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2000 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results Bodybuilding Contest Results Junior Nationals 2000

2000 NPC Junior Nationals Mens Championships - Contest Results
June 17th, 2000 at Houston, Texas, USA.
Place Athlete Class
1st Albert Foster - Overall Winner! Super Heavyweight
2nd Cecil Kershaw
3rd Kent Paul
4th Pat Kiger
5th Tom Toy
6th Maurice Coker
7th Joe Baglio
8th Dan Fine
9th Korbie N'tiforo
10th Don Kerzner
11th Billy Yancey
1st Kirk DeFrancesco Heavyweight
2nd William Siblia
3rd Andy Snyder
4th Anthony Dodd
5th Garey MacDowell
6th Ulasa Harris Jr.
7th Joe N'tiforo
8th Shane O'Hearn
9th Timothy Gallard
10th Calvin Martin
11th Sergio Allegretti
12th Rory Eschete
13th Aaron Knight
14th Glenn Herring
15th Demetrious Sykes
1st Eddie Linda Light Heavyweight
2nd Joseph Palumbo
3rd Ali Matteau
4th Elliott Nichols
5th John McKinney
6th Kelvin Robinson
7th Keith Koppenhaver
8th Shaun Brown
9th Tres Warren Bennett
10th Jason Palafox
11th Mike Fregia
12th Francis Taua
13th Eric Hassenflu
14th Ken Lavergne
15th Doug Shoemaker
16th James Johnson
17th Allen Holmes
18th Christopher Hobbs
19th Jean Claude Desardoun
20th Ruddie Thomas
21st Christopher Wright
1st Rene Endara Middleweight
2nd Julio del Rio
3rd Bryan Fusilier
4th James MIller
5th Vernard Grice
6th Nick Shelby
7th Ken Yates
8th Alexander Jackman Jr.
9th Darius McGlory
10th Lance Clouse
11th Paul Ware
12th Rainer Hartmann
13th Elias Marichal
14th Rowdy Allen
15th Robbie Harris
16th Michael Smith
17th Bryan Mitchell
1st Ezekiel Davis Lightweight
2nd Donald Higgins
3rd Paul Neville
4th Allan Terrell
5th Harry Haese
6th David Yeloushan
7th Dan Murray
8th Chip Williamson
1st Jason Butler Bantamweight
2nd Manuel Vigil
3rd Frank Jaramillo
4th Allen Gutierrez


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