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2005 NPC Junior National Championships DVD - Men's Prejudging Part Two Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Reviews of Bodybuilding DVDs by 2005 NPC Junior National Championships DVD - Men's Prejudging Part Two

2005 NPC Junior National Championships

Men's Bodybuilding

Prejudging Part Two

Light-Heavyweight Through Super-Heavyweight

USA Muscle

Light Heavyweight Class

2005 NPC Jr. National Championships

The class lined up and were looking sharp. The difference between some of the physiques was fairly dramatic. Some were clearly close to pro caliber while others looked to be obvious state winners but not bodybuilders who would do damage at the professional level. The bodybuilders went through their quarter turns and posed very well. While the physiques were still works in progress, the posing was complete.

Kevin Knapp
196 lbs / 41 / 5'6
White Health, IL

Kevin went through the mandatory poses and looked sharped - definitely incredible for 41 years old. It makes me wonder if juicing is the fountain of youth to a certain extent. He looked younger than his years in both body and face. He had a good tan and highlighted his attributes well. He was only 5'6 so a little too short to do damage, but looked great.

Anthony DeLagarza
195 lbs
Laredo, TX

Anthony went through his mandatory poses and looked very good. He appeared to be taller than Kevin although his height was not listed. At the end of his routine he did full front splits in a back double biceps pose! Well done.

Robert Farrow
198 lbs / 34 / 5'7
Gilbert, AZ

Robert was another shorter bodybuilder who looked younger than his years. While a select few turn pro before the age of 30, many excellent amateurs continue to compete at the Nationals and Junior Nationals well into their thirties and beyond.

Brian Beauvais
198 lbs / 23 / 5'10
Somerset, WI

Brian was a young buck, competing in the contest at the age of 23. He had a great physique at 5'10 and 198 pounds but was obviously not pro material (at least not yet). Brian was an example of the quality difference in this contest - as he was smaller than some of his fellow competitors, specifically in the arms. No doubt Brian will continue to improve and may one day turn pro. His arms were actually fairly big, just not so much when compared to some of the other guys he was up against. His back was excellent. He showed incredible detail in his back double biceps and very good thickness in his rear lat spread. His arms looked great in his front double biceps pose. Not bad at all for 23!

Clarence Broussard
192 / 40 / 5'8
Aventura, FL

Another old timer! These days 40 is the new 20. When Clarence stepped on stage I thought ht was black at first, but I couldn't tell whether or not it was just his tan. He looked very good and great for a guy who is old enough to enter a master's contest.

Christopher Wright
193 / 33 / 5'8
Granger, IN

Christopher looked good. His arms looked jacked in the side triceps, and his back had great detail when he displayed it. His vascularity and conditioning were good, and his glutes were striated.

Anthony Cocco
187 / 34 / 5'6
Exton, PA

Anthony looked good. His delts were thick and shredded and rear double biceps showed good conditioning.

Tim Liggins
195 lbs / 27 / 5'8
Kalamazoo, MI

Tim had good lines and symmetry and posed very well. His physique was good including a detailed lat spread and Christmas tree lower back and ripped six pack. His tan seemed a bit light though.

Stryker Salman
187 / 36 / 5'6
Gold Canyon, AZ

Stryker was thick, but with that thickness came a thick waist. He looked as red as a lobster which may have been due to the tan. His thick waist took away from his taper but he looked powerful and intense.

Mark Boudreaux
194 / 35 / 5'11
Houston, TX

To think that Ronnie Coleman competes at the same height as this guy with 100 added pounds of shredded muscle is quite amazing. Mark looked good, although a bit on the lanky side compared to some of his competitors. His tan was somewhat light but his conditioning was good. He may not have been big compared to some of the competition but I'm sure that in person he would have been.

Orlando Smith
191 / 35 / 5'6
Cincinnati, OH

Orlando was thick as a brick with a fairly tight waist to boot. The thickness in his chest was particularly impressive. His conditioning and tanning were both good and he seemed very enthusiastic to be on the stage. His back double biceps was solid and so was his lat spread.

Kevin Melkild
194 / 31 / 5'7
Lafayette, LA

Kevin looked fantastic. He was definitely one who could eventually become pro as long as he continues to do more of the same which got him to the point he was currently at. It takes a lot of thickness to succeed in the pro ranks these days, but certainly Kevin has the drive to do it.

Frank Yeigh
197 / 26 / 5'10
Morgantown, WV

Frank looked good and had decent height as well. Many bodybuilders these days have a hard time being competitive at a taller height as it is difficult to pack on muscle on a taller frame, and for bodybuilding, 5'10 IS a taller frame. Frank had a physique which I would be glad to have myself as he was not pro size, but had a good level of muscle mass. His tan seemed to be lacking but overall he looked good, including his legs.

