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Steroid-Encyclopaedia Salutes a Member's Before and After

"...weight is a real bitch with me because I've had HIV since I was four"

You MUST read this. And I'm sure when you do you will take your hat off to this guy, just like the rest of us... The before and after pics tell it all but read the text this member's own comments as well. Great job my friend !!!!

Before first cycle cycle.....last pics

Alright bros......just finished my first cycle.....didn't get much training in due to sickness.....but the weight gains were very beneficial to someone in my condition. the before and afters are amazing, cant wait to hit the next cycle with a full training regiment and really kick some ass!!!! Suggestions would of course be welcome and appreciated. Thanks for all your inspiration and comments up to this point, I couldnt have done it without you......

height 5'11
weight 169
bf unknown
three weeks of hcg left to go

deca 600 wk
test enathate 600 wk
dbol 3-5 tabs per day 6 weeks

thanks again bros

After first cycle - 1

how im doin......

Thanks for asking about my progress lately.....I've lost a few pounds, but that was expected.... lookin to do another cycle in a month or two. Ill be able to work out this time during the cycle because ive been getting better day by day.

I mentioned this before but in case anyone didnt know, weight is a real bitch with me because I've had HIV since I was four. And after a hell of a stressful year I think my body was getting ready to throw in the towel. If you saw the pics of me after I got back from New York City doing relief work you'll see what i mean. It was a close one. I started the cycle the day I got home from NYC and I and no one else can help but notice the difference.

I'm not big, but I think the health aspect of putting on the weight and getting me motivated really saved my ass, and i look better than I ever have. Just looking for about 15-20 more pounds and im all good. Looking forward for the first time in my life and things are looking good. Found a sweetheart of a girl, don't know what I was thinking putting up with my ex's shit for 5 years.....damn.....Getting back on my feet, had a hell of a new years eve in Boston.

And just to let you all know.....2002 is all mine, thats right, I frigin own it....But thank you all for everything, the advice, criticism, compliments, and questions. Ill definately be around checking up so check me out once in a while..........

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