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Battle for the Olympia 2005 DVD - Special Edition Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Battle for the Olympia 2005 DVD - Special Edition Review

Battle for the Olympia 2005 IX (DVD) Features 19 Olympians in THREE DISCS.Includes world exclusive 2005 Mr. Olympia prejudging in action. BUY IT NOW Battle for the Olympia 2005 X (DVD)




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Battle for the Olympia 2005 - Special Edition Review

Gold's Gym Austin-Lakeline, TX

Lee Priest
September 15th, Thursday
One month out

Lee Priest started off with leg extensions which he did for a high rep set. The reps seemed to go on forever and it was a pretty unorthodox set along the lines of something I would expect from Johnny Fuller! Johnny was known to do plenty of reps and sets and his diet was even crazier lol.

For Lee's next exercise, he hit the leg press machine. He went up to four plates per side and did a staggering 105 reps! That is something I had never really heard of before, even reading up on Johnny Fuller, I don't recall him going quite that heavy. For his next set he went up to six plates also doing neverending reps.

Lee Priest Leg Press

As I said, Lee's training was unorthodox given what I'm used to seeing in bodybuilding movies so I will consider reading up on this type of workout and consider employing it myself. It's always good to shock the body into new growth.

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  • Gustavo Badell
    September 21st, Wednesday
    24 days to go

    Gold's Gym
    East Las Vegas

    Gustavo started off with preacher curls, using 40 pounds for a warmup set. His arms were big and hard and he looked ready for the Olympia. He did a second set with 60 pounds on the bar in total and his arms were looking good from all angles. Gustavo moved up to 80 pound curls on the preacher bench which was definitely a working set for him, as he struggled through it. Whether his excuse for such lack of strength was low carbs or injury prevention, he was definitely not what I would have expected strength wise, especially for a guy weighing upwards of 250+ pounds of dense muscle at 5'7. His height would also give him a strength advantage. Granted he is a bodybuilder and not a powerlifter, but I would still expect more strength from him. Am I saying that myself or my workout partners can lift the weight he can? Absolutely. It is not what I would expect from a juiced-to-the-gills pro bodybuilder under any circumstance, low carbs or otherwise.

    Gustavo went on to perform 100 pound curls for his last set before moving on to standing barbell curls with the straight bar. He started off by curling 65 pounds and moved on to 115 for reps. I was a bit more impressed with this set, as 115 is decent strength for that exercise - or at least I would consider it to be. His next set was with 135 pounds, but again I would expect more for someone of Gustavo's size. Bertil Fox would regularly curl upwards of 180+, but Bertil was a freak among freaks and much stronger than most pro bodybuilders today - MUCH, MUCH stronger. His training DVDs are HIGHLY recommended. They are among my favourites, and believe me, I've seen them all.

    Brutal Fox in Training - The Ultimate Workout (DVD) Brutal Fox in Training - The Ultimate Workout (DVD)
    Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

    Gustavo curled 155 next, and I was finally getting an appreciation for his strength. It was an intense set and you could tell Gustavo was giving it his all, but no matter what, 155 pound standing barbell curls is no slouch.

    On a side note, it is NOT recommended that you watch Bertil Fox's DVDs or Ronnie Coleman's DVDs FIRST. They are the most impressive training sequences you will ever see, and you may be under the false impression that all bodybuilders are that strong when they are not.

    Ronnie Coleman - On the Road (DVD) Ronnie Coleman - On the Road (DVD)
    Retail Price: $45.95 Our Price: $39.95
    Ronnie Coleman Ronnie Coleman - Cost of Redemption (DVD)
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    Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable Ronnie Coleman - The Unbelievable (DVD)
    Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

    Gustavo's next exercise of choice for biceps was seated alternate dumbbell curls. You could really see how dense and full his muscles were with each rep. He was looking fantastic. He then said "100% natural - hard work." Of course you have to keep in mind Gustavo's second language is English and what he meant by this is that his arms are SYNTHOL FREE, and NOT natural (= no steroids). His arms are pure muscle tissue and not oil. Since it is a given that all bodybuilders are on steroids, what "natural" means is no synthetic oil. Gustavo even then said "no fake" (= no oil).