Brad Davis
191 / 33 / 5'5
Paducah, KY

Brad was huge. While others in the contest were competing at a similar weight at 5'10, Brad was only 5'5. He was very thick and other than a somewhat wide waist and slightly lagging hamstrings, he looked quite big. His tan and conditioning were also good.

Jason Figley
187 / 33 / 5'7
Bloomington, IN

Jason looked good although he had the same problem many shorter bodybuilders have - his torso seemed too long for his legs. It made his physique look somewhat awkward, but otherwise Jason had a fairly complete physique.

Jim Seratt
195 / 31 / 5'8
Spring, TX

Jim looked big and shredded and was very stacked at 5'8 - great chest for an amateur! His back was in great condition and thick and other than his shorter legs to go along with a longer torso, he looked complete as well.

Thomas Corcoran
195 / 30 / 5'7
East Rochester, NY

Thomas hit a front double biceps pose and front lat spread and looked to have a good taper. His chest appeared to be somewhat flat so he seemed to try to hide this by turning to the front somewhat in the side chest pose.

Lorne Hamilton
198 / 30 / 5'9
Beaumont, TX

Lorne had some pretty big wheels and was a good poser. Either his tan or his conditioning (or both) seemed to be lacking, but he looked very good. Being the same height as Lorne, I wouldn't mind being his size one bit.

Joe Thomas
198 / 31 / 5'10
Galloway, OH

Joe was another bodybuilder in the contest with height - even though 5'10 may not appear to be tall, it is for bodybuilding. His legs still seemed to be too short for his overall physique, much as was the same for some of the shorter bodybuilders at this show. His hamstrings were shredded and fairly big and his long calves and thick back were also impressive.


At this point in the show, the entire lineup lined up on stage side by side. The eventual top guys posed together with the following mandatory poses:

  • Front Double Biceps.
  • Front Lat Spread.
  • Side Chest.
  • Rear Double Biceps.
  • Rear Lat Spread.
  • Side Triceps.
  • Abdominals & Thigh.
  • Most Muscular.

I felt the top guys were well selected from the overall group of competitors and this is one time where I feel the judging seemed appropriate from what I saw.

The comparisons went on, and the quality of each successive lineup got weaker. Of course this is normal, because the top guys would have been in the first callout, and in additional callouts, lower placing bodybuilders would have been called out. You still have to wonder how big even some of the "smaller" bodybuilders at this show would have been. I would bet they are all very muscular if seen in person. Some of the physiques on the stage looked somewhat unusual - genetic shape plays a huge role in bodybuilding. Either you have it or you don't. Some guys do and some guys don't, as was proven at this contest. If you are lacking in terms of genetic shape, there isn't all that much you can do to become pro since everything is being judged.

Overall the light heavyweight class was fairly competitive, but as it is with all contests, the heavier the weight classes go, the more likely they are to do damage at the show and win it all. Almost always, the champion is in the heaviest weight class, or at the very least a light heavyweight or higher. It usually takes an exceptional light heavyweight to win the whole show.

Heavyweight Class
2005 NPC Jr. Nationals Championships

As soon as the heavyweight class lined up it was obvious that they beat the light heavyweight class overall. The quality was higher because a lot of the competitors were a similar height but with much greater thickness. Phil Heath looked INCREDIBLE. He was the deserving eventual winner of the whole show. His arms were huge. Mo Elbasouni was in the next lineup, and he had a respectable showing (and went on to later win his class at the 2005 Collegiate Nationals). he looked great, although he was not in the same league as Phil Heath. Once again, the overall quality of individual bodybuilders in this class was great. Some were a lot lankier than others, while some were short and stocky.

Adrian Domnas
211 / 33 / 5'11
Durham, NC

Adrian was big, but at 5'11 had a very big frame to fill out, and didn't quite make the cut. He was in decent condition, but would need to add more quality mass to be competitive in this very tough class.

Mark Podgorny
209 / 31 / 5'8
Delran, NJ

Mark was very thick and had a good tan and conditioning. He was pretty stacked for his height and seemed to enjoy posing. He had a great taper in the front double biceps pose.

David Dorsey
209 / 29 / Rome, GA

David was a big guy. His chest and back were thick and he blew up during some of the poses - his muscles really "popped" out at you. His thickness was impressive but his legs were not quite up to par with his upper body.

Eric Simpson
221 / 31 / 5'11
Fairfax, VA

Eric looked good and his glute and hamstrings tie-in was definitely pro caliber. His back was also strong. His lines were pleasing as well.

Christopher Perticari
217 / 29 / 5'10
Port Murray, NJ

Christopher was in excellent condition and sported good size. His legs were very impressive in terms of both conditioning and size as well as his back, especially in the back double biceps pose. His delts and biceps were standout and he had great vascularity.

Joe Downs
209 / 38 / 5'9
Dayton, OH

Joe had some good size and displayed his physique well during the pose.

