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Johnnie O. Jackson All American Workout DVD - Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Johnnie O. Jackson All American Workout DVD - Review



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The DVD starts off with some posing footage of Johnnie. He looks fantastic. The production values of the DVD look very good from the intro - the DVD was produced by Bodybuilders should take note of that link and give some consideration to allowing the people at to produce a DVD for them. It might be worth their while.

The DVD features some photos of Johnnie's contest history - the first is the 1999 NPC Junior Nationals where he was the Light Heavyweight Champion. He was then the 2001 NPC USA Light Heavyweight Champion, and received the same standing at the 2001 NPC Nationals where he also earned the overall title and his pro card.

This DVD production includes Johnnie's actual training footage sessions in October and November, 2001, as he prepared for the 2001 NPC Nationals in Atlanta.

Weight training sequences in this presentation filmed at:

Stroud's Fitness
Hurst, Texas

Day One: Back
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Johnnie starts off his back workout with a set of chinups. He says he likes this exercise because it really works on the details and gives a nice V-taper (wide back with a small waist). He performs the exercise with straps and says he normally performs four sets of 15 reps as a warmup exercise leading up to other exercises for his back workout. Johnnie's back is definitely a knockout, so paying close attention to his back workout may turn valuable to you.

Johnnie moves on to deadlifts next. He says he loves the exercise and it has enhanced his back and his physique tremendously over the past two or three years. He states that his back thickness has increased with this exercise. He says he also likes this exercise because he is a powerlifter. Johnnie does 495 pounds for five reps and follows that up with 675 for three reps. This works out to a one rep max of 736 pounds, although he has lifted over 800 in powerlifting meets (and at a bodyweight of under 230 pounds - pound for pound this is very impressive).

Johnnie O. Jackson Deadlifts

Johnnie then went on to do seated cable rows where he says he normally supersets them with t-bar rows with about a minute rest between supersets. The DVD showed Johnnie doing his supersets with the cable rows and the t-bars, and he was looking very thick and strong.

Next Johnnie did behind the neck pulldowns. Johnnie said that in the interest of safety you shouldn't touch the bottom of your neck with the bar, but to bring the bar down to parallel with your upper arms and no further. He said the most important aspect of this exercise is the stretch. It showed Johnnie performing the exercise in slow motion and his back was looking extremely thick - definitely among the best backs on the scene today.

After his back workout is complete, the DVD features some of Johnnie O. Jackson's posing. He performs the following poses:

  • Rear Double Biceps.
  • Rear Lat Spread.

Johnnie O. Jackson Rear Lat Spread

He hit both of those poses two times each.

Day Two: Chest and Biceps
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Johnnie starts off his chest workout with heavy bench presses doing five sets of five reps. Johnnie does not just bounce the weight off his chest, but pauses the weight at the bottom for a second to maximize the pump and muscle breakdown. He next does 425 pounds for two reps which are shown, and probably more than that. He does that heavy set without a shirt on and his chest was looking as thick as anything. Johnnie's chest is definitely among the best in the history of bodybuilding, among Dennis James, Arnold, Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, and Markus Ruhl. Johnnie ends his chest workout repping out with 315 pounds on the bench press.

Next Johnnie does floor presses and uses heavy weights - 315 pounds for reps. Johnnie then does telephone book presses (where he puts a telephone book on his chest), and he says this helps him work on his sticking points. He does 365 for four reps.

For Johnnie's next exercise, he does incline dumbbell presses where he pumps out reps with 115 pounds with no problem at all. Then he grabs the 125s for reps. He says he likes to do three sets of eight reps as heavy as he possibly can.

Johnnie O. Jackson Dumbbell Incline Presses for Chest

Johnnie likes to finish his chest workout with dips superset with pushups - definitely a good way to pump blood into the muscles. Johnnie also does seated cable crossovers in this superset, and does this finishing portion of his workout without a shirt on - his chest looks incredible as usual. Johnnie says he likes these supersets to maximize his pump and muscle breakdown so that when his chest recovers it recovers bigger and stronger.

Once again, Johnnie hits some poses:

  • Left Side Chest.
  • Hands Clasped Most Muscular.
  • Hands on Hips Most Muscular.
  • Traditional Most Muscular.
  • Front Double Biceps.
  • Hands Behind Back Most Muscular.
  • Front Triceps Posing.
  • Right Side Chest.
  • Front Lat Spread.

Then we are off to see Johnnie's biceps workout:

Johnnie starts off with seated alternate dumbbell curls. He says that biceps training is among his least favourite. Next Johnnie does rope curls and cambered bar (EZ bar) standing curls. What you will notice in the DVD is that Johnnie uses fast, explosive reps for all of his exercises. His methods seem closer to that of a powerlifter than what you see from most bodybuilders which explains why he is so incredibly strong. Johnnie also performs "one and a half" curls for his arms with the cambered EZ curl bar.

