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Buy Mike Mentzer's HIT Exercise DVD - Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Buy Mike Mentzer's HIT Exercise DVD - Review

Mike Mentzer - High-Intensity Training (DVD) Mike Mentzer's HIT (High Intensity Training) Exercise Video shows you the real thing, the world's leading HIT advocate, the only man to win Mr. Universe with a perfect score and who single-handedly perfected HIT Theory, guide the muscular phenomenon, Markus Reinhardt, through three different high-intensity workouts. BUY IT NOW Mike Mentzer - High-Intensity Training (DVD)



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The DVD starts off with some posing by 1978 Mr. Universe winner Mike Mentzer, located in Marina Del Rey, CA. He looked amazing and showed what may very well be the most mesomorphic structure I've ever seen on a bodybuilder - additionally he was able to pull off a vacuum pose in the front double biceps shot. That's really quite an amazing feat.

Chest & Back
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The training footage takes place in Angel City Fitness Gym (Los Angeles, CA). The bodybuilder doing the training in the DVD is not Mike Mentzer but Markus Reinhardt, as he trains under the watchful eye of Mentzer, applying his high intensity training principles.

Right off the bat, Mike explains that most bodybuilders start off with everything wrong, by frittering away his time socializing and fraternizing and generally not taking things seriously. This is one of the times where confidence and mentality will affect your physical gains. Mike explains that you waste your time by stretching or performing aerobics. Aside from being a waste of time, Mike explains that aerobics also waste the body's valuable resources better used for gaining muscle.

Markus starts off his workout with incline machine presses. He does his rep in super slow motion and with perfect form (as well as all the following exercises throughout the DVD). Mike does a very good job explaining the tenets of high intensity training throughout the sets. He explains that momentum is an outside force which reduces the force of muscular contraction thereby reducing the intensity (and results). This makes perfect sense - if momentum is doing the work, where is the benefit? Instead, use lighter weights with a form that you are doing all the work. Of course this is difficult to swallow for some people who are fans of ego lifting (and I have been myself many times in the past). Markus does two more sets of the incline machine press with the high intensity, before moving on to the pec deck.

On the pec deck, you could see the incredible biceps development of Markus. Mike timed out the reps as Markus was performing them. This was the first set of many where Markus literally looked like he was going to pass out where performing the exercise - without question, this is rarely seen intensity in bodybuilding videos - I've seen many videos and DVDs, and never have I seen this level of intensity.

Next Markus goes back to the incline machine press. Mike goes back to stress the importance of eliminating momentum from all lifts. Once again, Markus looks like he's on the verge of passing out with each rep. Markus goes on to apply the rest-pause training principle - Mike warns that you should only perform the rest-pause principle if you are an intermediate or advanced trainee and to only do it for one set during a workout. Mike also explains that there is no way a person could do 20 sets at the intensity Markus just performed - if somebody did so they would have to be carried out of the gym in an ambulance (I agree!).

After his set, Markus moves on to his back workout. He starts off with a warmup with a fairly light weight to get his blood into his muscles. Markus puts the seatbelt on in the nautilus machine he is using and starts his next set. He uses the same high intensity principles during the set. Mike explains that four seconds up and four seconds down for the rep is enough to eliminate all momentum. He said that some advocate 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down, but that he felt this is too much and that no evidence has shown this to be required.

For the next set, Markus does front lat pulldowns with an inside grip. He does this to complete failure as usual.

For his last set for back, Markus performs deadlifts starting off with 135 pounds. Mike explains that Markus would be motivated to go to failure if there were 10 naked women in the gym - to which Markus agrees that yes he would (LOL). As usual, Markus uses perfect form and Mike's brother Ray explains that it is important to wrap the thumb around the bar to ensure good grip. Markus does another warmup set with perfect form (using 135 pounds). From 135, Markus goes up to 225 for the intermediate warmup - he manages four good reps. He puts 315 on the bar and does two reps. He then does five EXTREMELY INTENSE reps with 315. This was probably the most intense set I've ever seen in a training DVD.

