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2003 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results Bodybuilding Contest Results Junior Nationals 2003

2003 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Andy Snyder
2nd Joe Baglio
3rd Jerry Barth
4th Rudy Richards
5th Tony Natalie
6th Frank Gotham
7th Michael Smith
8th Jim Swanson
9th Richard Plank
10th Gordon Leftridge
11th Trey Williams
12th Brad Moores
13th Ron Pereira
14th Douglas Kutchman
15th Aaron Rhea
- Stephen Collier
- Carlos Bradley
- Shawn Seger
1st Dylan Armbrust Heavyweight
2nd Brett Becker
3rd Tim Young
4th Dave Johnson
5th Jeremiah Forster
6th Bernard Sellers
7th Jon Szubski
8th Chris Dodson
9th Trent Cougle
10th George Asmus
11th Corey Probst
12th Louie Magnone
13th Eric Brugh
14th Quentin Pullen
15th Bryan Barth
- Jeremy Stokes
- Alan Nollkamper
- Sherwin Pagtakhan
- Jason Frye
- Ron Stevens
- Aaron Johnson
1st Brian Saltzman Light Heavyweight
2nd Clay Awishes
3rd Troy Tate
4th Lance Johnson
5th Brian Hoydic
6th Shawn Sage
7th Craig Torres
8th Hans Vander Gronden
9th Shea West
10th Yong Jo Ji
11th Brian Glynn
12th Joel McLarahmore
13th Leandro Perez
14th Kevin Knapp
15th Daryl French
1st Jimmy Canyon - Overall Winner! Middleweight
2nd Ko Chandetka
3rd Troy Moore
4th Bryce Lewis
5th T.J. Schoenborn
6th Ray Barnett
7th Jebby Thibodeaux
8th Nick Shelby
9th Mac Shumar
10th Tres Warren Bennett
11th Rion Best
12th Jeffrey Lockhart
13th Dino Baker
14th Ali Washington
15th Steve Starks
1st Mike Martini Lightweight
2nd Hector Cruz
3rd Scott Canastsey
4th Randy Schwing
5th Eric Brinkley
6th Joseph Mobareki
7th Son Tran
8th Jerry Malina
9th Jack Oehlers
10th Shawn Boutwell
11th Tyrone Jackson
12th Ralph Nebbioso
13th Dusty Williams
14th Kurt Windisch
15th Shawn Perryman
16th Jim L. King
1st Roland Huff Bantamweight
2nd John Charles
3rd Ruben Munoz
4th Gabriel Fuentes
5th Mace Oropeza


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