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Review of Gold's Gym

Overview: Gold's Gym is a fitness franchise that has been around since 1965. They have 650 locations worldwide. Each gym offers state-of-the-art fitness and strength training equipment. They also provide many other amenities such as child care, rehab, massage, physical therapy, sauna, steam room, pilates, aerobics classes, yoga, free weights, and more. Each individual gym may have different amenities. They offer group fitness programs and also personal training. They provide two complimentary sessions with a certified personal trainer who will also give general guidelines about nutrition.

Goals of the Members: They will help you create a fitness plan for your individual goals and lifestyle. Goals may include improving performance in a particular sport, weight loss and toning, or gaining muscle mass. Any health goal that you have will apply.

Cost: Online memberships start at 29.95 for a three month trial. This does not include access to a gym. Gym memberships can range from $35 - $45 per month for an individual membership. Discounts are given if two people from the same family join. Up front fees are anywhere from $50 - $100.

Time Needed: Each gym is open seven days a week during hours convenient for even the most hectic schedules. The time that you need to work out will depend on your individual fitness goals.

Gender and Age Group: Age 13 and up, both men and women.

Motivation: They offer a great contest called the $500,000 Gold's Gym Challenge. Anyone across the U.S. and some parts of Canada can enter and you don?t have to be a member of Gold's Gym. It's a 12-week contest that starts from January to April of each year.

Fitness Strategies: Gold's gym offers all fitness strategies, from strength training and aerobics to yoga and cardio boxing.

Risk of Injury: If you listen to instructions of the trainers, you have limited risk of injury.

Nutritional Information: Gold's gym offer nutrition planning tools and information and articles on nutrition, sports, fitness, weight loss and many other health topics on their web site. At their physical locations, they also offer complimentary sessions with certified personal trainers who will give you general nutritional information.

Contact Info:
To find a location nearest you, check out their web site at:


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