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2000 IFBB Masters Olympia DVD Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews 2000 IFBB Masters Olympia DVD Review

2000 Masters Olympia DVD Invincible Vince Taylor breezed into Roanoke to capture another Masters' Mr. Olympia title, making it 4 in a row. BUY IT NOW 2000 Masters Olympia DVD



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2000 IFBB Masters Olympia
2000 NPC Championships

Roanoke, Virginia
15th July, 2000

NPC Championships
The Men

IFBB Masters Olympia

The Show
Posing & Awards

The DVD started off with a quick view of the full lineup. I have to say that these old chaps looked great! I would like to look at some of these guys at age 24, let alone at age 40 and beyond. I saw Jim Quinn in the lineup who was absolutely huge at about 6'0 or 6'1 and looking to be 270 or more. He was a beast. Lee Apperson was there and looking quite good and healthy at 6'2 and around 250.

The amateur contest was up first and it had its share of muscle and cuts. It was a strong lineup for amateurs masters competitors and being in any kind of shape at 40 or more is something to be proud of - with so many people letting themselves go. I really have no idea why the masters was ever cancelled. First off, they cancelled the option of qualifying for the Olympia through the masters contest which was completely ridiculous in my opinion. What had happened was Don Youngblood and Claude Groulx qualified for the show and went on to not do so hot at the Olympia. Shawn Ray eluded to something along the lines of competing with the young bucks would potentially embarass them. Well duh. I'm sure none of the masters competitors would ever show up on the Olympia stage expecting to win (now Ronnie Coleman is now over 40 and still winning, but that is another story). I would say that what the IFBB SHOULD have done would have been to allow the masters to remain as a qualifier for the Olympia. Why? Because tell me who has the most money to spend on magazines and supplements and changing their bodies? Do you think it's young bucks just taking on home and car ownership paying off student debt and working towards their future, or older guys with next to no living expenses (mortgage paid off) and are in a comfortable salaried position at work with tons of benefts - and as a result let themselves go and want to improve their bodies? My guess is that the baby boomers are the ones who can put the most money into bodybuilding. Why not have a show where the best older guys in the world go up on stage and show other guys their age that it can still be done? Sounds like a smart business model to me. People compete for the love of it, so huge prize money isn't needed and I think it's safe to say the expo would pay for itself. There will be a 2006 Masters World's championships and hopefully they give the top finisher an invitation to the Olympia. I think it would be very fitting.

The 2000 masters Olympia then begun.

Aivars Visockis

Aivars had some old man muscle - great density and hardness that obviously has been under construction for many years. I wish I had that kind of hardness, but muscle maturity takes time. He posed to "I will Survive" by Motley Crue.

Honore Cironte
Canary Islands

Honore was over 60 at the show and his age showed in his physique more than some of the other guys. His age was more advanced than most of the competitors that day. He looked good, especially for his class.

Hans Hopstaken

Hans had a very thick upper body and was incredibly striated and dense. One of the best upper bodies at the show. His most muscular pose was out of sight. Like I said - thick, thick, thick! Unfortunately, he passed away in 2002 of heart disease. On a message board I read that he was addicted to painkillers, but that may be just a rumour. I have no idea what his lifestyle was like - I only ever knew about him through the GMV masters DVDs.

2000 Masters Olympia (DVD) 2000 Masters Olympia (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

2001 Masters Olympia (DVD) 2001 Masters Olympia (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $34.95

Flavio Baccianini

The little big man. Lee Priest would tower over this guy standing at 5'4, because Flavio is only 4'10! Almost a foot shorter than me, and I am average height. His legs and calves were huge and shredded as were his delts and chest. He was thick for a little guy but too short to be a giant killer - usually these guys are around 5'4 to 5'6. Flavio used the same routine at this show as he did at the 2002 Masters.

2002 Masters Olympia (DVD) 2002 Masters Olympia (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $34.95

Vince Taylor

Vince posed to "Practice What You Preach" by Barry White. His posing was good while at the same time, somewhat predictable. He was huge and shredded for 43 going on 44 years of age and no doubt a strong Olympia competitor. Vince then posed robotically, also using "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem. His chest and arms were thick as can be. At 5'8 he was a quite stacked middle ager.

Vince Taylor DVD Vince Taylor - Getting Pumped (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $29.95

Robby Robinson

Robby is a legend in bodybuilding who seems to want to pretend his legacy never existed. He was 54 years old at this contest and almost looked as good as he ever did. Robby had the typical calves of a black bodybuilder - unlike Vince whose calves were huge. It is known that in bodybuilding black men have smaller calves and waists. It's just a genetic trait of that race. I might not be politically correct but at least I'm honest.

Katsumi Ishimura

Katsumi posed to the song "You're Gonna Love Me" (or at least that was the main part of the song. Sometimes these lyrics searches are incredibly hard because it is difficult to make anything out during the song. Katsumi looked good, but was a bit short which of course detracted from his shape a little bit.

