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Mike & Ray Mentzer - In the Gym (DVD) Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Mike & Ray Mentzer - In the Gym (DVD)

Mike & Ray Mentzer - In the Gym (DVD) The awesome Mentzer brothers, fuelled by their intense rivalry, show what they can do when they pump iron. Filmed in the gym they blast their way through display workout routines with the actual heavy weights they use!! BUY IT NOW Mike & Ray Mentzer - In the Gym (DVD)




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Mike and Ray Mentzer

Heavy Duty Workout

The DVD started off with Mike Mentzer training legs on the leg extension machine. He was using super slow and controlled motion throughout the entire range of motion - squeezing each and every rep. You could see the muscularity and density of his thighs in every rep. His thighs were also loaded with vascularity. After the first set he posed his thighs and calves and he was looking to be cut from stone. He was in ridiculous condition and had a great tan as well as good oil. He looked ready to step on a bodybuilding stage at the time this video was shot. There was some music in the background, which is difficult for me to describe exactly, but it sort of seemed like it would be appropriate for a "Legends of Zelda" video game. I really liked this music at the beginning, but I am a fan of those types of tunes.

Mentzer Triceps

Some footage of Mike's calves was shown and next up and interview with Mike Mentzer was recorded on the video. Mike Mentzer talked about the increasing popularity of the Mike Mentzer-Dorian Yates heavy duty training, and Mike said it was very happy about that.

Mentzer Calves

Mike spoke about his training philosophies and started off by defeating the normative training methods seen by many entering the gym. Mike Mentzer explained his stance scientifically and explained what is wrong with the norm. Some more footage of Mike posing in the background was up and he was lookign absolutely SICK! His most muscular was quite possibly the thickest I have ever seen - dare I say even thicker than Rich Gaspari's most muscular pose? What I mean by this is that it appeared that Mike Mentzer had so much muscle built on his frame that any more would burst. While big men like Art Atwood and Gunter Schlierkamp have huge frames and don't appear to be overwhelmed by their own muscularity, with Mike Mentzer, it very much appeared that his body would explode if he put on even so much as another pound!

Mike explained in the interview that bodybuilding should be as scientific as anything else - when taking medicine, naturally you would want to take the precise amounts of medicine to achieve a specific result - no more, no less, or you are flirting with danger. He explained that bodybuilding still deals with human physiology and we should still deal with precise numbers to induce the state of muscular hypertrophy desired. I would argue that by saying that some people like me just plain like to workout! I would rather spend more time in the gym, even if it put me in a less than optimal mass-building state. Weight training is a great hobby for me. This is why I believe that the Mike Mentzer heavy duty workouts will never take off - because people LIKE going to the gym. Now if he had a heavy duty nutrition program where we could spend less time eating by the clock, I'm sure people would go for it - but working out is the best part of bodybuilding for many people (like me). Furthermore, I think that HIT training is good for some people, but not for others. Bodybuilding is a very individualized activity. Not everyone will respond to what Mike Mentzer or Dorian Yates responded to.

Back to the DVD, Mike was in the gym flexing and was looking fantastic - he definitely appeared like he could walk on the Mr. Olympia stage that day and take the big title home. He looked mind blowing.

In the interview, Mike seemed to be very critical (even bitter) when talking about alternative training methods to HIT. He called it "garbage" and then when on to speak his mind about philosophy and weight training. He even said there is only one reality - one objective reality along the lines of Bertrand Russell I would say. Speaking to many of my friends who use vast quantities of psychoactive drugs, I would disagree that there is any such thing as "objective reality". In any case, I didn't agree with Mike on his philosophical viewpoints, nor his training ones. If he was confident - truly confident - in his training principles, he would not need to call other points of view "garbage."

Mike seemed to speak more about philsophy than he did about training! I had heard he spent anywhere between 2-4 hours each day reading philosophy back in the day. He was also said to be a user of certain drugs, and if this is the case, I can see why he was such a thinker.

Mike explained that overtraining is not only counterproductive to training progress - but is literally life threatening. Maybe this is true in an extreme sense, but I would really have to see the scientific documentation behind this to believe it. Mike Mentzer did explain the importance of critical thinking in his interview, so my guess would be that he would have wanted myself and other listeners to research what he says without believing them immediately.

Mike Mentzer used a good analogy for overtraining: he used an example with the sun. To a a degree, sun is good and you can get a tan and remain healthy. However, these barriers can be overwhelmed, since the body can only tolerate a certain degree of physical stress - when you overexpose your skin to intense sunlight, it burns. When you overtrain, it is like an "exercise sunburn".

During the interview, the posing and workout footage eventually went from Mike Mentzer to Ray Mentzer. Ray was very impressive as well. He has thick and swell muscles and excellent deep cut abdominals. His arms were huge and he was very balanced - of course he was not as thick or as impressive as his brother, but he still looked very good. They both had excellent physiques. If I remember correctly, in the outtakes of the Mike Mentzer HIT DVD, both Mike and Ray were sort of saying that Dorian Yates was not a handsome man. In their primes, the two brothers were quite handsome and rugged looking and probably had their share of female admirers. I would be happy to have a physique like either of the two of them for that exact reason.

