spread pose. His posing was first rate (speed, transitions, etc), and overall this was a great package presented by Zane. He ended his posing presentation with his amazing vacuum pose - something I feel he should have exploited more during his routine.

Gerard Buinoud (France) - His chest was shredded and his posing was slow and transitional, but he did not have the size required to do damage at this show.

Lee Haney (USA) - Up to the time Lee came on stage, I could have seen him take the whole show - he looked fantastic! Awesome cartoonish proportions, and a wasp waist to boot. He was able to hit a vacuum and despite having arms which were a bit small for the rest of his physique, he had the best front double biceps poses in the show. Any pose Lee did from the rear was, of course, excellent. I felt that his arms only looked small in the most muscular pose - that is one pose where overall aesthetics mean little and size means everything. So of course a guy like Markus Ruhl would beat a more aesthetic guy like Flex Wheeler

Jusup Wilkosz (Germany) - Jusup looked incredibly dense and rugged. His beard added to the look of power and strength. I assure you this man would have been a complete freak to look at in person - you can't ignore that kind of density up close. In fact, I would think he would be one of the most impressive guys to see up close. Conditioning, vascularity, density - he had it all. His chest was full and his biceps were huge with great vascularity. His back was also in great condition.

Samir Bannout (Lebanon) - As soon as Samir walked on the stage, I realized he was the clear winner - the same reaction I had when Lee Haney walked out, but even moreso - he looked great and had it all! Conditioning, mass, posing - Christmas tree conditioning in his back, huge biceps, striated triceps, a dense back and incredible upper back muscularity - he just had everything! Samir winning the show is not something I would complain about. His lats also originated very low to his waist. He looked phenomenal.

Lance Dreher (USA) - Lance was a compact and muscular bodybuilder. His biceps development was very impressive Like many others in the show, he had no stand out body parts - but was complete and in good shape. His posing was classical like many others in the show, and he hit poses that are rarely performed the same way these days as well as hit poses not done at all these days. Everything about bodybuilding has changed today.

Albert Beckles (England) - 52 years old - what more can I say! He looked incredible for that age, but honestly, he looked great for any age. This is what a person would look like after years of taking care of themselves, coupled with the right genetics and mentality. His posing was classical and unique which highlighted his balance and proportions. His back was like a road map! Just as it was at the 1982 Mr. Olympia Contest. His front double biceps was very impressive, as he probably had some of the greatest biceps peaks in bodybuilding history.

Bertil Fox (England) - 5th place - a step up from his 1982 placing, but once again ABSOLUTELY ROBBED. If you can get a hold of this contest on VHS or DVD (and send me an e-mail if you find a supplier), then you will see for yourself! Unbelievable! He posed to the song "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye. He was HUGE and SHREDDED. Maybe not the most cut in the whole show, but definitely the thickest. His muscularity was just absurd, ESPECIALLY for an early 1980s competition. His most muscular was plainly out.of.sight!! His posing even seemed to improve from the year before. The crowd was cheering the WHOLE time of his pose, and with good cause - he looked fantastic, and aside from Samir, was the man of the show. I would have put him in second behind Samir, with Lee Haney in third. I swear, the crowd simply loved this guy.

Dale Ruplinger (USA) - He posed to Eye of the Tiger. Another classic 1980s physique. Definitely a look I could go for myself. Not too big, but definitely big and conditioned.

Next all of the competitors were lined up. The crowd went NUTS when Bertil Fox's name was called. Examining this closely, although I put Samir in a clear first, after seeing Bertil lined up with the others, I don't know if it was so close. I wouldn't have lodged a complaint if Bertil was placed in first with Bertil in second. Far worse decisions have definitely been made in bodybuilding. Such as Ronnie Coleman winning the 2002 Mr. Olympia Contest.

Next Oscar State (OBE - Vice President of the IFBB) said a few words.

The top six were announced, with Mohamed Makkawy up first. They did a brief interview with him and his face looked very conditioned - but in a healthy way. Not dried out and gaunt, such as how Andreas Munzer used to look. Frank Zane was interviewed next. I hope I look that good at age 41. Next Lee Haney went up - just shy of his 24th birthday at the time. The interview with him was proof of his charisma and ability as a spokesman for bodybuilding. Jusup did his interview in German, but his words were translated. He said that bodybuilding was very hard and that he trains five hours a day!! Holy crap. Samir was up next and explained the importance of preparation (without question, he had peaked that year). Bertil explained the importance of discipline and the difficulty of an eight week diet, as well as the mindset required to present the complete package on the stage.

Next the top six did compulsory poses, hitting the following:

  • Front Double Biceps.
  • Front Lat Spread.
  • Side Chest.
  • Back Double Biceps.
  • Back Lat Spread.
  • Side Triceps.
  • Abdominals & Thighs.

Next came the free posing round. This was (and always has been) an entertaining round to watch. Although this round was traded for the challenge round starting at the 2004 Mr. Olympia Contest, the free posing round was probably just as entertaining.

Finally the top six were announced:

6th - Jusup Wilcosz - he did not look happy with his placing, but hey, top six is really not all that bad!

5th - Bertil Fox - the crowd went CRAZY. They were pissed!! Bertil didn't look too happy, and with good reason! There was NO WAY this man should have been any worse than third at most. Sixth was just ridiculous. Wow...

4th - Frank Zane - he looked great, but did not beat Bertil. No way. He did some posing for the crowd then walked off.

3rd - Lee Haney - the only two people who could have beaten him at the show would have been Samir and Bertil. So Lee could have gotten third, but not third to...

2nd - Mohamed Makkawy - looked good, but did not beat Haney and Bertil, and I would say should have been sixth.

1st - Samir Bannout - I was happy with his win. He looked excellent, and you could argue that he looked better than Bertil. To me, I guess it could have gone either way.

Samir went on to say that he would be back the next year in even better shape. He went on to miss winning the Sandow at the 1984 Mr. Olympia Contest to Lee Haney.

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The Golden Age Of Muscle 1982/83 Mr Olympia (DVD) The Golden Age Of Muscle 1982/83 Mr Olympia (DVD)
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Take care,

Matt Canning

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