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Jonathan Lawson Workout DVD Review (Biceps, Triceps, Pecs & Back) Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Reviews of Bodybuilding DVDs by Jonathan Lawson Workout DVD Review (Biceps, Triceps, Pecs & Back)

Jonathan Lawson
Personal Workout
Chest, Biceps, Upper Back & Triceps

The DVD started off with various workout scenes from the DVD.

Jonathan introduced the DVD's training schedule and he emphasized the importance of correct form in training.

Upper Back

Jonathan started off with t-bar rows and explained that they were used to develop the upper and middle back. Jonathan went over proper form and explained what to do during every portion of the exercise. Right off the bat I knew this would be a very instructional DVD perfect for beginner and intermediate bodybuilders as well as advanced trainees wishing to improve on their form, as Jonathan performed each exercise with textbook perfect form.

Next up, Jonathan performed seated cable rows and once again went over the proper form and control of the exercise. He warned against ego lifting (when a person uses too much weight to show off and doesn't focus on form). If you ego lift, your gains will be less than they would be if using proper form 100% of the time.

Jonathan then did reverse flies for the mid back which looked to be just like bent over lateral raises for shoulders, but you bend your arms more for this exercise. Jonathan did some flexing to show which muscle groups were being worked for each exercise and you could tell he was in great condition. He has a physique which is actually attainable to a lot of people through hard work hard work in the gym and great nutrition. This is much unlike the juiced up pros today who nobody would be able to look like without eating 6-10 times a day, taking mass quantities of steroids, growth hormone, insulin, etc.


Jonathan started out his chest workout with flat bench presses. He started off with one plate per side (135 pounds) to show the proper technique. He quickly went up to two plates per side (225 pounds) which he did for eight good, clean reps. He flexed his chest after his chest and it looked solid and in good condition. I feel that with enough effort I could eventually obtain a physique like Jonathan's.

Jonathan's next exercise was incline dumbbell flies - another good exercise for the chest, specifically the upper chest. He explained the technique of the exercise and performed each rep with great form. Once again, the instructional nature of this DVD shined.

Jonathan hit cable flies next on the flat bench, which is a similar exercise to the fly movement with dumbbell except that with cables, tension is on the muscles throughout the entire range of motion and you can't pause for a break as you can at the top of the range of motion with dumbbells.

Jonathan went on to perform Smith Machine bench presses for a couple of sets with textbook form, explaining the you will feel this exercise in the upper chest if you hit it right. He hit a most muscular pose after his second set and was looking shredded.


Jonathan began his triceps workout with cable pressdowns using the short V-bar. His triceps were like lightning bolts which proves that you can show great muscular definition without being contest shredded (as well it is a whole lot healthier). Jonathan's physique was quite ideal.

Next up, Jonathan performed skull crushers, explaining that what you want to do is focus on good form and avoid crushing the skull.

Next Jonathan performed dumbbell extensions using one dumbbell and both of his arms. Jonathan said you will feel this exercise working the triceps if performed properly. There are many people out there these days who do not perform exercises properly and either lift with their egos or just don't care about doing it properly.

Jonathan went on to perform dips saying not to lean forward too much or that you will work your chest more than your triceps and not to go down to deep because you may hurt your shoulders. Jonathan's muscularity was displayed well during this exercise. He was at a level of body fat around 6-8% which is something a person can maintain with good health year round without fear of being too depleted of fat. Bodybuilding is about appearance but should also be about health. Jonathan looked quite healthy.


Jonathan began his biceps workout with incline curls. He explained not to swing the dumbbells at all and not to push your elbows up as you're curling. Jonathan flexed his right biceps after the set was complete and before moving on to another set. Jonathan hit a front double biceps pose after his second set.

Jonathan did concentration curls next explaining proper form throughout the reps. Jonathan flexed his right biceps again after the set before moving on to another set of the same exercise.

Next Jonathan performed double arm cable curls and explained the form during his first set. He went on to do one more set of this exercise.

Once again Jonathan explained the importance of proper form and said that to get good results you have to keep going to the gym and training hard.

Jonathan hit some poses outside next and the credits rolled.

Jonathan's contact information was also provided:

Repetrope Productions
P.O. Box 3143
Tampa, FL 33601

Overall Review:

Overall, this was a great DVD for instruction. If you are wishing to learn proper technique and form, this DVD is for you. Jonathan was very good at explaining proper form but didn't come across with as much charisma as I had expected. The DVD was also short (30 minutes), but did cover the topics within quite well.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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