Philip Heath
214 / 25 / 5'9
Denver, CO

Philip was the obvious winner from the moment he stepped on stage. He was pro quality without question. He had the proportions of a cartoon character with a huge chest and arms, and great legs and overall balance. His conditioning was great and his back was freaky. He had very pleasing proportions and was a good poser.

Robert Calin
213 / 37 / 5'11
Mobile, AL

Robert looked very good and he had thickness all over. He had a balanced physique, just not the cartoon like proportions that his fellow competitor Phil Heath had. The striations in his thighs caught the eye.

Anthony Badejo
220 / 31 / 6'0
Oak Park, IL

Anthony had a tall frame to fill out and didn't do it for the show. His hamstrings in particular were quite weak. His conditioning was off but otherwise he looked like he could make the required improvements to do well in the show in a couple of years time.

Reggie Anderson
211 / 36 / 5'10
Carpentersville, IL

Reggie was very big but appeared to have a case of gyno in both nipples. Otherwise he had a good physique which could have possibly placed well at the contest.

Bill Willis
217 / 26 / 5'10
Columbus, OH

Bill had an excellent front double biceps pose and was in very good condition. His calves stood out while his hamstrings lacked somewhat. He had a good physique and looked good in most poses.

Richard DeCicco
212 / 39 / 5'6
Poughkeepsie, NY

Richard was a powerful looking bodybuilder. He lacked the lines and symmetry to win the show, but did have some excellent size.

Moslem Elbasouni
21 / 5'9 / 208
Keyport, NJ

Mo had good overall size, a great chest, and great hamstrings. His back double biceps was excellent as was his rear lat spread. His front double biceps pose and most muscular pose were both excellent but his arms seemed to be lacking slightly as was his conditioning. Mo will definitely continue to improve into the future and is a possible future pro card contender.

Darin Dudash
206 / 31 / 5'8
Hamilton, NJ

Darin had some good size but didn't have the comic book proportions which seem to be required to win bodybuilding shows. His back double biceps was detailed and his legs had good size. His chest seemed to be somewhat flat, but his serratus was very good.

Chris Meadows
218 / 27 / 5'10
Irving, TX

Chris looked great, but wasn't a cartoon character either. He looked human, which is why I found him to be impressive. His legs were shredded and he posed with great effort.

Erick Seng
220 / 27 / 5'10
Chicago, IL

Erick was a big bodybuilder with a thick upper body and decent size in his legs to boot. His back was huge in both back poses and his delts popped out in the front poses.

Dylan Scheider
223 / 30 / 5'5
Stillwater, MN

Dylan was very thick with huge shredded legs and a thick chest. He was short and stocky which took from his aesthetics, but he had great density and good condition.

Dean Gardner
204 / 35 / 5'9
Jamesville, NY

Dean had good size and great conditioning (his glutes were shredded). As long as Dean continues to do more of the same improvements he will do well in the amateur bodybuilding ranks.

Layman Smith
214 / 26 / 5'7
Phillisburg, NJ

Layman was incredibly thick. His conditioning was great and his tan was perfect in my book. His posing was first rate and he looked very classical in most poses, albeit slightly thick in the waist and short in the legs. But a great performance for sure!

The heavyweight class top guys lined up and they were looking great. Phil Heath was definitely the obvious winner but there was a lot of quality in this lineup. Phil looked like a cartoon character which is why he will make a great pro. As the bodybuilders in the additional callouts lined up, the superiority of the heavyweight class over the light heavyweight class was apparent. Size does matter in bodybuilding to a certain degree, as long as those with the size can keep good lines and proportions, as many in the heavyweight class managed to do quite well.

Super-Heavyweight Clas
2005 NPC Jr. National Championships

The super-heavyweight class looked even huger than the heavies of course. Some of these guys were very tall as well (one bodybuilder appeared to be well over six feet). Some of these guys had pro caliber thickness, but were just lacking in terms of overall balance or conditioning to be a pro. I have no doubt that some of these guys will go pro in the future. Nowadays bodybuilding is almost entirely about size. It seems that the top bodybuilders are those with the greatest size and conditioning combination with less emphasis being placed on overall balance and appearance in the mandatory poses (as judging was done in the old days).

Brandon Chiles
230 / 26 / 5'10
Oklahoma City, OK

Brandon was very thick but appeared to have a case of gyno. Treatment for gyno is very expensive which is why a lot of bodybuilders choose to ignore it. Brandon's most muscular was very thick and so was his entire physique.

Matt Cooke
248 / 41 / 5'11
Louise, VA

I was once again impressed by the numbers. Matt was 41 years old at the time of this contest and looking to be in great shape. It is amazing to me how long some of these guys stay competitive for. Take Ronnie Coleman for example, who is also 41 and just won his eighth Mr. Olympia contest. It seems like age really is just a number. He was huge and shredded and very thick from the side. His one downfall was that his waist was fairly thick as well.