    Gustavo Badell Biceps

    Gustavo moved on to perform standing cable curls and his pump was getting more full and impressive with each set.

    Gustavo then hit some poses and was looking amazing. He was definitely on track for a top finish in the top five at the Mr. Olympia Contest,

    Gustavo Badell Common Sense (DVD) Gustavo Badell - Common Sense (DVD)
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    Darrem Charles
    September 23rd, Friday
    22 days to go

    Fitness First Health Clubs
    3401 Deer Creek Country Club Blvd.
    Deerfield Beach, FL33442

    Darrem started his workout with a warmup set using 80 pound dumbbells on the flat bench. He then did another warmup set using 100 pound dumbbells. He then went on to perform reps with the 150 pound dumbbells which he handled fairly easily. Darrem then took his shirt off and grabbe the 150s again for a set of six. He then went on to perform incline barbell bench presses using 225 pounds to start off with. He then did 275 pounds for reps and 315 after that. He did the 315 pounds for six reps.

    Darrem Charles - From Dream to Reality - Titans 5 (DVD) Darrem Charles - From Dream to Reality - Titans 5 (DVD)
    Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $32.95

    Darrem performed incline flyes next with 85 pound dumbbells. I won't comment on Darrem's genetic structure, but unlike MOST pros he doesn't have so much muscle mass hanging off his frame that it looks disgusting. People tend to equate "small" to "symmetrical", but I would disagree. I think Ronnie has a better genetic structure than Darrem at any weight, but I would much rather be more moderately built like Darrem. Ronnie is so big it's just too much, as is Darrem for some, but he has a look I would enjoy having myself, being 5'9 and about 230 shredded. His look may appear to be attainable, but make no mistake about it, he is among the genetic elite.

    Darrem used the 110 pound dumbbells next for the flyes and then did pec deck flyes for his chest. This is one of my favourite machines, as I am normally a free weights type of trainer. Darrem's pecs were very impressive and thick - just like a lot of old school pro bodybuilders. Some today have chests which are too "bottom heavy" like Quincy Taylor and Dave Henry. Darrem's pecs were balanced from top to bottom.

    Darrem then hit some poses. He hit the abs and thigh wrong, putting his hands on his head and not on his neck as Frank Zane used to - which really emphasizes the muscles in that pose. All in all he was looking on track to do well at the 2005 Olympia.

    Bev Francis
    Powerhouse Gym
    Syosset, New York
    235-C Robbins Ln. Syosset, NY 11791

    Victor Martinez started off with flat dumbbell presses for chest and was in fantastic shape. He has one of my favourite pro physiques. Tiny waist, but huge chest, arms, delts, and everything else.

    After a few sets, Victor was up to the 140 pound dumbbells which he handled with roughly the same strength levels as Darrem had in his segment. He then moved on to perform incline barbell bench presses on the Smith Machine. He seemed less strong than Darrem on the incline, not going up to the same weight Darrem used. He then did the plate loaded seated presses, with two plates per side and this was superset with cable crossovers.

    Victor took off his tanktop for the next set and was looking very well - hard and full and shredded. His chest was huge and he Victor has a great genetic structure. What's most impressive to me is that Victor can look so pleasing to the eye while also being as big as a house. After his supersets were complete, he did dumbbell pullovers for chest.

    Victor posed next, hitting the mandatories and looking amazing. He had the size and the shape, the only thing that would make the difference at this point was Vic nailing his conditioning.

    Victor Martinez - Mass Attack Series Vol. 1 (DVD) Victor Martinez - Mass Attack Series Vol. 1 (DVD)
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    victor-martinez-t3-tn.jpg Muscletime Titans Part 3 - Victor Martinez (DVD)
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    Next up, Craig Richardson hit some poses. He was looking very big as well as being in condition and ready to do well at the upcoming Olympia.

