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King Kamali "King of Pain" DVD Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews King Kamali "King of Pain" DVD Review

King Kamali - King of Pain (DVD) "The King of Pain" DVD chronicles one week in the life of top professional bodybuilder KING KAMALI during his off-season program. From the beginning to the end credits, you will experience the IFBB Terminator at his hardcore best. You will get inside of King's mind as he takes you through a journey to his own HELL! BUY IT NOW King Kamali - King of Pain (DVD)




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The DVD started out with some black and white shots of King training - they revealed King's intensity which was as high as ever. Immediately I should point out the photo quality of this DVD - it was quite high. The editing and camera work were first rate and this is definitely one video from a line of higher quality productions coming out today.

King walked into the gym as serious as a heart attack. He looked incredible and trained like crazy. King obviously has some plans for 2006 - probably the Spring shows. Hopefully he qualifies for the Mr. Olympia at one of those shows (maybe the New York Pro). King said the fans want to see how strong and intense he was and that's exactly what the DVD would show them. This was an offseason DVD, and both offseason and onseason DVDs have benefits. In the offseason DVDs, pros are a lot stronger, while in the onseason DVDs, pros are in better condition. In some freak instances, like for Ronnie Coleman, his strength doesn't vary from the offseason to the onseason. Ronnie Coleman did an 800 pound deadlift for two reps in a condition good enough to win him the Mr. Olympia (287 pounds - back in 2000 when he was so far ahead of the game that he didn't even CONSIDER coming in at that weight because it would have been so ludicrously ahead of the competition). Finally in 2003, with the advice of his nutritional consultant Chad Nicholls, Ronnie came in at 287 and shredded - people wrote that he gained 45 pounds of muscle that year (since 2002), but that is a load. He had that much muscle for years but just never presented it to the judges.

King Kamali Abs

Back on track, the DVD started off and King was training his triceps, doing skull crushers, starting off with one plate per side and going up from there. His form wasn't great, but it still takes a lot of strength to handle that kind of weight.

King did assisted dips next, and his triceps were looking large. His arms have decent size, but are not as big as some of his competition. If he had great peak or lightning bolt triceps, the relative lack of size wouldn't be an issue - but it's impossible to be competitive with arms both smaller than the competition as well as being less shapely. This is a known weak point for King, so hopefully he is working to bring them up. If he does the best with the genetics he has, he should do just fine in the pro ranks.

King did shrugs next, with relative ease during the warmup sets, before going heavy (very heavy). King went up to eight plates each side for shrugs (765 pounds). His range of motion was decent, as I doubt a lot of people would be able to even lift it off the rack to begin with. His reps illustrated his strength pretty clearly.

King Kamali Shrugs

Day 2 - Legs

King started out with leg extensions as a warmup. He went on to squatting on the Smith machine starting with 315 pounds which he handled with ease. He quickly upped the weight to 495 which he also handled with well training with high intensity. However, the camera angles were in a few different places during this set and for all I know, the weight could have been changed during some of the reps. Heiko Kallbach did this in his DVD when he squatted over 700 pounds as well. Greg Kovacs changed the weight of an incline bench press set that he did during his video from 585 to 495. Pros sometimes do this to look stronger. The only legit way to film a lift is to keep the angle dead on through the whole set. Although I doubt King would have a need to do a fake set using 495. King went on to do 675 next. He screamed out "light weight!" ALA Ronnie Coleman before doing the set. Next King went on to do hack squats to work on the sweep of his thighs. King said that 2005 was the first year he started to do hack squats. He started with five plates per side (450 total).

King Kamali Smith Machine Squats

Next King said "Let this be a lesson learned to all you little punks out there" that his training partner junior was out there puking and busting his balls while the rest of us butt fuckers are out there drinking and getting fucked up, while junior is training with a pro bodybuilder.

I have to admire the intensity of the guy King was training with - he was a high school senior and was pushing himself harder in his set of hack squats than most pro bodybuilders I've seen training (and I've seen pretty much all of them training). He had such a hard set it almost looked like he was dying after the fact. And he puked like a firehose after the set was done while "It's a Wonderful World" played. Nice choice of music, LOL! I have to say, while I would never recommend pushing yourself to the point where you puke, I do admire the intensity he put himself through - a lot of people don't even have the willpower required to push themselves that hard to begin with. The kid also looked to have really good size for a high school senior.