Justin Harris
232 / 26 / 5'10
Clinton Township, MI

Justin had a great physique. He had a huge back and wide delts but his lower body was lacking in comparison to the thickness of his upper body. Justin used the same technique that Chris Cormier used to show his midsection by rolling his stomach and then flexing his abs.

Chad Bryant
236 / 36 / 6'0
Danville, IL

Chad had good balance with no major strengths or weaknesses. He was a taller bodybuilder but filled out his frame well.

Dave Cravens
227 / 37 / 5'11
Anderson, IN

Dave's arms were somewhat lacking but he was a good poser and also had a fairly wide back given his overall frame size. He looked good, but didn't have the goods to compete with some of the bigger bodybuilders in his class.

Michael Guzda
256 / 32 / 6'3
Dunkirk, NY

Michael was a big guy in terms of both SIZE and HEIGHT (which is what it takes to be TRULY big - both of these, and not just one or the other). He had a very big frame to fill out and would probably need to put on another 50 pounds of solid proportional muscle to become a pro. It is crazy how much effort it takes to become a pro when you are taller than the norm (around 5'9!).

Aaron Rhea
254 / 34 / 5'9
Thornton, CO

I could tell that Aaron wanted to put on a nice posing routine but time was too limited to do so. He had great delts and a big chest. His legs were impressive and from the rear he looked somewhat like a "little Coleman". Definitely a big man for his height and I could see him being pro one day.

Sherwin Pagtakhan
227 / 34 / 5'8
Waldorf, MD

Sherwin looked good although his legs were a little too small for his upper body (at least in the rear poses). His most muscular was a strong pose.

Richard Plank
236 / 34 / 6'1
Nixa, MO

Richard had a huge back and was huge at 6'1. Very few bodybuilders can be competitive at this height but Richard did it. Gunter Schlierkamp is an example of a bodybuilder who is also competitive at that height. Richard looked good and I could see him becoming a pro one day if he continues to improve.

Ronalo Pereira
230 / 32 / 6'0
Woodhaven, MI

Ronalo had a huge chest and big sweeping thighs. His side chest pose was very impressive as was his side triceps. He also had a big back and 3D delts. His tan was spot on to boot.

William Boston
245 / 28 / 6'2
Evanston, IL

William was another taller bodybuilder at the show. His legs were sweeping and thick like Ronalo's. His condtioning and tan were both good and his delts were striated and dense.

Jonathan Ward
233 / 23 / 6'0
Poway, CA

Jonathan had good size overall but for a taller guy still has a way to go to fill out his frame. Definitely a respectable showing considering his height and his age.

Christian Hamilton
240 / 30 / 6'0
Columbus, OH

Christian had thick delts and good overall muscularity for his height. He posed fairly well and was in decent condition. His back was detailed and he seemed to like the pose.

Aaron Boniecki
228 / 27 / 5'11
Tinley Park, IL

Aaron's legs were thick with good sweep and his lats flared out during the front lat spread. His side chest pose was thick and his tan and conditioning were both good.

Keith Williams
231 / 31 / 5'11
Medicine Lake, MN

Keith was a good poser and had good balance. His hamstrings and glutes were very similar to Big Ron Coleman's. His rear lat spread showed good detail and his chest was thick.

David Pulcinella
227 / 40 / 5'8
Newark, DE

The former two time Mr. Delaware and the star of the awesome bodybuilding documentary "Raising the Bar", Dave looked fantastic and was thick all over. Dave's arms were huge as was his chest. He was shredded all over including his glutes. He seemed to have a thick stomach much like Markus Ruhl does (in that his stomach just takes up a large amount of surface area on his body). He didn't have terrible distention or anything and was huge.

Julian Bonner
229 / 27 / 6'1
Rochester Hills, MN

For a tall bodybuilder who didn't seem too heavy, Julian was very thick. I would have expected he weigh a little more than he did given how thick he looked. His upper and lower body were balanced and he was big and in condition. He could probably have used another coat of tan though.

Next up the top finishers in the class lined up together. These guys were huge and looked great. The super-heavies did their comparisons and displayed their size. There were definitely some pro contenders in the lineup.

Overall Review:

This is the first review I've made of a Repetrope DVD. I suspect that Repetrope is much like GMV in the sense that they put a great deal of time and effort towards making bodybuilding media that nobody else wants to dedicate that time to doing. They deserve all the props in the world for putting this contest on DVD when nobody else would. I for one am extremely grateful for them. This was an excellent production and I look forward to reviewing every DVD they have. I have about 10 of their DVDs on my desk right now waiting to be reviewed so check back to the review section soon for detailed reviews coming up!

Take care,

Matt Canning

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