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Misc. News, Rumors, and Gossip From Various E-Mails, Sources, and Pranksters Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles & Interviews from Misc. News, Rumors, and Gossip From Various E-Mails, Sources, and Pranksters

Misc. News, Rumors, and Gossip
From Various E-Mails, Sources, and Pranksters
Updated: February 4, 2005

  • 2/04/05: Vince Gironda Posing Award at the Ironman Pro

      John Balik, the innovative publisher of Ironman Magazine, will honor the memory of the legendary Vince Gironda by creating a special posing award in his name. The Vince Gironda Award for excellence in the art of muscular display will be awarded to the best poser at the Ironman Professional Bodybuilding Championships on February 19th, 2005 along with $1000 in cash.

      Vince Gironda trained more champions than anyone in the history of bodybuilding, and he taught most of them how to pose. Vince often stated that no matter how great you look in the gym, if you can't show your physique to its best advantage on stage, you will almost surely lose.

      A masterful poser, Vince was one of the first bodybuilders to pose to music, hitting one great dramatic pose after another to the strains of "Bolero." His unique posing and fabulous physique enabled him to place second in his class at the 1962 NABBA Mr.Universe in London, England against the world's best at the age of 44! Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia was one of Vince's champions who greatly benefited from his posing advice.

      Five years ago John Balik created the Art Zeller Award for excellence in physique photography. The Vince Gironda posing award is another example of Balik's love and devotion to the sport of bodybuilding and to the people who greatly contributed to it's popularity worldwide. (Source: Gene Mozee)

  • 2/03/05: Seminars / Press Conference at the Ironman Expo in Pasadena

      One of the cool things at the Ironman Fit Expo is that there are a number of seminars that you can attend to listen to your favorite bodybuilder. These include the controversial Shawn Ray and Bob Cicherillo, who always are never short on words. Others will include Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, and Mr. Olympia runner up Jay Cutler, new pro Chris Cook, Kris Dim, Mark Dugdale, Mat Duvall, Adela Garcia-Friedmansky, Roland ‘Arnold’ Kickinger, Kevin Levrone, Stan McQuay, Lee Priest, Gunter Schlierkamp, Craig Titus, and many others. Unlike other pro shows, the chance to hear some of the competitors talk about various topics is one of the best things that I enjoy about the expo.

      The Press Conference will be held on Friday afternoon, and if it is like last year’s Ironman press conference, it should be something to remember. Last year, Lonnie Teper, the emcee, had everyone weigh themselves on a steel scale, with shoes and clothes on, but at least we got to see the approximate weight of each competitor. Lonnie himself was 225 pounds (although he says he has lost some weight this year due to switching from chocolate cheesecake to regular cheesecake.) This is a chance to see all of the competitors before the actual competition the next day.

  • 2/03/05: Ironman Pro Lineup: Paco Bautista Added??

      Originally, we heard from various people that Francisco ‘Paco’ Bautista is going to compete in the 2005 Ironman Pro, which would make the lineup look even more spectacular. Paco debuted in 2002 at the Night of Champions in New York city, and came in a surprising 3rd, qualifying him for the Mr. Olympia. While he placed 20th at the O that year, it still was an impressive start to a pro career. Paco has not competed for a while, but since Paco, when he is ready for a contest, can come in awesome shape, trying to forecast Paco’s placing will be quite hard to do.

      However, as soon as this rumor was put out that he was going to compete, others have said that Paco will not compete in the early shows, and instead get ready for the May-June pro shows.

  • 2/02/05: Should there be a deadline for a competitor to enter a pro contest?

      Some of the competitors that have signed up for the Ironman were surprised and dismayed to learned that pros are being let into the lineup a few weeks before the competition. Every year, a question comes up on if there is a deadline for competitors in a pro bodybuilding contest. It seems that when there are competitors jumping into the contest, albiet good bodybuilders, there is the question on why should some people sign early and let others wait until two weeks or even the day of the contest to compete? Is it fair? A few years back, Lee Priest himself signed a contract for a pro show, and then pulled out. He was fined $5,000. If Lee tried to claim it was medical, then the rules state that you must go to a doctor provided by the IFBB to prove that you are sick. However, various athletes have claimed or have been sick, and have pulled out of a show without getting fined.

