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Day 1
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For shoulders, Art starts off with with two plates each side for reps on the seated military press, then moves up to three plates per side. After he hits 365 for two sets of five reps - extreme strength for an extreme bodybuilder. Art then does 365 for four reps and drops the weight to 335 where he does six reps, before dropping the weight to 315 for two reps and 225 for four reps (in drop set fashion). He lowers the bar down to the point where his upper arms are parallel with the bar.

Art Atwood Military Press 365 Pounds

Next Art does seated machine military presses (non Smith Machine style), where he handles most of the stack for reps. After doing a set, he moves on to front dumbbell raises for a set then front delt rope raises, and then lateral dumbbell raises.

For rear delts, Art hits the reverse pec deck (one of my personal favourites). There are two kinds of physiques in bodybuilding - classical ones and modern ones - Art is without question a modern mass monster. Not exactly a work of art (no pun intended), but a freak to look at never the less.

After the reverse pec deck, Art hits seated dumbbell raises where he handles 85 pound dumbbells with ease. Art explains his reasoning for using cable lateral raises before doing a set himself. As you will notice while watching this DVD, Art is a high volume trainer. He obviously believes in it and has shown incredible gains in muscle mass employing the principles.

Art then explains the value of power laterals before doing a set. Power laterals are essentially like side lateral raises, only focussing on the bottom range of motion and using much heavier weight than one would normally use for the full range of motion.

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Art starts off his traps workout with hammer machine shrugs where he does seven plates per side for reps - his musculature is looking SICK as he does these reps. I just wish the video quality was a little better to further exploit that (the whole DVD seemed to be filmed using a 1980s video camera).

After the hammer shrugs, Art goes on to hit dumbbell shrugs for his traps. He starts off with 140 pound dumbbells - yet another testament to his insane strength.

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Art finishes off his day of work with triceps, starting off with cable pushdowns using the long cambered bar and a close grip. After doing one set, he hits close grip bench presses on the Smith Machine for a couple of sets. He uses three plates but on the second set does a drop set, initially dropping the weight to two plates per side (225 pounds), before moving on to triceps rope extensions on the cable. After that he hits machine dips for his tris then overhead triceps extensions. Art is probably the biggest fan of volume training I've seen since Jay Cutler (See: Jay Cutler: Ripped to Shreds DVD review).

Jay Cutler: Ripped to Shreds Jay Cutler - Ripped to Shreds (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

Day 2
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Art is back at the Animal House gym to blast his back. Art starts off with a set of lat pulldowns to warm up his lats before moving on to heavier movements. He uses the long bar and a wide grip and performs the exercise to the front, bringing his upper arms below parallel with the bar on the bottom of the range of motion.

Art then hits the t-bar, to do rows. T-bars are a great exercise to include for middle back thickness. That's what I've always used them for and they do the job well. Art uses the non-traditional t-bar - he puts a bar in the corner of the gym and loads up the plates while using a v-handle ("V-Bar Rows"). Art's vascularity and condition is pretty visible during this exercise. He then does a drop set, removing plate by plate before moving on to supported t-bar rows (another good exericise, similar to the previous one).

After the rows are done, Art goes on to do half rack deadlifts. He performs them with wraps. I swear, Art deserves an award just for being such a big, shredded freak. He is another guy along with Paco Bautista who has a hard and muscular physique, without the classical look which would score him points in the symmetry round.

For one of his last exercises, Art performs v-bar cable pulldowns - similar to the long bar lat pulldowns, but working the middle portion of the back. Art then does machine lat pulls using a medium grip. Art next does reverse grip lat pulldowns for a set. He is wearing a t-shirt during this and as always, is looking massive.

Art next goes on to do bent rows for his back, something that Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman also used to develop their incredible backs. After his set is complete, Art performs some lat stretching and gives some tips for developing your back.

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For his chest workout, Art heads over to Flex Gym in Racine, Wisconsin. Art states that the temperature for the day is 107 degrees Fahrenheit (42 Celcius).

Art starts off with incline barbell presses for chest. Art explains that when working out alone, he always performs this exercise on the Smith machine for safety reasons. If you work out alone and can't secure a spotter - this is very good advice. An injury is something you want to definitely avoid. Art goes up to four plates per side for reps which he handles with ease.

After his sets on the incline, he hits incline flyes, where he starts off with 100 pound dumbbells - the plastic kind, so they were looking oversized and cartoonish (kind of like Art). Freaky dumbbells for freaky bodybuilders I guess. After the flyes, Art goes on to cable crossovers and explains his reasoning for including them. Cables are something I've never really used to develop my chest, but I might just give them a try. After the cables, Art moves on to the pec deck for his chest - something I've employed myself and quite enjoy.

Art then hits the incline dumbbell presses - once again, his volume training is clearly seen during this segment.

Art has one of the best chests in the history of bodybuilding - the following bodybuilders also come to mind:

Like I said, Art's chest is huge and thick and one of the biggest ever - heed some advice from Art if you're looking to put on size in this area. He definitely has some unique tips when it comes to training that I hadn't heard at this point from a pro DVD.

After his workout, Art shows us his post workout nutrition - he drinks a simple carb drink called glycoload from Optimum Nutrition. Art also eats steak on a stick for post workout nutrition and explains that pre-contest he would be eating egg whites.

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Art starts off with barbell curls for his biceps then 90 degree machine curls - machine curls are an exercise for the biceps that Dorian swore by. Next Art hits the reverse curls, using the olympic bar and a plate her side. Art then does hammer curls and rope hammer curls. He uses 85 pound dumbbells for hammer curls, once again showing his great strength. Art then hits a set of barbell forearm curls. This is an exercise that I have never performed before, and may consider including in my forearms routine. Afterwards, Art goes from the barbell to the dumbbells and does a couple of sets of forearm curls with a pair of those before moving on to cable curls, once again for his biceps.

