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The 2006 Ironman Pro Weigh in & Pump Room DVD - Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews GMV DVD Reviews The 2006 Ironman Pro Weigh in & Pump Room DVD - Review

2006 Iron Man Pro - Weigh In and Pump Room (DVD) See the Pros at the exciting weigh in with the on stage checking of body weight of every competitor by Lonnie Teper (world's best bodybuilding MC ). See impromptu posedown between Kai Green and Rodney St. Cloud, with many of the others hitting poses for the appreciative audience. Plus all the action from the Pump Room on contest day. BUY IT NOW 2006 Iron Man Pro - Weigh In and Pump Room (DVD)



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Weigh in & Pump Room

2006 Ironman Pro

In association with The FIT Expo

Pasadena Center Civic Auditorium February 17/18, 2006

The DVD started off with a compilation of scenes from the DVD to come. All of the bodybuilders shown appeared to be in great shape and it looked like the 2006 Ironman had a good show ahead. Lee Priest was shown getting his weight taken and he was at 209 pounds. When Lonnie Teper asked him for a prediction of his placing at the show, Lee said "second" lol.

Lonnie announced the competitors alphabetically. Oliver Adzievski was the first competitor to weigh in and weighed in at 220 pounds. Oliver Adzievski weighed in next at 285 pounds - definitely one of the larger men of the show. The rest of the group weighed in at the following weights:

  • Paul Baker - 260
  • Eryk Bui - 200
  • Chris Cook - 268
  • Kris Dim - 200
  • Mark Dugdale - 211
  • Mohamad Moussawi - 239
  • Derik Farnsworth - 164
  • Toney Freeman - 282
  • Kai Greene - 241
  • Ahmad Haidar - 226
  • David Henry - 196
  • Heiko Kallbach - 275
  • Martin Kjellstrom - 290
  • Evgeny Mishin - 280
  • Mustafa Mohammad - 257
  • Dragan Paunovic - 190
  • Arnaud Plaisant - 250
  • Lee Priest - 209
  • Armin Scholz - 276
  • Heinz Senior - 234
  • Rodney St. Cloud - 230
  • Emmanouil Tzinidis - 224
  • Nathan Wonsley - 220
  • Hidetada Yamagishi - 206

Eryk Bui took off his shirt to pose and was dense and shredded even though he was up 20 pounds from his middleweight win at the 2004 Nationals. Chris Cook seemed pretty surprised by his weight of 268 and guessed his weight would be 228 - I don't know how Chris would be so far off, as 40 pounds is nothing minor. Kris Dim also posed with his shirt on and was in great condition. Lonnie mentioned that the 2006 Ironman Pro champion will be a new champion since all previous winners of the contest were not competing that year. Lonnie announced that Derik Farnsworth was looking to perform better at the contest in 2006 than he did in 2006 and he weighed in at 164 which would lead me to believe that he was going to come in more shredded than he did the year before since he had dropped a few pounds. When Kai Greene started talking about his posing, Rodney St. Cloud said that he had some moves too and they bothed posed together onstage. Heiko posed legs and got some applause from the crowd. He is a definite mass monster in any show. Martin Kjellstrom weighed himself next and at 290 was the heaviest of the show so far. When Mustafa went to weigh himself, he said the trousers he was wearing were from Milos Sarcev who later on had a falling out. Check out this former thread from on a related note:

==> IFBB Warns Milos?

Dragan Paunovic guessed his weight at 190 and it turned out he was 223. He said he would display great symmetry at the show and took off his shirt to do some posing for the crowd. Lee Priest was the next to weigh in. When Lonnie said Lee was looking very thick in some pictures posted online, Lee said joked that the pictures were photoshopped. Lee had placed fourth at the Ironman on four previous occasions and when asked where he thought he would place this year, Lee said "second" jokingly. Armin Scholz weighed in at 276 and hit some poses for the crowd and was looking huge - especially his arms. Emmanouil Tzinidis felt that he would only weigh 215 pounds and weighed himself twice and saw the scale read 224. His clothes and shoes made a little difference of course so in reality he was a bit lighter. Nathan Wonsley played football in the NFL for the Tampa Bay Bucks as a Running Back/Wide Receiver and led the NFL in rushing and was up for the rookie of the year award in 1985. He said he was one of the best built guys on the team and the fastest - his current age was 43 years old and he looked much younger! Talk about great genetics.