Junior Puking in King Kamali

Day 3
Chest, Hamstrings

At this point in the review, I should mention King's overall condition during the shoot. He was 291 pounds with abs at a height of 5'10. He looked ok, but he doesn't look like Jay Cutler at the same weight at 5'9. For one, his abs weren't as shredded, and secondly, King holds more water than Cutler. His muscles were softer than Jay's would be at that weight. His body fat was no doubt quite low, but it isn't just a matter of body fat and weight to create a certain look - everyone looks different. King at 290 in the offseason will look different than Jay at 290 in the offseason. But King didn't look too bad, and the fatass comments going around the message boards aren't totally justified. I think they just like ripping on King because he had a bad attitude during his rookie year, and he only did that to get his name noticed from what I can gather.

King started off with a warmup set using 100 pound dumbbells for flat presses. At first it seemed as if he was no stronger than me, but I was pretty sure this wasn't the case. The 100 pound dumbbells were just a warmup and he quit way before failure. He went on to the 125s next. He did 13 reps with a limited range of motion - this was his first set after a warmup. To put things into perspective, I am the kind of skinny geek King is always getting pissed off about and I do 120s for three on my final set using a full range of motion. But my max bench using IPF rules was 280 - I've done 305 or 315 using "gym form" where not as much control is used. My guess is King could bench press 400-500 pounds for a single using gym form. According to his muscletech profile, he can bench 585. Seems like a crock to me. Also, to clarify, I don't know if King has a problem with me or not. On the boards, I'm usually pretty level and reasonable with my comments about him, good or bad. I think he has a great deal of potential and enough skill to qualify for the Olympia again. Hell, he's only turning 34 this year, that's really not all that old.

King Kamali Dumbbell Bench Press

King went on to use the 150s next for eight partial reps (well...full reps by bodybuilding standards, but as you can see in the pics, the IPF or other organizations would not approve of a rep with limited range of motion like that). Again, I felt I could have done that same set with him, rep by rep, using the same range of motion. The thing is though, as intense as he appeared in the DVD, I think he honestly could have done eight FULL reps, or maybe more. He sounded intense, but he seemed to quit before his muscles looked tired. The pictures posted indicate the range of motion King used - while he went all the way to the top, he didn't go all the way to the bottom. He did the 100 pound dumbbells again, for 100 reps, to cool down.

King said a few words about dumbbell incline flyes before going on to do a set using the 110s. They key with this exercise is to make like you're hugging a bear or hugging a tree - don't bend your elbows until you absolutely must. King seemed to bend them prematurely, so overall I'd have to say his form was not too great, BUT, that is typical of pro bodybuilders, and he was still very strong, because even using the 110s with piss poor form is an indication of good strength - not to say King's form was that bad, but it wasn't textbook perfect like that of Dorian Yates either. King did some more sets too, and continued to impress me with his intensity. It looked like his blood pressure was shooting through the roof, as is normal for extreme intensity workouts. He was turning beat red and his eyes were almost popping out of his face. While they say high blood pressure does not manifest many (if any) physical symptoms, quite clearly it does increase during workouts, and therefore I doubt it was a coincidence that he went so red - I'm sure it was a direct cause of his intensity = high blood pressure. He was pushing himself so hard at times that I wouldn't have been surprised if his nose started to bleed. The dumbbell dropped to the ground in slow motion, which showed the high production values of the DVD.

Next King went on to do cable flyes using what looked to be the whole stack or most to it - pretty impressive and this time his form was pretty well bang on. His intensity was high and he was quite literally training like an animal. If he got into a fight with that kind of intensity, what you would see is pure rage.

King Kamali Cable Crossovers

King did some single legged hamstrings curls next, and he was still looking as intense as ever during a warmup set. Maybe this is just to prep himself mentally for the sets coming up, or maybe it's that he overdoes the intensity act. Not sure which one. King does strike me as consistently intense though.

King Kamali Lying Leg Curls

King did seated hamstrings curls next with more high intensity.

