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Ectomorph Bodybuilding, Nutrition & Supplementation Guide! Guide to Ectomorph Bodybuilding!  

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Gaining Muscle for the Hardgainer!

In order to gain muscle, especially for those ectomorphs interested in taking up the sport of bodybuilding, the following should be observed:

(1) Work hard in the gym, with heavy weights and intense effort. Be consistent in your training, and ensure proper form in all of your weight training movements. Incorporate the basic compound movements, bench press, squat, and deadlift, into your routines. These exercises are very demanding but result in the greatest overall gains. Do to the extra amount of growth hormone released during these movements you will gain muscle in more than just the muscle groups focused on. Also include basic movements such as standing barbell curls (for biceps), and military press (for shoulders).

(2) Eat a sufficient amount of protein (1 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight) to fill the demand for amino acids created by the training.

(3) Try to eat six small meals per day, one every two to three hours throughout the day. Try to keep calories directly from fat between 15 - 25 percent of this intake. If you go much over this amount, much of the weight you gain may be fat.

(4) Increasing overall caloric intake to a sufficient degree to support the demands of intense exercise, but not so much as to create an unwanted gain in body fat.

(5) Drink plenty of water. Water is one of many misunderstood necessities of muscle growth. Try to drink between three to four liters (1 gallon) per day. Be sure to bring a water bottle to the gym as well, as your body loses a lot more water during periods of intense exercise, and it is essential to replenish these stores.

(6) Keeping your aerobic training to a healthy minimum, no more than 30 minutes a day, 4 to 5 days a week. I would personally recommend even less for those of you trying to get past the stage of being skinny. I agree that your heart will thank you for any aerobic activity performed, but remember not to overdo it to the point that you are letting it hinder your muscle gains.

For the beginner, I would recommend the supplement regiment of creatine and glutamine, as well, to gain weight, you may benefit from supplementing with a weight gain powder. These high calorie shakes will allow you to consume far more calories without the discomfort of getting full too easily. A protein powder will benefit you as well, especially if you find it difficult or inconvenient to get the required amount of protein from your daily diet.

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