Pump Room

In the pump room, the pros pumped and oiled up. A lot of the pumping up was done with bands which seem to get the job done. One thing you should note about pro bodybuilders is that they only really look as they do on the day of the show - any other time of the year, even at times fairly close to the show, they do not look exactly the same, although some maintain their conditioning better than others. Mustafa Mohammad's legs were crazy big and Lee was in excellent conditioning - Lee has performed consistently well throughout the years and has good lines, but his flaws have also been consistent - his chest and back aren't getting any bigger I think, but by the same token, neither is his waist or midsection. Lee tends to get fat in the offseason, but always come in contest in shape and with a tight waist. The only exception to this that I can think of was at the 2003 Mr. Olympia where he was off and looked smooth in the lower body (glutes and hamstrings especially). Otherwise, I have always seen Lee in great shape, despite a fat offseason.

Mustafa posed and was looking to be in great shape also. It has been said that Mustafa hates cardio and low carb dieting and it was once said that he walked into the gym shortly before a show at 15% body fat with a double chin and everything and managed to still get in shape by the time of the contest - wow! Talk about the power of whatever he used to do that.

When David Henry was shown pumping up with bands, his insane conditioning was apparent. He was also quite thick and his back was crazy - all at under 200 pounds to boot! David is about 5'3 in height and is one of the best shorter pro bodybuilders around today.

Toney Freeman hit some individual poses and his crazy X-frame really jumped out and caught my attention. At 6'2, he has a very dramatic taper, especially in the front lat spread. The pros continued to oil and pump up as the show was in progress. The proportionality of Troy Alves' physique really caught my eye. He has a classic physique and I don't think he gets as much credit for the perfection of his physique as I feel he deserves. Granted, his glutes and hamstrings were always somewhat off compared to his overall conditioning but I think he was punished too harshly for that over the years. In recent times, he brought up that weak point and I still don't feel he is getting the credit he should be getting. I suppose the name of the game is bodybuilding and it can't be denied that bigger bodies win shows. Classic lines winning shows was more something that took place during bodybuilding's earlier days when bodybuilding was somewhat like a male beauty pageant.

David Henry was shown pumping up some more in the DVD and once again his back thickness and wide hanging lats impressed me. David's only weak points from what I can tell are his hamstrings and calves. Eryk Bui was also very hard and dry at a weight much higher than he was when he turned pro - he didn't appear to sacrifice much in the way of conditioning for his gains. David Henry and Lee Priest were shown with their awards.

Bonus Features

==> Melvin Anthony Posing

Melvin hit some poses two weeks out from his contest and was weighing in at 242 pounds and was in good shape with a great taper and trim waist.

==> Pump Room Footage From the Second Camera

Some pump room footage was shown from the second camera, which showed Lee Priest pumping up and getting oiled. I'm not sure I would have had him in first at the contest, but after being runner up for so many years, I am happy he won regardless.

Overall Review:

This was a pretty high caliber contest and pretty well all pros were in good condition at the show, with some in great condition and near their personal best. The quality of the production was good and if you like pump room DVDs, it is a good one to get. I will have to plug GMV-631DVD, the Arnold Classic 2006 Pump Room DVD which was filmed shortly after this one. While the film and sound quality were equal in both DVDs, the overall caliber of competitors was stronger at the Arnold Classic and made for a more impressive DVD.

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2006 Iron Man Pro - Weigh In and Pump Room (DVD) 2006 Iron Man Pro - Weigh In and Pump Room (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $34.95

Take care,

Matt Canning

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