    Craig Richardson
    September 25th, Sunday
    20 days to go

    Bev Francis
    Powerhouse Gym
    Syosset, New York
    235-C Robbins Ln. Syosset, NY 11791

    Craig started off with leg extensions. Leg extensions are usually an exercise I finish with because it is lower intensity than squats or leg presses to me, but Craig exercised some incredible intensity during his sets - I was impressed. He had a good training partner with him who was motivating him to work hard.

    After his leg presses were complete, Craig perforemd squats using the Smith Machine. His knees were wrapped and his rep range seemed limited. He was using 405 for this exercise. Craig commented on his training intensity and said that any Mr. Olympia competitor should be training as hard as him. His intensity was impressive but my training partner who is 5'11 and 1/2 and 200 pounds is just as strong as what I saw of Craig in this clip - then again, like I said above, this is bodybuilding and not powerlifting.

    Craig's next exercise for legs was the leg press. He did eight plates per side for reps with the same range of motion my training partner uses with regularlity and with the same weight if not more. Not to pick on Craig's strength, as he is extremely strong, but I think strength is genetic and as a person gets more and more muscular they won't necessarily gain strength to the same degree.

    Maximum Fitness
    630 E. Southlake Blvd. Suite 200
    Southlake TX 76092

    September 26th, Monday
    19 days to go

    In this segment, Johnnie Jackson trained with Branch Warren. These two are known to be powerhouses in the gym so I looked forward to seeing them train together. They both started off with 225 on the incline bench press which they did with ease. They then went up to 315 pounds which they performed with the same degree of ease - almost to the point where it was as if they were still warming up with that weight. They then grabbed the 100 pound dumbbells to use on the flat bench for another easy set. The dumbbells only got heavier from there, and each set seemed easier for them than the last. Very impressive.

    Johnnie O. Jackson & Branch Warren

    The next exercise the duo did was seated machine presses. They continued to handle heavy weights with ease and I was very impressed.

    Up next the two did dips with lightning speed and power. They both have a very hard muscle quality which is obviously the result of their strength training and powerlifting efforts. After the dips were performed, they moved on to perform cable crossovers. They performed the crossovers without a tanktop on and were looking so big and thick and dense it was sick. They deserve an award for their muscle quality alone.

    Next they both hit poses and were looking unreal. This part of the DVD needs to be seen to be believed.

    Ronnie Coleman
    September 26th, Monday
    19 days to go

    Metroflex Gym
    2921 S. Cooper #110, Arlington TX

    Ronnie hit some poses at the beginning of his segment weighing in at 295 pounds shredded and as hard as a rock at 41 years of age - GAME OVER. There was no way anyone else was winning this show but him. Ronnie looked AMAZING in another portion of this DVD that needs to be seen to be believed. Make no mistake about it, he will win the Mr. Olympia for as long as he wants - he can win until age 50 if he really wants to.

    Ronnie started off by training legs using squats, keeping things hard and heavy. These squats were ass to the grass and he handled 315 with the same intensity level that I would handle 135 - it was a complete joke to him, and 315 is not a light squat by any means. He then did 405 for 10 easy reps, grunting throughout, but it was obviously easy for him. I know he could have done 10 more with no problems at all.

    Ronnie wrapped his knees next and went on to squat 495 which he also did with ease. After his squats, Ronnie did leg presses and was looking crazy. He had the leg press loaded up with tons of plates and handled his sets with ease. His arms were looking huge and tense during every rep. This was Ronnie as freaky as can be - 295 pounds and shredded to the bone! He could have stepped on stage that day and he would have won - no doubt about it. He is so far ahead of the competition it isn't even funny.

    Ronnie commented that it was hot in the gym which was a surprise to me because I would expect he would be used to the heat at this point in his bodybuilding and gym career. There were a few closeup shots of his arms, and it wasn't even funny how far ahead they were of any bodybuilder in the history of the game. Ronnie's next exercise was leg presses which he did for a 30 rep warmup. At the end of his workout a closeup shot of Ronnie's tights were shown and you could see his veins through them.