      But back to the question at hand? Why should a pro competitor be allowed to enter a show at the last minute? Will it bring any more ticket sales? Will it give the promoter enough time to promote and publicize the competitor? In the days of fast news and the Internet, when should a deadline be set up to give the promoter enough time to tell the fans about it? In a number of the pro shows, there is no deadline. It is up to the promoter to decide if they would like to have a pro competitor enter after the so called ‘cut-off’ date. So the question is, what is a good cut-off date that the promoters should stick with? One month? Two weeks? Hmmm...

  • 2/01/05: Ironman Pro Lineup: Jimmy Canyon Added

      Lonnie Teper, the mc of the Ironman, has said that Jimmy Canyon is also going to enter the Ironman Pro. Jimmy Canyon received his pro card by placing 1st in the Middleweight class at the 2003 NPC Nationals, after placing 1st in the Middleweight Class at the 2003 NPC USA’s, after placing 1st in the Middleweight class and taking the overall in the 2003 NPC Junior Nationals. Awesome 2003 for Jimmy. However, in his pro debut at the 2004 Florida Pro on May, Jimmy can in 15th place. Jimmy now has taken 7th months to improve his physique and it will be interesting to see what a Middleweight competitor will do at the Ironman Pro.

  • 1/26/05: Craig Titus: In the Ironman, Out of the Arnold

      Craig Titus has decided to opt out of the Arnold Classic, for reason's below. The lineup from the Arnold is down to 14, which means it looks like the surprise placing at the Ironman Pro 'might' receive an invite for the Arnold Classic two weeks later. Here is Craig's reasoning for the decision.

      "My 2005 season will start with the Ironman on February 19th in Pasadena California, and then travel to Australia for the Australian Grand Prix on March 20th. I’ve decided to decline on my invite to the Arnold Classic simply because the competition is extremely stiff. Believe when I say that I was honored to receive my third invitation to the AC, but after analyzing the quality of athletes who just placed in the Olympia, I’m just not that confident I can break into the top five even though I placed sixth last year. One thing I’ve learned in this sport is you have to pick your shows strategically to continue to remain successful, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. If it’s true Chris Cormier is in fact sitting out the Ironman, I feel very confident I can break into the top three. My contest prep is back to old school, no more final adjustments only to flatten me out. My contest prep is right on track and I’m looking forward to competing on February 19th. See you in California"

  • 1/26/05: Craig Titus: The Undercover Pro?

      It has happened every month or so for the last three years. The Undercover Pro writes an article answering various questions that are better left answered anonymously. And the accusations fly on which pro it is. I have heard names like Shawn Ray, Lee Priest, but the biggest name people say is none other than Craig Titus. In his latest news blog, Craig answers back.

      "There’s something I want to clear up for the VERY LAST time and I mean the last time. I am not “IFBB Pro Undercover” who writes that column on, period. At first when people in this industry speculated it was me, I thought it was funny but now it’s starting to get old really fast. Just realize a few things; I myself have been torn apart in many of the articles written by this mysterious pro. Also, I realize I am married to Kelly Ryan and my opinion of her may be biased because of that fact but keep in mind there are individuals who believe Kelly has won the Olympia several times but will never say it to stay politically correct. So just because this IFBB Pro writes that he or she thinks Kelly won doesn’t mean it’s me. My congratulations go out to Adela for her win in the Fitness Olympia; she’s my bud and always will be."

  • 1/25/05: Ironman Pro Lineup: Gustavo Badell

      Gustavo Badell, nicknamed the Freakin’ Rican by Lonnie Teper, has decided to enter the Ironman Pro, dismaying the competition, and impressing the fans. Gustavo had an awesome year in 2004, placing 3rd in the 2003 Ironman Pro, then 7th in the Arnold Classic, 4th in the San Francisco Pro, 3rd in the Show of Strength Pro, and finally, an amazing 3rd at the 2004 Mr. Olympia, making Gustavo one of the top 5 bodybuilders in the world. Gustavo, when he is in California, train’s at Milos Sarcev’s gym, who helps him with his preparations.

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