Guido Conrad

Guido looked pretty thick with a wide back and low glutes-hamstrings tie-in. He had a wide frame and filled it up with muscle well. He also had a fairly natural looking tan. Guido posed to the song "I Try" by Macy Gray.

Scott Wilson

I remember seeing Scott in some old magazines I have which were from the 1980s. He looked good at this show at an older age and had very shredded delts and was even able to pull a vacuum! His calves weren't that big but had good separation. He had the classic "old man muscle" like a lot of the others at the show.

Stan Fridrych

This guy reminds me of an old juicer at my gym. As far as I know Stan was 50 give or take a few years at the time of this contest - could you imagine having a grandpa that looked like this guy? LOL. He was very thick and would be huge to see in person. I can't recall how tall he was compared to Don Youngblood who was 5'9, but I would guess Stan is probably around that height - once again, give or take a little. He had great vascularity and some crazy striations going on.

Emeric Delczeg

More old man muscle. A respectable showing and great inspiration to the young bucks.

Jim Quinn

This guy was 40 at the show??? Could have fooled me. He looked as big as ever and even facially looked far younger than his years. He was HUGE. His hair made him look in his twenties. He will be 46 this year and I wonder how he's doing? It would be cool to see if he's still into bodybuilding (training, juicing, etc). He was a beast. I'll tell you that much. Jim posed to "Rock and Roll Part 2" by Gary Glitter and the crowd really enjoyed his energy and vibrance.

Lee Apperson

Lee posed to "Back At One" by Mark Wills. I heard that Lee recently put something in his arms - either implants or oil. In either case, that was a horrible decision if it was indeed true. Sure, his arms weren't as huge as some, but they looked awesome! Who cares about winning some silly contest when you can look good if you don't? It's not like Lee would be making much money in bodybuilding. Plus he is 48 this year and 6'2 - if he hasn't packed enough dense muscle on his frame yet I don't think he will anytime soon. He looks great and hopefully the implants (if he does indeed have them), don't look too bad. He looked damn good at this show. Not the biggest guy around, but tall, handsome, and shredded as hell. That's what bodybuilding should be about - balance. Not just mass! Lee posed to "Dreams" by Van Halen.

Renato Somengi

Renato looked respectable and had some big calves from the front. The sign of big calves is when they look big from the front. He posed to "Nothing Else Matters Lyrics" by Metallica.

Danny Padilla

The original giant killer. Danny still looked to have held onto a lot of his prime mass at this contest. Very impressive. Danny also had fairly strong calves. He was a shorter guy and to me that is a flaw, but he did his best with the hand he was dealt, and that is what bodybuilding should be about.

Nicolae Giurgi

Big dude! He was along the lines of Jim Quinn in that he was tall and thick. Huge chest! His delts and arms were also huge to top off a great front lat spread. He was also another guy who looked young in the face and had a great hairline. More signs of youth (other than just the body), and certainly enough to impress some of the older fans in the crowd. Towards the end of Nicolae's routine he did the same posing he did during the 2002 masters. He hit a classic Arnold pose and pulled it off pretty well given that it is pretty hard to do. The final song he posed to sounded like "Life is Great."

Full Lineup

The entire group lined up and looked excellent. The top five was then called out. I don't know how Flavio made it into the top five (and eventually went on to beat Jim Quin!!) but I guess it was because the judges completely overlooked his height. They do that sometimes, and some other times they don't. I guess it depends how they feel on the day of the show.

The top five hit the mandatories:

  • Front Double Biceps.
  • Front Lat Spread.
  • Side Chest.
  • Side Triceps.
  • Back Double Biceps.
  • Back Lat Spread.
  • Abdominals and Thigh.

The group posed down to "You Got the Power" by Marc Bolan & T. Rex. Jim Quinn was ridiculously big and I would have possibly even seen him winning the show. I think Nicolae should have made the top five as well (he eventually finished sixth, so that wasn't too bad). I couldn't imagine seeing guys nearly twice my age looking this huge lol.

Katsumi Ishimura was announced as the over 60 champion:

Katsumi Ishimura
2000 IFBB
Masters Olympia Winner
(Over 60 Class)

Katsumi appeared to be a bit over 5'0.

Robby Robinson
2000 IFBB
Masters Olympia Winner
(Over 50 Class)

Jim Quinn was announced in fifth place and was presented with the award by a couple both taller than him. Of course they were wearing shoes, and the woman was wearing high heels! For the life of me I don't understand why naturally tall women would want to become even taller with heels in that so many women are self conscious about height. I would say Jim is probably about 6'0 1/2" and so he was probably the same height or taller than both those who presented him with the award without shoes. He is a beast, no doubt about that.

Vince Taylor
2000 IFBB
Masters Olympia Winner

Vince won the show for the fourth time! Very impressive.

Overall Review:

Here is yet another great little gem from GMV. And who would have been there to film it if not for GMV? That's right - no one. This was a strong lineup with some excellent old timers taking part. I would highly recommend you watch it, especially for those of you trying to turn back the clock.

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2000 Masters Olympia (DVD) 2000 Masters Olympia (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

Take care,

Matt Canning

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