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Charles Durr Jr. | June 6, 1960 to May 2, 2005 Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles & Interviews from Charles Durr Jr. | June 6, 1960 to May 2, 2005

Charles Durr Jr. | June 6, 1960 to May 2, 2005
May 4, 2005

  • Charles Durr Jr. was born on June 6, 1960 in Blue Island, IL to Charles & Eula Durr. He was the youngest of five siblings. He was baptized into Christ at an early age by his father, a Minister in the Church of Christ. Charles Jr. was a very motivated person, he graduated from Thornton High School in 1978 and was the Illinois state wrestling champ that same year.

    Accomplishments in his life were many. He was invited to the U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team in 1980. He was President of the Society for Industrial Engineering 1982 - 1983. He furthered his education when he graduated from Western IL University with a Bachelor of Science in Eletrical Engineering and Physical Education in 1984. He became the official spokesperson for project D.A.R.E. promoting anti-drug and pro-health messages in 1989. That same year he became Fitness Director for Match Point Fitness Center in Griffith, Indiana where he worked and lived for several years. His passion for bodybuilding led him to become Mr. Central States in 1990, then later Mr. USA in 1991.

    He volunteered his time to many charities over the years including the Arthritis Foundation and Big Brothers of America. He was presented with the Keys to the City of Harvey in 1996 and gained the Mr. America title that same year. In 1997 he moved back to Chicago and started his own fitness center called Eye Catchers Physique, Inc. with the famous motto "I practice what I preach". That same year he placed 5th in the world championships (Mr. Universe) that took place in Greece. In 2000 he won the Mr. North America title in Canada. "Chuckie" as friends would call him had many, many talents and accomplishments outside of the realm of physical fitness, too many to put them all down on paper.

    He was called home to Christ on Monday May 2, 2005. Charles Durr Jr. leaves to mourn his mother Eula Gaddis of C.C.Hills, IL, and Charles Durr Sr. (Linda) of McComb, MS, He left five sisters: Kathryn Durr Musgraves (Marvin) and Judy Durr of Markham, IL. Brenda Durr of C.C.Hills. Charlotte Durr Brown (Charles) of Harvey, IL. Chinara Durr Jennings (Andrei) of McComb, MS. He left one brother: Alex Durr of McComb, MS. He left six nephews, two nieces, and a host of other relatives and friends.

    With Love, The Family

    Please note: There will be a memorial web site with more information about the life and accomplishments of Charles Durr Jr., there will be a online guestbook that you can sign and contact information if you would like to send acknowledgements, resolutions, and condolences. The web site will be available starting Monday (May 9) at

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  • Charles "Chucky" Durr Jr. passed away on May 2nd. Steven Cole wrote about Charles "A good friend and a well respected national level bodybuilder died last night. He left behind a loving mother & 5 sisters, he's from a very competitive family, helping his nephews, the Williams Brothers (with diets and exercise) who went to the Olympics this year for wrestling out of Iowa, and 8 time Midland National Champion. He died from a enlarged heart, as far as I heard from his family today (but please call to confirm cause of death, He won the 1999 North American Light Heavyweight class (Troy Alves came in 3rd that show). He also won the 1991 NPC USA Middleweight class, (losing the overall I think to Mike Matarazzo.) He lived and breathed bodybuilding. He was always willing to help others with free extensive diets, training, posing advise (helped a fellow friend win the 2002 Teenage middleweight championship in Pittsburgh, Vitalie B, who before Charles guidance could not win a teenage state title), and many other athelete's from all sports including Shonie Carterm the 3-time UFC fighting champion. One of Illinois most respected bodybuilders died at 43."

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    CLICK HERE to leave your condolences for Charles Durr's family.

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