King went into the massage spa with the song "Jamming" playing in the background. Seems like a song created to listen to when smoking a blunt as far as I can tell. King said that massage therapy is generally enjoyable for people, but for King it is torturous. Makes sense since he has a lot of muscle mass to get massaged.

After the massage, King went to a restaurant and ordered steamed chicken and white rice. I would have expected brown rice since it seems like to be more popular among bodybuilders.

King went to the chiropractor next and he seemed pleased with the service.

Day 4 - Backs, Biceps, Calves, Abs

King started off with one armed tbar rows next. He started off with five plates and did six plates next. His strength impressed me here because his form was good and this was one arm. He added another plate next and did the set with ease - at least as much ease as is possible for a balls to the wall set - I guess a more appropriate way to say it is that he did the set full of confidence and controlled the weight well throughout the motion. He claimed to have done 300 pound dumbbell rows before and I never believed it because I can't imagine a dumbbell that heavy even existing to begin with - but after seeing his set I now realize that it's possible he did use that much weight. If not, I'm sure he could row well over 200 pound dumbbells. I think his back is strong in rowing lifts from what I can tell from the DVD.

King Kamali T-Bar Rows

He did lat pulldowns next using the whole stack as well as a 45 pound plate attached. He also did pulldowns using individual handles. He was strong and intense as always.

King Kamali Lat Pulldowns


King did standing curls with the straight bar next, but the amount of weight wasn't shown on the first set. For the second set, he did 145 pounds. He was strong, but no Ronnie Coleman or Bertil Fox in my opinion - still pretty strong. Next King did 77 reps using the cambered bar for standing curls. I didn't catch the weight but it looked like a fair amount of it; 70-100 pounds which is great for a 77-rep set. I might go do this exercise myself since it seems like a good one for intensity. He had rest in between each set before he would rep out with the barbell. If he did two reps, he would get two seconds of rest, and if he did seven reps, he had seven seconds between sets - going up to the 77 required reps for the set. He went on to do cable curls next and use a lot of weight for his sets - the whole stack. Everything King did in this DVD was heavy. He is obviously no Ronnie Coleman as I mentioned before, but strong for a pro bodybuilder.

King Kamali Curls

King did barbell wrist curls for his forearms, and standing calf raises for his calves. He should have done mroe wrist curls in my opinion - as his forearms are a weak point on his physique. If he works to bring this area up as well as make other general refinements, I can see him qualifying for the Olympia again, which puts him at world class - I doubt he would ever win the Olympia - that I'm pretty confident in, but making the top 10 is a possibility from what I can see.

For abs, King said he keeps workouts light during the offseason because he doesn't want to thicken the abdominals too much. He did ab crunches with a floor contraption which allows you to lift with your arms strength but crunch with your abs.

At the end of the DVD, some footage was shown of King throughout the training we had just seen. It highlighted his intensity and he is quite clearly a very hungry pro. He has some genetic limitations which I will speak about in the overall review, but I think he has a great deal of potential.

Overall Review:

This was a good DVD to see how King trains in the offseason with the intensity he uses. I was impressed. I didn't much like the part where he called the viewers butt fuckers, since he is kind of displacing his annoyance by saying that. The people buying the DVD are his FANS, the geeks on the message boards who talk shit about him all the time will not be buying the DVD. If they don't like him, I don't see why they would buy his work. The reality is, there are butt fuckers out there, but I don't imagine the people King had in mind when he said that were the same people watching the DVD. Another point is that King has grown up a lot since his rookie year, and I didn't expect that in 2005 he would still be showing any of the insecurities he had at the time of the 2002 Battle for the Olympia DVD. Why the hell he gives a rat's ass about what some computer commandos on message boards say about him is beyond me - unless they were in the top 10 in the WORLD at the time of that video, King is the better bodybuilder than they are - so why does he care? If I am more successful than someone at something, I won't care if they bash me in that area - it makes no sense to concern myself with non contructive criticisms coming from people below me - hell, criticisms like that are useless in general, no matter who they come from. In any case, this is a good DVD to see how King trains and get an idea of how hungry he is. I was impressed.

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King Kamali - King of Pain (DVD)
Retail Price: $44.95 Our Price: $34.95

Take care,

Matt Canning

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