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Markus starts off with his first warmup set for quads by doing seated leg presses. Markus then does a second warmup set to pre-exhaust his quads. The size of his arms is extremely clear as he performs the workout.

What is interesting to note is how frail Mentzer appeared to be for his age (49 - the DVD was filmed just prior to his death in June 2001). I think it's possible that (along with other things), Mentzer's joints really took a beating from this HIT training. It is such an extremely intense form of training that it really takes a toll, and makes one prone to injury in my opinion. Dorian Yates trained with such intensity (even with the help of Mike Mentzer in his career). As can be seen in Dorian's training DVD, Blood & Guts. Regardless of effectiveness, I still think HIT training puts one in a situation prone to injury - I wouldn't do it myself, at least not in a purist fashion. Some of the tenets of HIT (strict form, reduction of momentum, and others), are very beneficial to apply. Others seem like you will push the injury barrier.

Another thing about HIT and why it won't sell - people WANT to go to the gym. People don't want to sit in the kitchen and eat high protein and high calorie foods all day, but bodybuilders generally DO enjoy working out. Nobody really wants to be told to only spend three hours in the gym each week.

Markus does some more sets, with INCREDIBLE intensity. I would say tendon snapping, bone breaking, muscle tearing INTENSITY. Wow.

Next Markus moves on to perform lying leg curls for his hamstrings. His first set is very intense. I honestly thought this guy was going to tear his hamstrings on his first set! It was crazy...

Mike had mentioned that the lying leg curls also warms up the calves, and the next exercise performed by Markus was the standing calf raises. Just when you think Markus can't go any higher on the raise - he brings it up a little bit higher (with Mike's encouragement of course). Ray Mentzer was also present for the DVD, and just like Mike, he tragically passed away in June 2001. Both were shadows of their former selves at the time of the DVD - what a tragic demise for three former greats.

After his calves workout, Markus endorses some supplements: growth factor X, creavescenet, and thermonal, and MX7 by GEN.

Delts, Biceps, Triceps
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Markus explains that he waited eight days to do this workout, as opposed to six, because he didn't feel 100% ready to workout again. This is applying the instinctive principle and basically using common sense (listening to your body). This helps to maximize growth and avoid injury. Mike encourages Markus with his thinking and explains that it is a good way to approach bodybuilding - scientifically, as a rational, logical human being.

Markus starts off with the side lateral raises on the machine for his shoulders. He does a warmup set before going into his working sets. Mike explains that this is bodybuilding and not powerlifting, and that one must train accordingly to achieve gains in muscle growth. As usual, Markus applies a slow cadence through the entire range of motion. Intense as always, Markus has applied the HIT training principles better than any other HIT DVD I've seen before (two come to mind: Dorian Yates in Blood & Guts and Abbas Khatami Advanced HIT DVD). No bodybuilding video which I have ever seen has even come close to the intensity seen in this one. Markus may be relatively unknown on the bodybuilding scene, but I assure you, he is as intense a trainer as I have ever seen, either in bodybuilding videos or in real life. Just amazing.

Next Markus does bent over lateral raises for his shoulders. It's incredible that even with the light weight that Markus was using, he had difficulty performing reps. At the end of the set he had difficulty lifting his arms! Talk about intensity. This is one efficient workout - every rep counted and contributed to reaching failure, which is definitely something Markus achieved by the end of the workout.

After his shoulders workout, Markus starts his biceps workout with standing barbell curls with the long straight bar (non-olympic bar). While he is only using 60 pounds for reps, he uses the same old slow and steady cadence and makes that 60 pounds so much harder to do than it otherwise would have been. Mike explains that it is the last rep which causes the majority of the growth when working out - something which I agree with. Failure is half the workout in my opinion, although that can be debated.

