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Jorge Betancourt Teen Wonderboy DVD Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Reviews of Bodybuilding DVDs by Jorge Betancourt Teen Wonderboy DVD

Jorge Betancourt

The DVD started off with some posing by Jorge. He looked very sharp and it was amazing he was only a teenager at the time of the shoot. He had great muscularity and huge flaring lats which popped out during the front double biceps and front lat spread poses.

Jorge introduced the video as his four day workout. Jorge said he eats his first meal when he wakes up at 6:30AM which consists of a can of tuna, plenty of rice, a banana, and some juice, before heading to the gym.

Day 1:


Jorge started off with lying hamstrings curls. The DVD was narrated to explain the form for each exercise. Jorge performed the exercises with good form. Jorge went on to standing leg curls. Four sets of 8-12 repetitions were recommended. Jorge performed stiff legged deadlifts as well.


Jorge performed standing calf raises on the calf machine and then went on to perform seated calf raises. Proper form was again being explained with each exercise, as well as recommended set and rep schemes.


Jorge took his shirt off and performed military presses to the rear on the Smith Machine. He displayed great size, especially for a teenager. Jorge then performed the same movement to the front for the front head of the shoulders. After the front presses, Jorge did dumbbell side lateral raises followed by bent over side lateral raises. Proper technique was explained as Jorge performed the set.


Jorge performed leg extensions with good form and the narrator said that Jorge likes to start off with this exercise before moving on to other exercises so that his knees get warmed up. Jorge did squats next, going below parallel for each rep. He then did hack squats. Jorge did a set of leg extensions next.


Jorge performed barbell shrugs to the front and followed it up with upright rows.


Jorge performed incline situps where 40-60 repetitions were recommended. Jorge also likes to perform cardio exercise on the treadmill to burn off body fat.

Day 3:


Jorge started off with the flat barbell press and performed each rep with great form. His chest was one of his best body parts, and especially exceptional given his age. Jorge performed incline bench presses next. He wore a weight belt during his bench presses. He went on to perform decline bench presses next. He did dumbbell flies next on the flat bench press. 15-25 reps were recommended for this movement.


Jorge performed alternating dumbbell curls and barbell curls. He had great arms to go along with his great chest. Jorge did preacher cable curls next.


Jorge performed wrist curls followed by reverse barbell wrist curls. Once again, proper form was used and a set and rep scheme was recommended.


Jorge performed calf presses on the leg press machine and followed these up with donkey calf raises.

Day 4:


Jorge began with lat pulldowns to the front. His physique continued to impress. He was indeed a teen wonderboy. Jorge then performed pulldowns to the rear. Jorge then hit one of my favourite exercises: t-bar rows. These are great for overall mass for the back as explained in the DVD - especially the mid back. Jorge hit seated cable rows next for the inner back and looked very thick performing this exercise. Jorge did lower back extensions (hyperextensions) next with 12-20 reps recommended. Hyperextensions are another great exercise.


Jorge did triceps pulldowns to start off with using the medium sized v-bar. He hit lying triceps extensions next (skullcrushers). He did single arm triceps extensions.


Back to abs again, Jorge did leg lifts for the abs with the proper technique explained (this exercise hits lower abs). 25-30 reps were recommended. Jorge once again hit the cardio machine after abs (in this case, the treadmill).

Jorge did some outside posing next for the camera and had huge flaring lats and a thick chest. He looked every bit the classical sculpture and one has to wonder where he would be today if he had pursued competitive bodybuilding. I don't think I have ever seen a chest as impressive on a teenage competitor.

Overall Review:

This was a great DVD if you are interested in an instructional DVD to teach you proper technique and form and to recommend some great exercises to develop mass and strength. Also, if you are impressed by the genetic elite of bodybuilding, this video is also for you. It's quite impressive how far Jorge had already progressed as a teenager with only five years of training under his belt. He has recently re-entered the competitive scene so hopefully we will hear more about him soon.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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