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The A B C Ds of Getting Ripped Quick! Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles by Hassan Hanif Madni The A B C Ds of Getting Ripped Quick!

The ABCDs of Getting Ripped

Losing fat has never been easy. Everybody wants to wear a swimsuit and go to the beach and show off their abs. Everybody dreams of doing this but many of them are uneligible of because they have big stomach and excess fat.

Are you tired of watching all the late-night infomercials with the latest $120 ab gadget to hit the market guaranteeing that you can have a body just like the fitness model in the commercial in a few short weeks?


Are you tired of being told by so called trainers at health clubs that in order to look like your fitness icons, you have to grind out more than 100 abdominal crunches per day?


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A = Aim for Fitness

Aim for a healthy weight. By measuring waist circumference and body mass index, we are encouraged to first determine whether we are at a healthy weight and, if overweight, to aim for a loss of 10 percent of our body weight over six months.

Be physically active each day. This is a new guideline, designed to encourage the accumulation of 30 to 45 minutes of activity every day to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Children are encouraged to be active for at least 60 minutes every day.

Ronnie Coleman Side Chest

Everyday while going to the gym just plan to be changed and if you do cardio for 30 minutes just change it to 35 minutes and just think about betterment. Be a selfish person first then an economical person.

B = Body Workout

Work out three times a week. Don't work out one muscle one day but perform whole body workout three times a week. Lift light weights with high reps. Do atleast 25 reps and five sets of an exercise.

Try to perform exercises correctly. So much time is wasted doing, at best, unproductive exercise, or at worst, dangerous exercise. Get educated on how to exercise correctly. And the absolute best way to do that is to hire a personal trainer to develop a program for you and then teach you what to do and how to do it right. Personal training does not have to be an ongoing process.

Do your abdominals five times a week but dont perform more than 5 sets each exercise with 12 reps. Men should be concentrating on legs, chest and back. Women should concentrate more on their legs and back. The best shaping exercise for chest are decline bench press and decline dumbbell press. The best exercise for legs are squats. The best one for back is pull overs.

C = Cardiovascular Training

Do cardio 5 times a week. In which do 4 times running and 1 time swimming. Donot exceed your cardio duration for more than 30 minutes. As everybody knows that cardio burns fat very fast and quickly but do you know it also have some side effects. the major side effects of cardio are lean mass loss. Now the question which is raised in your mind is that how to prevent this?

Flex Wheeler Standing Relaxed

So the answer is sure here is the way how:

1) Take a protein and carbs meal before 30 minutes of cardio. This protein can be of any type tune, chicken or egg whites.

2) 5 minutes after cardio just take a protein drink like whey protein.

D = Dieting

In the D part I will tell you the value of nutrition in being lean. Do you know how pros have killer abs and they have very good results when they start cutting. The reason is that they emphasis on food very much.

As for burning fat try eating 5 to 6 meals a day. This will awaken you up that you have always heard of being starved and become lean. but give me an answer have you ever seen a manual train system, the more and more coal is added the faster the train moves. So eat little but take atleast five meals each day.

Each meal should contain protein, carbs and fats. Meal should contain 40% Protein, 40% carbs and 20% fats. Protein are the blocks of building muscles and you should always take protein at a high level. Try to eat fish 3 times a week, chicken 2 times and egg whites should be eaten daily. Lower your carbs because our body first burns carbs then fat and if carbs will be low so our body will directly target on fat.

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1) Cut out Wheat:

Whenever I recommend that people try this as a strategy, I invariably get two kinds of responses. One is from irate dietitians who chastise me for going against the "wisdom" of the food pyramid and warn me of the "dire consequences" for human health if people actually followed such a crazy recommendation and stop eating bread, pasta and cereal for a while. The other response comes from people who say this recommendation changed their lives. Wheat is one of the seven top allergens, and untold numbers of people have undetected sensitivities to it. Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst, one of the brightest researchers I've ever met and the author of the wonderful book Diabetes: Prevention and Cure, once told me that if she had to pick one strategy to recommend to people for weight loss and health it would probably be cutting out wheat. Dr. Jeffrey Bland, also no intellectual slouch, has commented on the possible long-range implications of gluten or glidian sensitivity (both are components of wheat). Eliminating wheat (at least temporarily) is on the top 10 list of so many cutting-edge health professionals that it is foolish not to give it a try.