Art explains some of his techniques and shocking principles he uses to get his biceps to grow. All well and good, but just bear in mind that there is much more to bodybuilding, and especially competitive bodybuilding than training. nutrition and drug use is a part of the picture, as well as out of the world genetics, which simply must be considered before thinking you can duplicate the success of any given bodybuilder.

Day 3
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Art starts off with leg presses for his quads workout and explains that it is up there with squats. After completing his set, he does partial reps for a past failure workout. For his next set, he does quarter reps for the whole set using very heavy weights (lots of plates were loaded on). It's really unfortunate about the video quality of the DVD, since it detracted from Art's muscle quality - he is very impressive under high quality film.

Next Art performs hack squats for his quads. After that he does squats one leg at a time before moving on to bodymaster squats which he explains is easier on his knees and lower back. He performs this exercise with six plates loaded on each side. For his next set, Art goes up to 10 plates per side for reps. Art then goes on to perform leg extensions which he feels increases the striations in his quads.

Art states that a good way to prevent injury is to stretch before and after his workouts. He does it himself after his set is complete.

Once again, Art goes over his post workout nutrition secrets: 10-15 grams of creatine immediately after working out and 3,000 mg of branched chain amino acids.

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Art starts off with stiff legged deadlifts for his hamstrings. He performs them on the machine (non Smith machine style), and loads up four plates per side to start before adding an additional 35 pound plate to each side for five reps. His next exercise is the lying leg curl machine (a personal favourite of mine for hamstrings). Upright leg curl is the next exercise Art includes - he says this helps bring out the peak in his hamstrings. His secret is holding the rep at the top portion for two or three seconds. He uses the same technique in the seated leg curls - another favourite exercise of mine for the hamstrings.

Art Atwood Single Leg Hamstrings Curls

Art then does glute raises which he feels brings out striations and detail in that area.

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For calves, Art just does a set of calf presses. This is a time on the DVD where one aspect of the production became annoying: after each subsection, the DVD brought the viewer back to the submenu. For instance, after this very short calves section, the DVD went back to the Day 3 menu. I sort of wish the DVD just ran non-stop, rather than having to continually press play during every section. I'm not sure if this was a flaw in the production, but hopefully Art does do the same thing with future DVDs.

Art Atwood Calf Raises

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Art starts off with rope crunches for his abs before moving on to a set of hanging leg raises (neither of these exercises I perform but I may consider incorporating them into my future workouts).

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30-35 minutes after his workout, Art takes us to his kitchen and shows us some of his post-workout nutrition. He starts off with his pro complex which he says is about 70-80 grams of protein. He says this helps him to get his aminos. He then goes into his meal preparation. He also has a George Foreman Grill. Jay Cutler also uses the George Foreman Grill (See: Ripped to Shreds).

Art's tip for nutrition is to keep things as simple as possible.

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In this segment, Art takes us grocery shopping, much as Markus Ruhl did in his video (See: Made in Germany). Art explains that nutrition is an extremely important part of bodybuilding and the necessity of eating every to to three hours. He explains that you can't make muscle out of 800 calories a day and that you can't make it out of vegetables. Art recommends at least one gram of protein per day and preferably more. Art also explains the post workout (anabolic) window and the importance of filling it during that time.

Art does a very good job explaining the importance of nutrition during this segment. I particularly liked the instructional nature of his commentary. It is especially valuable for beginners, and I think these tips are important to emphasize for all levels of bodybuilders.

Extension Techniques
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Art shows us how to extend every set and take each set to extreme failure for extreme muscle growth. He shows us how to do the following:

Art goes on to show us some of the set extension techniques for his leg workouts, once again, displaying his great strength. Art also does quarter reps with a static hold for machine lat pulldowns to the front (plate loaded on with individual handles for both sides). He is looking HUGE in this sequence - wearing a black American Bodybuilding t-shirt.

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Art shows us different supplements and explains how they benefit us. He shows us the following supplements:

This portion of the DVD is also very instructional and especially good for the beginners viewing. The tips he gives are important for bodybuilders at all levels.

End Results
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We see Art posing outside in contest shape. He hits the following poses:

  • Right Side Chest.
  • Rear Double Biceps.
  • Rear Lat Spread.

Art Atwood Right Side Chest Pose

We then see Art in contest, at the 2004 Florida Pro Xtreme Challenge. He looked very good at that show and placed fifth - big and shredded. His quads were in great condition, as was the rest of him! I think more contests should have the most muscular award just to give to the biggest, sickest freak, even if he doesn't have the shape and structure of the winner. Paco Bautista also comes to mind - a bodybuilder who possesses a hard and muscular physique but lacks the classic shape seen in some other pros.

Art Atwood Hands Clasped Most Muscular at the 2004 Florida Xtreme Pro Challenge Bodybuilding Contest

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In this section, Art features several links including his websites and as well as provides credit to the photography and videography of the DVD. He gives thanks to his fans, friends and family as well.

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I'll start off with dislikes, since the list is short...


There were only two things I didn't like about this DVD: (1) the photo quality was not that great. I think that it's possible Art did something like just borrowed an old video camera from a family member to film this DVD. The colours weren't bright and brightness would have helped to highlight Art's muscle quality as well as generally improve the production of the DVD. (2) I didn't like how the DVD would jump back to the menu after each segment was completed. I would have liked it better if the DVD just ran straight through.


I liked pretty much everything else about this DVD. I liked the instructional nature and the fact that Art put a lot of effort into explaining his routine. This is very different from many other pro training DVDs

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Take care,

Matt Canning

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Art Atwood - Massive Results (DVD) Art Atwood - Massive Results (DVD)
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