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2002 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results Bodybuilding Contest Results Junior Nationals 2002

2002 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results
June 15th, 2002; Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Place Athlete Class
1st Sean Allan Super Heavyweight
2nd Christopher Bennett
3rd Jason Bard
4th Blair Mone
5th Justin Brooks
6th Mathew Sommers
7th Mark Hoffman
8th Brad Moores
9th Ron Pereira
10th Cory Burns
11th Tim Camilli
12th Carlos Bradley
1st Ralph Garcia Heavyweight
2nd Phillip Farmer Jr.
3rd Mark Perry
4th Marlon Joyner
5th Angelo Saffore
6th Dyland Sheidler
7th John Harris
8th Brett Becker
9th Chris Genkinger
10th Michael Shifler
11th Curtis Bates
12th Briana Edmondson
13th Reggie Anderson
14th Troy Al Graham
15th Sanford Roth
- Justin Kuykendall
- Ronnie Fulmer
- Joe Johnson
- Travis Murphy
- Kelvin Robinson
- Rudy Richards
- John Maiuri
1st Michael Ergas - Overall Winner! Light Heavyweight
2nd Donald Bridgers, Jr.
3rd Bobby Waananen
4th Gerald Peden
5th Aaron Johnson
6th Randy Moore
7th Troy Tate
8th Stephen Thomas
9th Shawn Sage
10th Bryan Barth (Tie)
10th Anthony Finocchiaro (Tie)
12th Gary Davies
13th Scott Thompson
14th Daryl French
15th Shawn Bean
16th Jean Claude Desardouin
- Shawn Myszka
- Shane Smith
- Christopher Eaddy
- Brian Hiett
- Michael Sponsler
- Ben Lopez
- Daniel Watts
- Quentin Pullen
- Zuhir Gazawneh
1st Todd Vignola Middleweight
2nd Steve Starks
3rd Bobby Holmes
4th Rion Best
5th Royce Palau
6th Dino Baker
7th Brian Goode
8th Anthony McCurty
9th Bryan Hunter
10th Robert Barnett
11th Eugene Prowse
11th Rodney White (Tie)
13th Terry Venable
14th Nate Wolfe
15th Luis Lassalle
16th Joseph Caicaed
1st Erik Munson Lightweight
2nd Carlo Fillippone
3rd Jack Oehlers
4th Orlando Alvarez
5th Jamie Gardner
6th Jose Velez
7th Clayton Overstreet
8th Gene Johnson
9th Jeff Sullivan
1st Kurt Windisch Bantamweight
2nd Clifton Holcomb
3rd John Farna
4th David Wilson, Jr.
5th Ruben Munoz
6th Shawn Boutwell
7th Lachhman Dass


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