2)Eliminate sugar:

This one is really hard for most people but is the one that may pay off the most. And while you're at it, see what you can do about aspartame.

3)Fruits and Veggies:

Try a fruit and vegetable "fast." Three days on a healthy, rich brew of vegetable soup plus some low-sugar, high-fiber fruits (berries, for example) and a daily portion or three of raw vegetables with a little olive oil never hurt anyone and will give your digestive system a needed vacation from most stressors and toxins.

4) Try counting calories:

Just for a while, just as a strategy. Though I've said many times that calories are not the most important thing in a diet, they still count. Study after study has demonstrated that most people, especially those who are overweight, consistently underestimate their caloric intake. And even those who have learned to "eat right" for their type sometimes fall into the trap of thinking they can eat unlimited amounts as long as they're eating the "right" foods. Use this strategy as a reality check for a few days.

Calorie Values Of Some Everyday Foods

Chocolate 1 cup 180
Cocoa (1/2 milk) 1 cup 110
Coffee Black 1 cup 0
Coffee-milk and sugar 1 cup 85
Coffee-milk no sugar 1 cup 30
Diluted fruit juice 1 glass 100
Tea-milk no sugar 1 cup 20
Tea-milk and sugar 1 cup 75
Mineral water 1 glass 100

Biscuits plain 1 oz 102-115
Biscuits sweet 1 oz 135-145

Bread white or brown 1 oz 70
Fresh or toasted 1 oz 70

Cheddar 1 oz 120
Cottage 1 oz 4-50
Cream 1 oz 145

Raw egg Raw egg 120
Boiled egg 1 80
Poached egg 1 80-120
Fried egg 1 120-140
Scrambled 1 120-140
Egg white 1 11
Egg yolk 1 69

Butter 1/4 oz 65
Margarine 1/4 oz 60
Milk whole 1/2 pint 166-180
Skimmed milk 1/2 pint 70
Condensed 1 oz 100
Evaporated 1 oz 45
Cream thin 1 oz 55
Cream thick 1 oz 100
Yogurt 1/4 pint 100

Shrimp 4 oz 55
Cod fillets 4 oz 95
Hake 4 oz 90
Salmon Fresh 4 oz 155
Canned 4 oz 190
Smoked 4 oz 175
Sardines 2 oz 160

Apple cooked 5 oz 75
Apricots fresh 4 oz 30
Apple 1 45
Apricots dried 1 oz 50
Banana small 1 100
Cherries Fresh 4 oz 45
Dates dried 4 oz 100
Grapefruit 4 oz 25
Grapes 4 60
Lemon 1 (3 oz) 30
Melon 1 oz 4
Orange 1(6 oz) 40

5)Try the old switcher:

If you've been eating high-protein, try a vegan plan for a few days. If you've been eating vegan, try higher protein. Sometimes just a change is all it takes to move off a plateau, and sometimes hidden food sensitivities remain hidden because we tend to eat the same things all the time.

6)Calcium May Help You Lose Weight:

Don't cut out calcium when dieting, it may be your ticket to a thinner waistline! According to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, consuming high levels of calcium while dieting may help you shake off those extra pounds. Research focused on women in their 20s, 40s, and 70s. Women who lowered their calcium levels actually experienced considerable weight gain, while those women who incorporated 1,000 mg of calcium into their daily diets lost up to 18 pounds. Fat-free milk and fat-free yogurts are loaded with calcium, and may fit into your diet quite well. So keep up those calcium levels high for a healthy diet!

Hassan Hanif Madni

With Regards...

Hassan Hanif Madni

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