Johnnie O. Jackson Biceps Curls

Following Johnnie's superset of dumbbell curls, cable curls, and preacher curls, Johnnie does preacher curls with the curl machine and hammer curls.

After his biceps workout is complete, Johnnie hits some biceps poses showing his development. He hits some poses without his shirt on from the back, both single arm and double arms. It also shows some of Johnnie's posing outside.

Johnnie O. Jackson Biceps Posing

Day Three: Shoulders and Triceps
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Johnnie starts off with military dumbbell presses. He goes up to over 100 pound dumbbell for reps and handles the weight with ease (as he does with all of his movements). He does 10 reps with 110 pound dumbbells. Johnnie then performs upright rows for his shoulders and traps. He performs the upright rows with the olympic bar and does shrugs behind the back with a small straight bar. Hitting shrugs from the rear only makes sense logistically because the traps themselves are situated on the rear.

To work his side deltoids, Johnnie does side cable delt raises. He says he generally does three sets of 15 reps on this exercise. He also does front cable raises for the same number of reps. Front and side cable raises (or any exercises on the cable for that matter) are good ones because it keeps tension on the muscle continuously throughout the range of motion.

Johnnie follows up his shoulder workout with some posing. Hitting some front, back, and side poses, both inside and outside.

For triceps, Johnnie performs triceps kickbacks for reps as well as rope pulls while lying on the bench (cable skull crushers). Johnnie also performs cable triceps pushdowns for his triceps to squeeze his triceps and get blood into the muscle. His triceps are full and striated as you can see while he is doing reps with the pushdowns. Johnnie ends up using most of the weight stack for his skull crushers. He finishes his triceps work up with machine hammer curls and some triceps posing footage is shown.

Johnnie O. Jackson Triceps Pushdowns

Day Four: Legs
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Johnnie starts off his legs workout with heavy squats. He says he usually goes beyond parallel to gain as much as as he possibly can in his quads, and he says the exercise also helps him put on mass on his hamstrings. He says he does five sets of five reps - definitely sounds more along the lines of power training than bodybuilding.

Johnnie O. Jackson Squats

Next for Johnnie is the leg press where he says he does four sets of 20 reps. Johnnie gives some safety tips to help with the leg press exercise. Johnnie ends up going up to over 11 plates per side on the leg press, with one of those plates looking like a 100 pound plate. He ends up getting 25 reps with this weight.

Johnnie O. Jackson Leg Press

After performing leg presses, Johnnie goes into leg curls. Following the leg curls, Johnnie does body weight lunges around the gym then back to leg curls (for hamstrings).

Johnnie then does his calves workout - where he does donkey calf raises. He explains that he likes to do four sets of 20 reps. After his legs workout is complete, Johnnie hits some poses including a front double biceps and front lat spread, as well as some side poses showing off his thickness and his massive legs. He also hits some back poses and a most muscular (looking fantastic).

Johnnie's Photo Album
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Pictures of Johnnie in past contests are shown including the 1997 NPC Southwest Naturals, 1998 NPC Texas, 1999 NPC Junior Nationals, 1999 NPC Nationals, as well as pictures from the summer of 2000, 2000 NPC USA, June 2001, 2001 NPC USA, July 2001, October 2001, and the 2001 NPC Nationals. It also showed Johnnie guest posing at the 2001 NPC Red River.

CLICK HERE for photos from this DVD!

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This DVD was a good DVD along with Johnnie O. Jackson's sequel DVD - All American Workout - THE NEXT LEVEL. This DVD was very instructional and informative and Johnnie has definitely produced a good DVD for all levels of bodybuilders - beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainees. Everyone can learn a lot from this DVD and Johnnie's instruction. Johnnie's impressive strength is also showcased throughout. Definitely a good addition to any bodybuilding video collection.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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Johnnie Jackson - All American Workout (DVD)

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.95


You've seen Johnnie Jackson's photos all over the internet and in dozens of magazine ads and articles. He's one of the hottest IFBB pros on the circuit today.

Johnnie's road to the top was paved with a lot of intense training and careful dieting. He not only won his class (light heavyweight) at the 2001 NPC Nationals. Johnnie also won the overall title!

This production, available for the first time ever on DVD, chronicles four of Johnnie's actual workouts during the weeks leading up to his stunning NPC Nationals victory. What you'll see is both inspirational and instructive, as Johnnie narrates and explains the workout footage. You'll also see him posing at the gym, at his home, and at a regional NPC show in Oklahoma.

Approximately 60 minutes.

CLICK HERE to see a sample clip from the video.
(Requires RealOne Player)

Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.95


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