    Check out Ronnie's latest DVD, a GMV production called "On the Road":

    Ronnie Coleman - On the Road (DVD) Ronnie Coleman - On the Road (DVD)
    Retail Price: $45.95 Our Price: $39.95


    Ronnie Coleman Leg Press

    Quincy Taylor
    September 26th, Monday
    19 days to go

    Metroflex Gym 1-817-465-9331 2921 S. Cooper #110, Arlington TX 76015

    Quincy started off with pullups, hitting some poses in between sets and then he moved on to perform lat pulldowns. Quincy is HUGE. He may not be as thickly muscled as Ronnie Coleman, but keep in mind he is a legit 6'4 and 305. Can you believe that? 6'4 and shredded to boot. He would make an incredible bouncer at any bar - he is by far the most intimidating pro bodybuilder I've ever seen.

    Quincy Taylor Front Lat Spread

    Quincy moved on to dumbbell rows for his back and with his long arms he had a huge range of motion. He was so big it was frightening and I can only imagine what he looks like in person.

    Quincy next performed barbell bench presses for chest. He was working back and chest in the same day which seems somewhat unorthodox but makes for a tremendous upper body pump. Quincy used the pec deck next for flyes and 50 Cent was playing on the radio. Quincy looked so big during this portion of the DVD it was sick. The man is a beast among beasts. He hit some poses after performing a couple of sets and was looking freaky and afterwards he went right back into it. Some say he needs to put on more mass to be competitive at his height but I disagree.

    Jay Cutler
    September 28th,
    17 days to go

    Gold's Gym
    West Las Vegas
    Sahara + Decatur

    Jay started out with triceps pushdowns at a body weight of 280 pounds which he said he always is for the Battle for the Olympia. From the beginning I could tell that Jay was harder than I had ever seen him before. He was looking very hard in addition to being cut as he always is. Maybe he is finally getting the muscle maturity that comes with aging or maybe he mixed things up in his nutrition, steroid, or training program which gave him this added hardness. In any case, he was not looking as he usually did.

    After the triceps pushdowns were complete he went on to perform medium grip bench presses (presumably for triceps) using 245 pounds. His grip was not particularly narrow, but also not the grip normally used for chest training. He did another set using 275 pounds and then performed bar dips for his triceps which were looking huge and defined during every rep. His muscles were so oversized that he looked like a cartoon.

    For his next exercise, Jay picked overhead triceps extensions and then did single arm triceps extensions on the cable. After doing a couple of sets he flexed his quads and they were looking more shredded and feathered than ever.

    Jay Cutler Quads

    Jay started his biceps program next, starting off with standing alternate dumbbell curls. Afterwards he took off his shirt and he was as big as a house! He was both the biggest and the hardest I have ever seen him in a Battle for the Olympia DVD before! Jay hit some poses and was definitely on track to placing second once again at the Olympia, but this time he looked closer to Ronnie than I had ever seen him before. In previous years he was "soft but cut" but in this case he was hard and cut, and was almost as big as Ronnie as well.

    Jay Cutler Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls

    Jay went back to performing standing alternate dumbbell curls for biceps and then hit some more poses, this time showing his wheels as well as his upper body. He was looking so shredded that as soon as I saw it I was concerned about his health. I just wondered what the hell he did to make such dramatic changes in just one year. Aside from being at least as big as he was in 2004, he was so much harder it was crazy. It might have been in part due to his tan, but he was looking hard as nails - something pretty unusual for Cutler who always shows up shredded but not with the muscle density of other pros. How Jay gained such density in just one year is a mystery to me.

    Next Jay performed standing barbell curls and followed those up with seated cable curls - I had never really seen these performed sitting down before. He then performed seated dumbbell curls performing them one arm at a time - also something I hadn't seen before. He performed hammer curls next, doing alternating reps and not one hand at a time this time out.

    Jay then hit some poses in the changeroom and was big - scary big. A surefire runner up spot at the Olympia was in his hands.

    Overall Review:

    This was just the shortened version of the Battle for the Olympia. The full 3-disc set is now out and is a full nine hours in length! All for the price of $34.95. Talk about a great value! This one is DEFINITELY worth picking up. For that price, I highly recommend it.

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    Battle for the Olympia 2005 IX (DVD) Battle for the Olympia 2005 IX (DVD)
    Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $39.95

    Take care,

    Matt Canning

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