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What I mean by retraining the brain is what endurance training is all about.

Lets call your brain MAMA. Mama sitting in the chair smoking a cigarette. If mama is sitting in the chair things are cool she feels everything is all right in the body. But if she gets out of the chair and puts her cigarette out to see who you have in the upstairs bedroom with you, she is out of control. The key is to keep mama, your brain, in control. The brain merely reacts to stimuli. The problem is mama usually reacts way to early to protect the body. She is lazy. Doesn't want to work just get the job done. When this happens you will find your body under stress. IE: Unacceptable heart rates, unnecessary panting and sweating. This then will become to many problems for your body to compensate. You will use up all of your electolytes, carbs and dehydrate well before the race is completed.

To relate this further.

The minute you exert energy she reacts to this as a PROBLEM. She is out of the chair and you are sweating and panting your guts out. You have to keep mama in the chair calmly smoking her cigarette. You have to convince her that even though your body is under extreme stress she feels everything is cool. Hence you will not be sweating or panting.

How to do this!!!

Begin a rhythm..Inhale, two, three, four.....Exhale, two, three, four....take in as much air during your inhale as you exhale and in the same amount of time.

*Very Important*

Start by maintaining your breathing on the stair stepper, running track or stationary bike. Time it until you begin to gasp or pant. Stop regain composure by immediately regaining your breathing rhythm. Start again. Do this everyday and add time to your control. Before you start an uphill or adding resistance you want to increase your speed maintaining control, then come back down to your starting speed and begin to make your brain believe .........your starting speed is a resting speed.

So lets say your heart rate is at 120 at your starting speed and it goes up to 140 at the increased speed go back down to the starting speed and your heart rate will drop to lets say 110 because mama thinks you are resting and everything is cool.

Remember maintain your rhythmic breathing..Inhale , two, three, four....Exhale, Two, Three, Four!

Then start adding multiple speeds. Begin with starting medium full out speed then back to medium speed and let mama think this is now the RESTING speed then to beginning speed or low speed. If you hit high speed now and you begin to pant go to medium speed take a cleansing breath and get back to RHYTHM in your breathing.


Then go back to high speed in control for as long as you can. If you lose control go to medium speed and if you can"t pull it off then go to slow speed. There I guarantee mama will think you are resting. Gain control of your breathing then head back up.

I hope this makes sense so far.

Once you have satisfied yourself that you are in control of your being start adding resistance. When you gain control with resistance start adding a weighted vest to your running or walking.

A cleansing breath gives mama a couple of deep breaths to add oxygen and make mama feel like things are cool then go back to controlled breathing. This will become easier, believe it or not, as time goes on. Very quickly in fact. Don't allow mama the upper hand ever. Be in control of your being. Once mama is convinced that under duress everything is cool you will be saving your heart, hydration and carbs.

I would also recommend meditation. You will be using the same breathing techniques in meditation as you use in running. So what happens when you begin your breathing mama thinks you are resting or meditating and you remain in control without your brain feeling as though she has to react.

I tell my athletes to gear down for a race never gear up. Start your pace before you begin the race not when you have completed half the track and then you find your rhythm that is BS.

Dragon Gym High Altitude Center For Training....
Good Luck

This is from my book "Preserving The Male Integrity" If you reprint please ask for permission...many thanks.

This article was provided courtesy of Paul R. Del Vecchio, MA, and

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Take care,

Matt Canning

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