For triceps, Markus does a set of pushdowns. Mike motivates him once again, by bringing up naked women (LOL). Admittedly, that would be very motivating. I sometimes think about it myself (haha). Markus supersets his pushdowns with machine dips for his triceps. As always, Markus looks to be struggling ridiculously with each and every rep (mega intensity). Markus has also developed an incredible physique thanks to his efforts - no wonder he is able to wait eight days between individual body parts before training again. His intensity obviously gives him that break. If he were to workout like this several times a week for each muscle group, no doubt he would risk overtraining - anybody would.

Mike and Markus show us proper exercise form for squats for the beginners watching the DVD and anybody else interested in learning. He performs the squat with the long straight bar (non olympic style). Mike explains the bar and foot position during the exercise. Mike explains that squats and deadlifts are the greatest growth stimulants known to bodybuilders and that everyone should learn them.

After the squat demonstration is complete, some training videos from GMV Productions were shown. Also, some books were shown which were written by Mike Mentzer.

At the end of the DVD, the DVD was dedicated to Mike Mentzer (1951-2001) and Ray Mentzer (1953-2001). Their legacies will live in our hearts forever!

Bonus: Behind the Scenes
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This exclusive footage was captured on June 9, 2001 just hours before Mike Mentzer's tragic death.

The behind the scenes footage showed the crew working on the production which was larger than I expected. Obviously a lot of time and effort went into this DVD. Mike and Ray both showed up, and it was incredible how normal Mike looked. The last thing you would expect is that he was going to die in just a few hours - kind of cryptic! No commentary was said during the behind the scenes portion, just filming of the crew. It gave a good idea of the production crew size and production efforts, but nothing particularly interesting took place (save for Mike's appearance in his final hours).

Also, during the bonus feature, Mike and Ray were talking about Jusup Wilkosz and how he went crazy after his young wife died of cancer. They mentioned that he tied someone up at his house once....very weird, but that segment was interesting to listen to (to say the least).

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This was the most intense bodybuilding video that I've ever seen - period. No other video or DVD has compared to his one, with the possible exception of the Markus Ruhl - Made in Germany DVD. If you like intensity - buy it!

Take care,

Matt Canning

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Mike Mentzer - High-Intensity Training (DVD) 

Mike Mentzer - High-Intensity Training (DVD)

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.94


Format: DVD NTSC
Encoding: 0 (Worldwide - will play on any DVD player)
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Mike Mentzer's HIT (High Intensity Training) Exercise Video shows you the real thing, the world's leading HIT advocate, the only man to win Mr. Universe with a perfect score and who single-handedly perfected HIT Theory, guide the muscular phenomenon, Markus Reinhardt, through three different high-intensity workouts.

Markus possesss thick, heavy, densely developed muscles reminiscent of Casey Viator and was captured just a couple of weeks away from one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions held in Miami, Florida.

See Markus's herculean physique struggling under mind-blowing weights, while Mike Mentzer advises him on proper exercise performances, keeps him on proper exercise performances, keeps him motivated and discusses with Markus, between sets, relevant points of interest and concern to millions of bodybuilders around the world.

Share the last moments with the man you've learned to respect as lone voice of reason, truth and integrity within the sport. Mike explains in a number of circumstances the most salient points of proper HIT exercise techniques, new insights on training theory and it's proper pratical applications, the routines themselves.

Also included rare video footage of Mike Mentzer in various stages of pumping up in preparation for posing on the beach in Marina Del Rey, California. Here you have the oppurtunity to watch one of history's greatest physiques in breath-taking close-ups and full body posing!

Mike Mentzer has packed 25 years of bodybuilding exercise, training, study and contemplative thought into this incredible video footage which represents the final chapter of his lifetime work on the subject of High-Intensity Training. Mike's training secrets will enhance your workout effectiveness and will help you to reach higher levels of muscular development in less time you ever thought possible.

This video footage was filmed just hours before Mike Mentzer's tragic death. It will motivate, educate, captivate and change your life forever!

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.94


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