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Flex Wheeler - Mass Construction (DVD) Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Flex Wheeler - Mass Construction (DVD)

Flex Wheeler - Mass Construction (DVD) You saw it all in the first video, Hardbody. Now check out the incredible sequel - Mass Construction! Shot just 2 days after the 1996 Mr. Olympia, this is the Flex Wheeler you've always wanted to see--huge, ripped, and stronger than hell! With the contest over, Flex loaded up on his favorite training foods (pizza and cheeseburgers) and hit the gym looking round, pumped and super vascular. At 250 pounds of full, rock solid muscle, Flex takes you through three days of gut busting training with eye-popping intensity and sickeningly heavy weights. BUY IT NOW Flex Wheeler - Mass Construction (DVD)




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At the beginning of the DVD, Flex went over his early contest history.

He arrived at the gym in a fancy car and was looking huge in a low cut t-shirt and shorts.

Flex Wheeler Age 18

Day One: Legs

Flex was full of cockiness and said he was going to put all the rumours to rest that he's been using light weights. He started off with single leg extensions and followed this up with vertical leg presses. I have to say that his intensity was much greater than it was in his previous DVD, "Hardbody". His training intensity was quite low in that DVD and his attitude seemed like one of a slacker. You could make the excuse that Flex was only a few days away from the 1993 Mr. Olympia Contest and therefore it wasn't possible for Flex to train with high intensity in a depleted state. At one point in that DVD, Flex said that he and his posse may joke around in the gym, but they are dead serious on stage. To me that is exactly the opposite of what he should be saying. Next Flex moved on to angled leg presses. Flex did seven plates per side on the leg press plus the weight of Mr. California for eight reps (about 900 pounds plus the weight of the sled). For the next set he upped the weight to 1295 pounds. He followed that up with single leg presses which he did for reps. He claimed his waist was 28 inches in the DVD. I'm unsure if this is the truth or not, but his waist was pretty small so I can believe it.

Flex Wheeler 1295 Pound Leg Presses

Flex's size and conditioning in this DVD were both very impressive. Also, Flex was displaying a good deal of hardness, something which Flex was never really known for. Flex was a genetic freak of shape and symmetry, but not so much for hardness or conditioning.

His next exercise was reverse hack squats with five plates per side (450 pounds in total).


Flex moved on to lying leg curls next for hamstrings before hitting single leg curls for the hamstrings. Both of these are excellent exercises for the hamstrings I might add. Flex's final exercise for the hamstrings was standing stiff legged deadlifts. Flex went up to three plates per side (315 pounds) for this exercise.

Some brief contest footage was shown and next Flex Wheeler showed off his car while wearing a great outfit (form fitting tight black t-shirt and jeans). He looked awesome. Not like a lot of these pro bodybuilders who are to big to the point where they look gross. He looked very good. Flex said that his first contest was the 1983 AAU Mr. Fresno, and some footage from it was shown. Flex went on and continued to speak about his contest history. He thought his success in 1993 was a fluke, but this turned out to not be the case when he won multiple pro shows that same year.

Flex Wheeler in a Tight Shirt and Jeans

Day Two: Biceps/Triceps Supersets.

Flex started out with cable pushdowns for his triceps. Flex was wearing a weight belt for his workout and superset the pushdowns with standing barbell curls with the cambered bar. I'm not entirely sure of the specific benefit of doing supersets with two separate muscle groups, but exercise is all good and all for you, and definitely not an exact science as some make it out to be. Flex did hammer strength machine curls next, and exercise Dorian Yates swore by (in reality, as I've said more than once, the only thing Dorian Yates should have sworn by was lots of drugs. Selling BS routines in magazines only sells false promises. It's impossible to look like Dorian with superhuman genetics and lots of drugs - not to mention complete dedication to bodybuilding. Flex then did hammer strength machine dips as a superset with the hammer curls. Flex was training without his shirt on and was looking great. You could just tell how happy he was to look as he did. He really got a kick out of his physique.

Flex Wheeler No Shirt

Next Flex Wheeler spoke about his car crash story. Flex broke his neck in two different places and still bounced back to compete and win.

Day Three: Shoulders/Chest

Flex pulled up with another fancy car. This was typical of him and he said he brought both cars that day (with somebody else driving the other one). This was the reason why Flex wasn't in the greatest financial state when his health began to suffer later in his career. Flex should have spent more time on sound financial planning rather than fancy souped up cars. At one point he apparently had 16 cars to his name. This seems completely unncessary to me and is more how an actor or celebrity would spend money, and not a bodybuilder.

Flex Wheeler's Fancy Car

Flex Wheeler

Flex started off with dumbbell side lateral raises and then moved on to behind the neck barbell presses. His next exercise was upright rows and he followed that up with rear delt machine flyes, going up to 170 for reps.

Once his shoulder workout was complete, Flex move on to chest, starting off with incline barbell presses. His next exercise was incline dumbbell flyes. His physique and intensity levels were impressive and the weights he was using were respectable as well - at least when compared to the weights he used in Hardbody. That having been said, the weight a bodybuilder uses is pretty much irrelevant because all that matters is how they look and Flex looked fantastic. Flex moved on to hammer strength incline presses which he did for some fast and hard reps. His intensity remained impressive again. The camera quality and angle was very good in this scene as was the lighting which really highlighed the striations in his chest. He did five plats per size which maxed out the machine and one of the plates fell off when he finished his set. He moved into the gym to perform cable crossovers. He was showing excellent density and hardness during this set, more than I had ever seen of Flex before. It must be truly incredible to train while using steroids and with such an incredible genetic response to them.

Next Flex gave a tour of his spacious home. It was very big and clean. Next up, Shawn Ray showed up to Flex's home, and he joked around that Shawn beat him at the Mr. Olympia by placing second. The music and overall quality of this segment was very good.

Shawn Ray

Day Four: Back

Flex Wheeler named names of many bodybuilders and said he wasn't trying to get a back like theres because he's too tall for that. I didn't quite understand what he meant by that because Flex was only 5'10 and 1/4. Not short by any means, but certainly not extremly tall. I think he meant that he has a natural lanky structure, even at his height, so building a back is different for him than it is for other pros.

Flex started off his workout with cable rows using the long bar and followed it up with supported t-bar rows. I prefer normal t-bar rows or corner t-bar rows the way that Ronnie COleman did them in his 2005 DVD "On the Road". Flex next did the hammer strength machine low rows for his back and his back was dense and shredded from top to bottom. He definitely had some incredible shape and definition in his back. Flex did one arm dumbbell rows next and once again had some crazy intensity with every set. I remained impressed.

Flex Wheeler Dumbbell Rows

Some brief contest footage was shown once again after the back workout was complete and next up Flex was on screen again to say a few inspirational words, telling the audience to believe in themselves and saying that 1997 would be the best year ever for him.

Next up the credits rolled and with that the DVD was concluded.

Overall Review:

I felt this DVD was vastly superior to the Flex Wheeler Hardbody DVD. Certainly the Hardbody DVD was good and worth owning (especially for the price), but the black and white footage as well as some of the camera angles and editing put me off a little. This video was more colourful, and was edited in a superior fashion. Flex trained with much more intensity and with heavier weights and in my opinion was in better condition (and bigger) than he was in the other DVD. Since the DVDs are inexpensive, I would say pick both of them up if you are a fan of bodybuilding DVDs or a fan of Flex Wheeler. But if you are only going to get one of the two, this would be the one I recommend.

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Flex Wheeler - Mass Construction (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $34.95

Take care,

Matt Canning

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