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It is important to keep the best interest of the client top priority at all times; even at the cost of lost revenue, thereby earning the client?s trust with genuine interest and caring!

Contributing Factors To Client Success!

By: Dave Peters ISSA C.P.T., C.S.S.

A unique combination of education in the field of physical fitness, many years of experience, meticulous attention to detail, genuine caring and interest in the client, a constant thirst for upgrading health and fitness related education, knowing the limits of professional expertise, the development of client/trainer trust and rapport and being a firm but diplomatic motivator all have a positive effect on client success.

The various certifications through the ISSA (completed and in progress) and the outstanding support received through the ISSA have also played a major role in maintaining client satisfaction and achievement of their individual goals.

Maintaining Client Base

In addition to the normal procedures of completing a comprehensive Lifestyle/Medical Questionnaire prior to their participation in the fitness assessment or training program, all potential clients not suitable for beginning a plan of increased physical activity are asked to seek the advise and approval of their physician.

Standardization, accuracy and validity of assessments begin with strict pre-assessment protocols and are closely adhered to during the assessment. The baseline data obtained from the assessment and the client?s goals determine the training options meticulously designed for the individual?s training program.

Specificity of training to meet the needs of each client equates to satisfaction of their goals and development of long-range lifestyle changes for improved quality of life.

It is important to keep the best interest of the client top priority at all times; even at the cost of lost revenue, thereby earning the client?s trust with genuine interest and caring.

Maintaining a constant awareness of each client?s mental and physical state before, during and after each workout session assures optimum levels of progression and reduces the risk of over-training. Trainer availability for questions and concerns on a continual basis beyond the appointed training sessions enhances confidence in the trainer?s expertise and dependability.

Every potential client brings a myriad of variables to consider when customizing their program and the following considerations should be the backbone of professional personal training at the top level:

  • Client/trainer trust and rapport.
  • Constant updating in health and fitness trends.
  • Genuine care and interest.
  • Make time away from training for client's questions and concerns.
  • People person with a sense of humor: make it fun!
  • Know the limits of professional expertise and research answers when appropriate.
  • Optimize efficient use of time in each training session.
  • Strive for various ways to individualize and motivate each client.


In conclusion, client success depends on consistent and continued progression that can only be achieved by professional trainers who take the time to prescribe specific training for them like they were the ONLY clients requiring their services.

Since reality dictates time constraints, the trainer who strives for the best they can do for each client will produce positive results every time!


Dave Peters ISSA C.P.T., C.S.S.

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