Mike continued to workout and pose, and he was looking incredible. He had all the trademarks of being in excellent condition and had the perfect proportions to take bodybuilding to the world class level. His delts were shredded and his arms were about the densest I had ever seen. Ray had some sick pipeline veins running down both of his biceps. That is definitely a trademark of excellent conditioning. Like Mike, he looked like he could walk on the Mr. Olympia stage that same day. His back was as detailed as a roadmap. When Ray hit the straight bar curls on the preacher bench, his long and full muscle bellies popped out during every rep. He flexed his arm and they continued to pop out of his skin - to the same degree that Ronnie Coleman's did as he performed his set of t-bar rows in his new DVD produced by GMV: "On the Road" - an excellent DVD I might add!

Mentzer Back

Ray continue to pose and train and his biceps looked sick. But he wasn't just all arms - he had good balance. Of course he was not at the same level as Mike, but he did look pretty damn good, just slightly lacking thickness compared to his brother. Ray trained, and you could see he was using the same high intensity philosophy that his brother created. He was doing each rep slowly and under control, squeezing each rep and maximizing the pump. He looked amazing, especially his midsection, which was flat and with abs developed to the max and in perfect proportion and with the perfect six pack shape. His serratus looked incredible as well.

Mentzer Biceps

The interviewer asked if it was possible that some people genetically need more of a workload in the gym (since some do need more recovery time, wouldn't this also be possible?). Mike countered this point and really wasn't giving in to any argument speaking out against HIT.

At this point in the DVD, Mike and Ray were posing together and both were looking sharp. Both of them had backs similar to that of Bertil Fox - roughly the same size and also just as detailed. When they both hit the most muscular pose together, it was then that it became clear that Mike had Ray beat in terms of thickness.

Mike and Ray Mentzer Posing

Ray was on the beach posing with a crusher for the chest muscles and he was looking pumped to the max.

Ray Mentzer On the Beach

Ray Mentzer On the Beach

Ray Mentzer on the Beach

The interviewer asked Mike a question which was highly scientific, and Mike countered it with a letter from a reader which said that if users doubt the effectiveness of HIT training, they can talk to one of his trainees - Dorian Yates. But so what??? Arnold's training philosophies worked for ARNOLD, just as Dorian's worked for DORIAN, and just as other individual activities work for other individuals. Bodybuilding IS highly individualized. If all the philosophies which counter HIT did not work, Arnold and so many thousands of others would never have achived the results they did. Mike once countered this point by stating that if Arnold used the training philsophies that Mike did, that Arnold would have looked even better than he did. I seem to doubt that - every individual has a certain specific genetic potential and I would be very hard pressed to believe that Arnold even had the genetic ability to get much bigger than he did - same goes for Ronnie Coleman, and many others who do not apply Mike Mentzer's philosophies. I would advise you to check out Ronnie's two other DVDs (pre "On the Road") to see just how Ronnie trains (and he doesn't apply HIT training):

Mike was obviously a very well educated man in terms of science and philosophy - he praised western science and this is something that I can definitely agree with. During this time of the DVD, Ray was still on the beach posing - his arms were amazing and some of the most impressive that I have seen. In terms of biceps, triceps, and forearms, Ray's arms looked excellent. He had full balance much like Lee Priest.

I have to say - Mike Mentzer during this interview reminded me of Ayn Rand. While I would probably argue that a lot of what Mike said was frankly a load of nonsense, he had formulated such an eloquent defense of his thoughts that it would be difficult to argue what may very well be obviously wrong unless you are extremely educated in the counterarguments to his point of view. For someone who is quite possibly dead wrong on some issues, he made his arguments appear very sound! Mike Mentioned Dorian Yates again, and if you are interested in seeing HIT training put in motion, you should check out Dorian's DVD:

Dorian - Blood and Guts - tn.jpg Dorian Yates - Blood & Guts (DVD)
Retail Price: $59.95 Our Price: $45.00

What Mike said next was HILARIOUS. Just after I wrote the comparison of Mike Mentzer to Ayn Rand - he mentioned her! He said that young people are out spending time snorting coke and partying and not picking up one of her books. LOL!!! It was HILARIOUS to me how closely Mike's close minded and completely confident perspective paralleled that of Ayn Rand - wow. He was definitely a rationalist, and I wish I had enough education in philosophy to explain exactly how Mike was wrong with some of his points, but it would require me to write pages and pages more. In any case, both Mike and Ayn were extremely good at making flawed arguments sound pretty. A lot of intellectual types are - you can believe whatever you want to believe - there is an intelligent sounding argument out there to defend everything. Keep that in mind before falling for one argument too easily.

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mike-ray-mentzer-tn.jpg Mike & Ray Mentzer - In the Gym (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

Take care,

Matt Canning

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