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Victor Martinez "In the Trenches" (DVD) by MHP Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Victor Martinez "In the Trenches" (DVD) by MHP
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The DVD started off with a history of Victor Martinez' bodybuilding competitive record and moved on to an interview conducted by Dave Palumbo about MHP products and Victor explained what he liked about them. Dave is a pretty intelligent person when it comes to bodybuilding and everything that is related to training and nutrition.

Next, MHP did a brief ad for their TRAC EXTREME NO, and showed Victor making a shake with it and also working out in the gym. Victor swore by TRAC EXTREME NO and said it helped him with his preparations for the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest, when his carbohydrates were low. He said it helped him to sustain a pump throughout his workout.

Dave then talked with Victor about MHP's glutamine product and he said that he includes it as part of his workout routine. Personally, I don't care for glutamine and don't think it does much of anything for a bodybuilder and that the benefits are for things like immunity and general health. That said, I will need to analyze the specific formula that MHP uses before making any additional comments.


Victor started off with seated calf raises and Dave pointed out that a bodybuilder cannot increase the length of his calves, but can increase the width. This is physiologically correct, which is unfortunate for Victor because he has naturally high calves.

Victor and Dave agreed that higher reps is more beneficial for calves than lower reps with higher weight. The normal explanation for this is that the calves are used to carrying your body weight all day while walking around and therefore need higher reps since they are already accustomed to a lot of natural resistance.

The format of the DVD was such that Dave Palumbo continued to interview Victor Martinez as background commentary. As these interviews were ongoing, footage of Victor working out at the gym was continually shown.

Victor continued to train his calves and I admire him for doing so, although his high calves will always be a weak point and one which he will never be able to bring up due to genetic limitations. That is really one of his only major flaws, as he has an otherwise extremely competitive physique. His calves do show incredible width though, but are just too high.

Victor Martinez then discussed Cyclin GF by MHP with Dave Palumbo. Victor said he started using it 10 weeks before the Mr. Olympia contest. Victor said it worked very well for him for his physique development and also helped him to sleep better.

Victor went through with his legs workout and Dave interviewed him throughout.

Victor did leg presses on the non-angled leg press machine. Dave said he much prefers this machine over the 45 degree angle leg press machine.

Next, some stills from the 2006 Mr. Olympia were shown where Victor came third.

Victor Martinez talked about SARMX next with Dave Palumbo, another product from MHP.

While I think that Victor has an inredible physique, I have to say that he definitely has a problem with stomach distension, which is true of most pros his size. He has a great structure which huge flaring lats and full muscle bellies all over, but it will do him very well to be mindful of his stomach distension, because unlike his calves, that is one area where he can actually work on.

Victor continued with his workout and overall I am very impressed with his physique. I agree with Ronnie that he is Mr. Olympia potential due to having the combination of size and conditioning necessary to be extremely successful at the top of the professional ranks. That said, now that Dennis Wolf is around, I think he is a better candidate for the Mr. Olympia title than Victor, but I do believe they are both very close. I think the main advantage Dennis has over Victor is his tight midsection.

Victor did squats using 405 pounds and his gut was billowing out as he performed each rep. It was pretty bad, but quite normal amongst pros to have this flaw. He moved on to performing leg presses on the 35 degree angle leg press machine. Victor went on to perform more sets and appeared to be productive in his workout. Dave said that he got tired watching Victor's leg workout, and I can understand why he would, as Victor did appear to be pushing himself quite hard during it.

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MHP Victor Martinez Training (DVD) MHP Victor Martinez Training (DVD)
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